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  1. Round table discussion/debate on Syrian situation today:

    ‘Syrian turning point?’

    “How has Russia’s stepped-up role in Syria changed the politics of the country’s civil war and the regime? Washington acknowledges Russia’s bombing campaign at the request of Damascus, but still does not accept it. Is this because Washington does not practice diplomacy anymore?

    CrossTalking with James Jatras, Sukant Chandan, and Mary Dejevsky.”

  2. Brilliant article again in Wake up New Zealand, tells how Putin is frightening the hell out of the Globalists those mad Ba***ards who are wrecking the world, their inbred minds can only cause chaos.
    Putin is determined to put them down like the rabid dogs they are, article gives hope .

  3. EDWARD SNOWDEN today talks In Wake Up New Zealand about Secret Black Budget programmes in US very interesting.

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