Dear All Blacks – how about putting some politics back into rugby this weekend?


Kia ora All Blacks.

How are you?



Listen, I appreciate you’re busy with the whole Rugby World Cup thing, but I was wondering if I could just have a wee second of your time.

Regarding  you playing Australia in the RWC final in the weekend, I appreciate that for you it’s a game, but for 200 NZers this year, it’s going to be another Christmas in Australian detention camps.

I know that sport and politics isn’t supposed to mix, but let’s not pretend that John Key doesn’t milk photos like this…


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…so you could make a choice here. How about every player run out onto the pitch against Australia wearing a white arm band for those NZers being held in appalling conditions rotting away in Australian detention centres.

This would do more to force focus on those NZers in detention camps than any other effort. Ignoring their fate while we play a game with the country who is treating them with such contempt is beneath us as a country and beneath the dignity of the All Blacks.



  1. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? Like Hell freezing over. Meanwhile that photo of The Sleaze dwarfed by the Rugger player made my day. All the more so when the Auckland Herald felt it had to explain just how it was all done with cameras. They must have heard the mockery. The one thing despots and their well paid minions cannot fight….people laughing at them.

  2. Brilliant suggestion Martyn.

    However, given the ABs are virtually “haunted” by the creepy spectre of a particular PM, I very much doubt they would want to cause him offense, given the fact he has been so “supportive” and very “nice” to them of late!

    FJK stalking Richie and hanging around the rest of the ABs, is beginning to ridicule the team. His continued presence is becoming like a joke in the international arena now!

    The arrogance of the man has no bounds, because in his warped, distorted mind, where reality doesn’t exist, there is no doubt he considers being with the team consistently, is inspiring (for the ABs that is)!

    • Except a number of All Blacks don’t seem to have a problem with John Key and a number of them have publically backed him.

      • What about the ones that do have a problem? They probably have two choices: shut your mouth or be their mouths or they will be out of the team. No wonder they will put up with John Key’s shameless grovelling at their feet.

        • Mike, I think the same thing applies to many NZ journalists “shut your mouth or be their mouths or they will be out of the team.”

        • Mike, I think the same thing applies to many NZ journalists

          “shut your mouth or be their mouths or they will be out of the team.”

      • @ GOSMAN – publicly backed him in what? Getting re elected, as a couple of ex ABs did last election, one tweeting very close to election day I believe?

        At the moment I wouldn’t be at all surprised, if FJK’s antics are causing most of the team great embarrassment!

        • @Gosman.

          Isn’t being paid for being a troll enough for you Gosman? Do you have to feed the PM’s chickens as well?

          But, let’s not drag the All Blacks into this political charade of media ‘popularity’ and media ‘distraction’.

          On the subject of media distraction, what flag are you choosing Gosman, or are you sycophantically waiting for the PM to nail his choice to the flagpole before deciding?

          I’m for the current flag btw.

          • Waiting Gosman…. twiddling thumbs waiting for your answer!

            Or do you have to wait for JWK to return after the All Blacks game to ask him what flag he wants you to vote for?

            • Tap….tap…tap….still waiting Gosman. Can’t you put a call through to the All Blacks’ dressing room and ask the PM what flag you should choose??

          • Are you a paid astroturfer? Because you’re all over the internet. If you are you could at least try to be a bit more imaginative.

            I don’t reckon you are though. I suspect that you’re just an extremely tedious person with nothing better to do.

      • That’a right Gossie . Such intellectual heavyweights as Israel Dagg being one of them. Oh that’s right for alll his brain dead sycophancy during last year’s election he missed out being in the World Cup squad. Even Rugby admin can spot an effing drongo or 2 after a bit of head scratching and ball handling. On to it blokes eh? Yeah nah, couldn’t give a f**k meself!.

    • this the catch cry of you closed minded idiots who believe everyone else is out of step except you.
      Grow up and get a life.

    • Dear All Blacks,

      Did any of you All Blacks listen to the radio broadcast about what the PM did with the hand, that’s about to shake all your hands congratulating you on your win, or shaking the hands commiserating with you on your loss.

      A REAL All Black fan, not a political and sporting opportunist.

  3. it is statistically likely there will be non tory and politically ‘agnostic’ All Blacks just as there will be several gay All Blacks; but in the case of current players you will in 99.9% cases never know it

    tight contracts and an oppressive ‘good bloke’ culture dictate what is acceptable and limit any speaking out, top tier All Blacks even get preferential treatment by the courts along with a pirates treasure in personal rewards and post rugby jobs for their obeisance to the Nats

    the NZ rugby union is Boer like as a reactionary Nat fortress

    so, Christmas Island illegal detainees will not be at the top of their to do list

  4. The reason I no longer enjoy All Black rugby, the team has become just another branch of the National Party.

    • Key chases the All Blacks because he can,they don’t chase him.The photos show Key with a few All Blacks, because he orchestrates photos,they don’t seem to treat him like a star ,far from it , they avoid him.
      As for Gasman, who are the ones publicly backing Key? the World Cup is about the All Blacks, they were around before Key showed an interest,they just tolerate him .just read the body language.

      • I think he is referring to the ones who broke the law last election by tweeting their voting preferences on election day.

    • I completely agree Mike. To the point I am never disappointed in them loosing. A loss for the AB’s is a loss for Key.

  5. Gassy – your beloved Jonkey Donkey will do about anything to appear to be part of the guys – more set up phony photo ops – part of the All Blacks yet I bet there are very few of them who really like him and support him. Oh sure they enjoy the huge bucks coming their way but would they sit and have a beer with a liar and a proven greedy unethical jerk ? Bet not.

  6. I used to play 1st 15 rugby ……… and of course I used to watch it.

    I stopped watching rugby when the all blacks games went to sky …..

    They became a corporate team representing money and not much else.

    Now they are the National party team…….

    I have not kept up with the ever changing rules of the game so perhaps Gosman could help me …………. Is it John Key who sucks the AB'[s dicks? ………….. or do they suck his?.

    Some people may yell off-side at this …….. but for the life of me I can’t tell………….

    • Great wit ! ! I agree totally. I also used to enjoy the All Blacks way back before they became a corporate monkey. Too bad , as it was a great game to watch before it was sold out and the rules changed.

      Fits right into Donkeys reality and priorities as the govt owns most media and now they can put the AB’s in their back pocket. Photo ops galore ! and very sad for our country AS THESE MEGA-CORPORATE GREEDY JERKS MOVE IN AND DOMINATE AND CHANGE THINGS FOR THE WORSE. Not much good has happened here by our corporate owned lying lacky we have for a PM. It is not a compliment that anyone supports him as it just shows ignorance and brainwashing bias.

  7. I love rugby and really enjoy watching with family and friends. Over last couple of years the Super 15 has become much more important to us than the All Blacks and this year the Highlanders winning without a single forward even making the AB’s wider squad was an amazing achievement.

    The NZRFU has been stupid in allowing the All Blacks to become politicized;
    – key on cover of NZ Rugby before last election
    – key always getting photo opps
    – the RWC team being announced from the Beehive in that ridiculously staged event in an empty hall (you could tell the players were not at all comfortable with this).

    Ultimately this will erode the popularity of the AB brand – it is short sighted and stupid marketing and PR – the people behind this are really not very intelligent.

    So for the fist RWC ever, I am really hoping the AB’s lose the final. My genuine desire for them to retain the Webb Ellis trophy is outweighed by not being able to put up with key’s gloating and sycophancy.

    And I despise the NZRFU for putting me in this position. They have no right.

    Angry Bob

    • Angry Bob, you have summed up exactly how I feel too. The PM keeps inserting himself into The All Black glory and they keep letting him

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