News release on behalf of Nicky Hager concerning privacy breach by Westpac




  1. Gee Nicky Hager upset at the breach of his privacy ,but he didn’t seem concerned at using stolen emails to breach Cameron Slaters privacy

        • Mark, you’re totally not getting it, are you? The dodgy (and potentially illegal) activities investigated by Hager should have merited Police investigation. Or a Commission of Inquiry.

          The fact you’re prepared to overlook what Hager uncovered suggests that your sympathies lie elsewhere. With the dodgy (criminal?) characters in her expose, ‘Dirty Politics’, perhaps?

        • Hager is not ! ! a criminal and never was and never will be.
          That’s more than we can say for many cops and evidence tampering investigators and our lying ; unethical leader.

    • (roll eyes)

      Publishing the emails was in the public interest and, being so, a public service. It was also the job of a journalist to publish such material, even The National Party Newsletter the NZ Herald appreciates that.

      Westpac has no such public interest argument to make for what appears to be an abuse of their own contractual obligations and for what increasingly appears to be an illegal breach of customer privacy.

      Other organisations correctly required the police (spelled without the capital p as used in Hagers press release) to present a production order for their requests regarding Mr Hager. Westpac failed to do ask for production orders or warrants. Interestingly, the police subsequently didn’t pursue obtaining production orders in regard to the other requests, which tends to suggest they had no, or very weak, legal grounds upon which to seek them.

    • @Markm. Slater doesn’t need your apologies. If he needs some one to inflat his head again he can always fight for charity again.

    • “Gee Nicky Hager upset at the breach of his privacy ,but he didn’t seem concerned at using stolen emails to breach Cameron Slaters privacy”

      Gee someone upset at Cameron Slater reaping what he sows. Slater has deliberately breached the privacy of numerous people, on behalf of others for political leverage, so you must be equally outraged at his behaviour.

      But Slater goes beyond breaching the privacy of anyone who speaks out against the political ideology of his backers, he vilifies them and creates a very nasty narrative against them, his behaviour is disturbing to say the least. His work on behalf of the Ports of Auckland is a classic example. It’s a type of bullying and thuggery in order to make people afraid to speak out.

      Slater breaches people’s privacy for personal gain, Hagar published information in the interests of our democracy. Big difference there.

  2. Police were obstensibly trying to discover who hacked Slater’s computer.

    These latest documents reveal that the police didn’t bother to investigate who had been given access to Slater’s computer systems over the previous year or two.

    That is, rather than compile a short list of possible hackers and investigate the posibility that they had breached Slater’s systems, the police invested the bulk of their effort in pursuing Hager, a journalist, completely ignoring matters of journalisatic privilege. Misleading a judge, by way of omission, in their application for a search warrant. That is, they failed to draw the judge’s attention to relevent matters of journalistic privilege.

    The submissions from Hager’s counsel make for chilling reading.

    • Hager is a man of principle. He is very aware of the matters of precedence that this affair may set for the future of free speech and democracy.

      These two attributes will almost certainly see him following this matter through to the end.

      He deserves our support.

      • He deserves far more than our support. Hager is a man of integrity and is honest and dwells in an ethical reality that can not be perceived by idiots who support the lying gangster — Donkey Jonkey.

        Hager will end up OK as he is on the right and honorable side but what a shame that he had to go through this kind of stress and lunacy with gangster solicitors and a leader who is out to lunch and in massive denial.

        He deserves a massive compensation when this is all over.

  3. We are living in John Key’s Police State, reminds me of the Stasi’s activities in East Germany post WW2.

  4. Has anyone else wondered if this sort of cluster fuck’s causing rifts within OUR police force, OUR SIS and OUR SAS ?
    Or do you think they’re blindly going along with the activities of criminals and swindlers? It’d be my thoughts that finding the dissatisfied factions within those organisations and allowing them their voice might be a good idea. You really think the average cop likes this sort of publicity? They’re the ones who must look the public in the eye on a day to day basis after all. Not the scurrilous scum bags who’re orchestrating this deviant scam. Remember ? “ The fish rots from the head down” .

    • AHH, but yes don’t you realise the police follow the dictators rules,he has the spy agency to give him all the real data, and Slater to do the dirty work.
      Journalists are being prevented from telling the truth, because they suffer for it courtesy the very people who don’t want the truth told. Slater can be as dirty as he likes because he has backing from the very people who don’t want the truth told because they would suffer from it .All praise to Nicky Hagar for calling them on it.
      @Markm, your idol has feet of clay and all your misplaced support wont change the story,and saying Slaters privacy was taken from him ,dosnt wash ,his privacy was allowing him to lie and cheat and make mischief for lots of people, once a light is shone on him the filth comes out, at least Nicky Hagar was telling the truth,thats what bothers you I think.

  5. The Police Commissioner’s Office appears to have become part of the Prime Ministers Department and that must be of huge concern to all New Zealanders.

  6. This breach of Nicky Hager’s privacy, is a precedent may not be limited to just Nicky Hager.

    Westpac has been the target of a number of divestment campaigners for Westpac’s role in the financing of coal port development on the Great Barrier Reef and huge coal excavation here at Denniston in the South Island, which goes against their stated publicity that they are a “sustainable banking company”.

    How many of these activists or others have Wespac handed private financial information to the police or other government or private agencies?

  7. Kim Dotcom, Nicky Hager – who is the next victim to be abused, hit and vilified by this government’s corruption and excessive use of the police force to do its dirty work on its behalf?

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