According to John Key, Kelvin Davis going to Christmas Island to see NZers in detention is a political stunt…


According to John Key, Kelvin Davis going to Christmas Island to see NZers in detention is a political stunt.


An MP going to see NZers detained in appalling conditions where their human rights are being abused is a ‘political stunt’ where as the Prime Minister drinking beer in the locker room after a big game is what? An act of kind generosity by the PM?


Our politicians should be visiting NZers in need before they drink booze with Rugby stars, Kelvin Davis has shown Key up and Key’s only come back is that Davis is playing politics.

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  1. Thanks Martyn for making this appropriate connection.
    Good on Kelvin.
    Donkey Jonkeys lips must be pretty dog gone chapped and bleeding about now with all the a___ kissing he does.
    He just loves the photo ops – doesn’t he ! — Kissy — Kissy — Kissy

  2. Well said Martyn. Thanks.

    A concerned man goes to check out Kiwis in distress, doing his job. A pathetic, sniveling weasel plays up to rugby players in their dressing room!

    Go figure.

    • I agree — a ” sniveling weasel ” with ethics barely detectable and he has got many fooled who are asleep and easily confused and easily swayed. He diminishes the good will and integrity of our great country. Wake up voters and get informed.

  3. Crosby Textor mentality – only hang around with winners and the latest media flavour of the minute. Don’t associate with crims, the socially disadvantaged or anyone financially dependent least it rubs off on you.
    And who are the national heroes and flavour of the minute right now? The ABs of course!
    Wonder when John Key will start living his own life instead of Crosby Textor running it for him.

  4. What burned my arse Martyn is the callous way all Governments seem now to flout the Human rights of every individual today.

    It is as though they have wilfully now turned the clock back 100yrs without actually announcing their policies to the dumbed down population as usual.

  5. “Do you think we should stay home because we can’t afford it?”

    Bill English in this mornings Herald.

    Well if this is not the height of hypocrisy. A comment like this after years of telling kiwis to live within their means, personal restraint and all that crap.
    Elitism at it’s worst!

  6. I was at a social event over the weekend where I got some clips of the viewpoint of “middle” aka “centre” NZ on the whole issue of Australia returning “criminals” to us. Well they did the crime was the first clip, serves them right the second, they should have got Aussie citizenship the third. What was apparent was that the gathered middle class middle aged group had no sympathy, no real knowledge of circumstance and did not want “our” people back either. They really did not want to be appraised of the facts, a few media clips from Jonkey sufficed even if they claimed to never vote for him.

    There was I detected a strong undercurrent of disdain for white trash / pollies / maori / anybody convicted of a minor offense. Or maybe that’s the general background “noise” that is betrayed in the language and attitudes of my contemporary better off NZers. There seemed alarm when I said we should as a nation be very belligerent with the Aussies about their treatment of NZers per se.

    At that point I decided to retire from the debate for the good of relationships. I did wonder how these same group would reconcile their advantage of things such as “tax benefits” etc, how pure they and the rest of us are from a “criminal” viewpoint? It would seem to me that “middle NZ” quite happily bends rules and takes advantage but is very quick to exonerate themselves and accuse others of being undeserving.

    • Jodie.webster
      Where’s the humanity ???
      Does anyone think of the children ?
      The many that will be left fatherless !
      We all should be jumping up n down screaming !!!!

  7. It’s now got to the stage where we can’t expect anything better from the man currently masquerading as our “prime minister”. He could strip naked and do “Flipper” impersonations for a crowd of school kids, and half the country would be perfectly ok with that.

    We are living in a political Twilight Zone (who’s old enough to remember that series of bizarre, improbable science fiction stories?) where weird is the new Norm.

    When do I wake up from this nightmare?

  8. I live in Kelvin’s electorate and recently had an education issue I needed sorted. All the National ministers and MPs ran for the hills, he was there several times, and really helped. I thought Jim Bolger was our most embarrassing Prime Minister ever, John Key is FAR worse – is it just me or what leader with any mana anywhere in the world discusses “feeding his chickens” on the radio? He’s up there with Bill Clinton and Len Brown in terms of moronism.

  9. Good to see you Weka,

    Gosh I used to chat to you over 2014 as “Disturbed” in the old days on TS before I got banned for painting Jonkey as a Nazi style character.

    They burned me with Godwin but it has really now has come true with Jonkey & his stormtroppers, (police) and ultra state surveillance of us all now.

    Keep in touch.

  10. Well all power to Kelvin Davis if he’s what it takes to get down in the trenches and go direct action. Credits due where credits due – even if he is a blatant neo liberal.

    I suppose occasionally some of them sometimes do something of credit.

    So Key trots off to Iraq complete with macho photo shoots – more of a duty to public relations since he committed our troops there in the first place – Davis travels to a foreign nations detention center containing New Zealander’s to assist those Kiwi’s plight and he gets labelled as some sort of stunt man .

    Classic Key hypocrisy.

  11. JK loves scrapping the barrel for every last drop…
    …gee just imagine if we win…yep he wins. Bonus for Crosby Textor ( who actually pays these guys anyway – hope its not the tax payer!)

  12. Key doesn’t back losers like that lot at Xmas Island he only backs winners like the AB’s, that is why he is No 1 in the polls in NZ and was a winner on Wall St when he was younger. He plays the market and doesn’t deal in shit, thats why the NZ Public love him, the “Rockstar leading the Rockstar Economy” – NZ’s most preferred PM ever.

  13. Looking at that photo of Sam Whitelock shaking hands with the opportunistic photo opportunity hunting John Key makes me realise how small(like a little weasal)Key truly is.
    Methinks the reason why Key resorted to a childish temper tantrum by saying Kelvin Davis was doing a political stunt could well be because not one of his own MPs have bothered to go to Christmas Island and that shows how shallow the National government truly are.
    I am so over seeing this pathetic excuse of a PM deliberately turning up at events becasue he can manipulate the cameras in his direction. Key appears to adore being the centre of attention which indicates that deep down he is very insecure with himself. And so being centre of attention(and caught on camera)makes him feel like a big fish in a little pond.
    I hope if the ABs win the final they tell Key to bugger off and let them enjoy the celebration of the win in their own way. Because right now Key turning up with beer in hand shows how political rugby has become.
    The ABs are “Flavour of the Month’ right now and Key is making the most of it because of the photo opportunities e.g sitting unnaturally close to Richie McCaw.
    I am sorry to say this but I doubt John Key or his cronies will ever stand up for ordinary NZers.He sadly let down the families of the Pike River 29 when he promised them $3million in compensation.And I am sure he will let down the Weekes in regards to justice for Jackson, Wilsher and Lily.
    I don’t think this government will ever stand up for NZers because they are too busy making hay(spending our NZ taxpayers money)on ego and vanity or rather baubles to care about anyone else but themselves.

  14. Martyn or whomever, just curious – why did you chose not to include my comment here just above that included some links ???
    I submitted it over an hour or so ago.

  15. Blake I was just being a little sarcastic however I appreciated reading your reaction, helps me understand what has been going on in this country.

    • Jack – why would you be sarcastic and not make it evident ? Games?

      My views and feelings do not reflect, unfortunately, but a minority of us here in NZ. What is going on in this country is far from what I want to be going on and so my comments do not reflect — “what is going on.”
      It is my belief that the majority of NZ’ers are led by the media propaganda and are not concerned and do not care much or are sold on a PM who is out to lunch and a disgrace.

  16. I am sick to death of the media bias we get, and how they bloody get away with what they are doing. John Key knows he gets away with anything he does, whether it is pulling himself off or urinating in the shower, or whether he lies in Parliament.

    So today, I was FURIOUS, when I listened to the last minutes of Sean Plonker’s program on Radio Live(ing Dead), just before lunchtime on Friday, 30 Oct. 2015.

    A woman called into talk back and took objection to the utterances by one Michelle Boag (bog woman), who ranted on about those lefties hating free trade, because they opposed the TPPA. She got not real challenges in comments from an willy nilly idiot wannabe “leftie” called Pagani, who is travelling the airwaves and TV programs to promote her own interests (and her consultancy).

    That caller wanted to set some records straight re Jane Kelsey, her success before court and what issues there really were with the TPPA, e.g. medical supplies concerns, i.e. pricing.

    Sean Plonkers cut her off, first asking her, who would win the rugby. As she wanted to finish her argument, he then said, she would not comment on the rugby and went beyond her space, so to say, and then cut her off. What a load of BS this person is, Sean Plonkers, on Radio Live(ing Dead).

    He is a pro Key and pro Nats man, despite of all his insincere claims he is “independent”. He is so biased, and he runs his show, so that any dissent is immediately cut out and silenced. He is just one of many, we have Henry on breakfast radio and TV, Mike Hosking, his “holiness” of self opinion, and many other biased players, including Garner, all towing the line for business and this government.

    So here the evidence was so blatantly obvious, listen to it, just before 12 midday, on the audio on Radio Live(ing Dead), from Friday, 30 October 2015, where Sean Plonkers yet again cut off a dissenter in rude fashion:

    Also read this on Plunket, the repeat offender:

    With this manipulation going on, we will NEVER again have any informed voters and a progressive government, unless we challenge the bastards and picket their radio stations!

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