TDB Political Caption competition




  1. Ugh . Would that be jonky’s best masturbating hand I wonder ? I wish to Christ that man had a pony tail.

  2. Hello big boy have you had your shower yet,i could assist.
    This is the first chance ive had as a photo op,the public seems to think its all about you guys ,but “look at me look at me ” im important too.
    My name is John ,you remember John Key the PM .!

  3. Lilliputian Prime Minister John Key gets a grip on his place in the scheme of things, in a ‘lock’ with All Black Sam Whitelock.

  4. FJK so far …

    Supported and promoted a pedophile

    Ponytail fetish

    Publicly broadcasting his dirty little personal habits

    Stalking AB captain

    now …

    Hanging around rugby players changing rooms

    Deviant comes to mind here …

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