John Oliver mocks John Key – again


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John Oliver thinks John Key’s ‘wees’ interview is amazing
John Key’s admission that he wees in the shower to a morning radio show is the “greatest political interview of all time,” according to John Oliver.

Last week, Key took part in Hauraki Breakfast’s game ‘Thank You For Your Honesty’ in which hosts Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells and Laura McGoldrick grill participants with a series of 10 silly, often rude, questions, which they then have to answer truthfully.

Key admitted that he’d stolen stuff, did wees in the shower and that he didn’t think the Virgin Mary was a virgin. However, he didn’t “trim his downstairs” and neither had he sent a “dick pic”.

British comedian and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver joked the segment was “the greatest political interview of all time”.

Once again John Oliver has righteously mocked John Key, this time over his crass interview on radio where he talked about masturbation and doing wees in the shower.

Beyond Oliver’s mocking is the reality of what he is highlighting. Key loves soft interviews on commercial radio stations, it allows him to joke it up with the masses without being challenged for 305 000 kids in poverty, the mass surveillance state and signing away political sovereignty with the TPPA.

It’s difficult to drag the Prime Minister back to issues of an Orwellian Big Brother state where the rich get richer and the poor get nothing when he’s joking about how often he urinates in his own shower or touches his penis for pleasure.

Which of course is the whole point of him appearing on these shows.


  1. More great stuff from John Oliver re FJK 🙂

    I had already posted a comment about JO’s piece on today’s Open Mic earlier today.

    “Every pic of John Key is a pic of a dick.” 🙂

    A gem of a comment.

    Brilliant and so true.

  2. Have always had an issue with Jeremy Wells he seems to run with the hare and hunt with the foxes. In making JK look blokey he adds to the fan base. I don’t care what our Prime Minister does in his personal time I expect him to run the country and have a sense of decorum both sadly lacking here.
    The bits of the interview I have heard is cringe making to say the least – bit of a train wreck like Rob Ford’s stuff. Both populous cringe-making weirdo’s who can turn out the voters. The only bit that Key took away was that John Oliver said it was the best political interview ever! Stunning lack of insight and self awareness.

    • Stunning lack of insight and self awareness.

      It’ll live on in the web for decades and always be there to haunt him.

      No leader in NZ’s history has debased the dignity of the office to such a level. No leader.

      Key deserved this, it’s the logical result of his deliberate pandering to the lowest common denominator, except that this has sunk well below the commonly acceptable level of decorum. His pathetic plea that he didn’t know what type of questions were coming is risible.

    • Key said,

      “Now I get criticised for being too honest”.

      Nah, mate. You’re getting criticised for being a twit, and distracting the country from very real social problems.

      • The fact that he has a PR person means that he was actually lying.
        He rehersed and was well aware of what questions were coming by the speed in which he answered them.
        Clearly a distraction.

        Another twist.

  3. Sadly this calculated stunt would have been well and truly filtered by his PR men well before and the net result would have been Johnny boy will look edgy, hard case, one of the boys and humble, not a semi billionaire out of touch rich boy – pony tail fetish weirdo.

    The appeal side is to the laddish binge drinking young groovers who are in the twilight zone of training or post training and are setting off on a career, the same ones who still manage to get out and vote.

    If only more New Zealanders would take that voting thing seriously instead of parking their franchise in a dead end wasteland and not voting because this is the kind of shit that is governing our future!

    • the net result would have been Johnny boy will look edgy, hard case, one of the boys and humble, not a semi billionaire out of touch rich boy – pony tail fetish weirdo

      I disagree. I think most people will view the stunt with a high degree of distaste.

      We have a four year old running the counfry.

  4. Just goes to show how much of an amateurs war time Prime Minister he is.

    All jokes and cups of tea while the guys are busy trying not to get killed.

    • and if those continue to insist on how parties “win” their vote, as though they are doing them a favour by voting for them, they will continue to suffer, and we all have to take the consequences.
      Amazing in a world where people die for democracy, people don’t appreciate it when it’s in front of our noses.
      I wouldn’t be so offended if those swing voters gave some thought beyond the promise of a tiny tax cut, and dancing with the stars politicians.

  5. i think key was set up by jeremy wells in this, Well’s is an untapped resource in the media -total genius – if key runs to form he will get revenge, maybe bail out the station with public money and sack the hosts

    • Wells should be “dismissed”, for mocking the PM and bringing the reputation of the Prime Minister of New Zealand into disrepute. And I bet it was Labour who sent a copy of the tape to John Oliver.

      I think that Mr Key is a far better comedian than Wells. Wells thinks that he is funny by taking the mickey out of Mike Hosking, but that’s just jealousy by Wells.

      Our Prime Minister always makes me laughs and I go to bed thinking about how great he is every night.

      This video should be banned in New Zealand, because it’s offensive.

          • Go easy on him Frank, the MBIE media-monitoring costs are under intense scrutiny, and there’s a rumour he won’t get paid for being a troll. Just read See-More’s comment – finally ACT standing up for teh tax-payers, just as Rodney used to do when he was leader of the Association of Consumers and Taxpayer’s party

            See-More and Gossie are both very fragile atm….

  6. I suppose the sleepy hobbits of this country simply adore a PM who is just like the next door neighbour, That’s why the flim-flam MSM of this country are trying to outdo each other as to who can do the silliest, fluffiest interview with him.
    I would respect such an individual if he spent as much time tackling the many social issues of this country as he does acting like he is a true man of the people.
    Will the real Prime Minister of this country please stand up, because we can’t see you under the candyfloss and All Black trivia.

  7. Now we saw how FJK was selected to fire all those employees at Merrill Lynch in US, UK & Australia so he knows how to bullshit his way around as he pushes folks out of work and life.

    “Some co-workers called him “the smiling assassin” for maintaining his usual cheerfulness while sacking dozens (some say hundreds) of staff after heavy losses from the 1998 Russian financial crisis. He was a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1999 to 2001.

    In 1998, on learning of his interest in pursuing a political career, the National Party president John Slater began working actively to recruit him. Former party leader Jenny Shipley describes him as one of the people she “deliberately sought out and put my head on the line–either privately or publicly–to get them in there”.

    He doesn’t appear to have changed much – now he smiles as thousands of NZ public servants lose their job “

  8. JK has a PR person who informs him of ‘things’ such as this.
    Mr Oliver is only backing up the lie… Making you think it is true.

    Clearly smart politics by america. He is their new buddy thanks to TPPA.

      • Well if it’s good enough for the PM to wear a T-shirt with “I’m not ashamed to be a man” on The Edge, it’s good enough for Priss, here in a media outlet, to be ashamed of the PM’s recent and current antics.

        Personally, as an elderly woman, I’d probably recommend that most kiwis DON’T go to Specsavers before they have to look at a dik-pic of the PM.

        Probably best viewed blurred and without 3.0 magnifying reading glasses either….imho.

  9. Yet despite all this, your guy is still only registering single digits in opinion polls.

    So is Key is bad, just imagine how utterly hopeless Andy is!

    • If popularity is the measure of a man or woman in politics, Andrew, then Hitler, Mao, and Richard Nixon were exemplary examples of humanity.

      Are you sure you want to go with that?

    • Politics should never be a popularity contest, Andrew. If that’s how you measure good policies then you are shallower than I thought.

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