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  1. Latest from wikileaks on TPP.

    link info@list.fight for the

    Full transcript of TPP or very near ,I got to page 50 and my brain and eyes got tired.maybe if Jane Kelsey hasn’t got it yet she could break it down for us,shes a brilliant lady.

  2. The joys of the uncensored internet:

    While I was innocently searching the internet for the title of an arthouse British film about two bus loads of geriatrics …(one bus load of old IRA and the other bus load of old Orangemen)…double booked for their Xmas bash at a lonely country Irish pub and the ensuing hilarious brawl that resulted ( I thought the title of the film was ‘Double Booked’….but it wasnt ) ….I discovered an April 2006 article in ‘The Atlantic’ by Matthew Teague called:

    ‘Double Blind-The untold story of how British intelligence infiltrated and undermined the IRA’

    This is a chilling story needless to say…and one which everyone should read because it has implications for political parties and political movements today ..(whether they be bad or good political parties and/or movements..and I hasten to add I have never been a sympathiser with the IRA. I find it morally repellent)

    The crux of the matter is:

    “British spies subverted the IRA from within, leaving it in military ruin, and Irish Republicans—who want to end British rule in Northern Ireland and reunite the island—have largely shifted their weight to Sinn Féin and its peaceable, political efforts. And so the Dirty War provides a model for how to dismantle a terrorist organization. The trick is to not mind killing, and to expect dying….

    “Kitson rolled into Northern Ireland in the early 1970s with considerable experience battling insurgencies in Kenya, Malaya, and elsewhere. …Kitson’s methods proved so effective that he wrote a now-classic counterinsurgency book, ‘Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, Peacekeeping’, which laid out principles now being followed by American forces in Iraq. By the time Kitson arrived in Northern Ireland, Low Intensity Operations had become his instruction manual for war there…

    Question is are these methods being used elsewhere on more benign political movements?

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