Maori Party Conference 2015 – what should they be doing?



The thing the Maori Party should be talking about won’t appear on the agenda, and that is a strategic relationship with the MANA Party.

The Maori Party had a disastrous election where as MANA doubled their Party vote. If the Maori Party hadn’t sided with NZ First, National and Labour to kill off Hone in Te Tai Tokerau then that doubling of Party vote would have seen Hone & Laila in Parliament advocating for policies that benefitted Maori far more effectively than the Maori Party have managed.

The relationship between the Maori Party and National has been that of master and servant. National need the Maori Party for political camouflage and the Maori Party’s deep personal hatred with Labour drove them in that direction.

If work can be done where the MANA Party and Maori Party agree to not stand candidates in certain Maori electorates, thus allowing one to run, while competing for Party vote, then MANA and Maori Party could take all the seats off Labour and become a real voice for Maoridom.

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An example of the strategy could see the following…

Te Tai Tokerau – Hone Harawira runs with no Maori Party candidate standing, but both parties listed in the Party vote section.

Hauraki-Waikato – Maori Party candidate runs with no MANA candidate, but both parties listed in the party vote section.

Ikaroa-Rāwhiti – MANA Party candidate runs with no Maori Party candidate, but both parties listed in the party vote section.

Tāmaki Makaurau – Maori Party candidate runs with no MANA Party candidate, but both parties listed in the party vote section.

Te Tai Hauāuru – Maori Party candidate runs with no MANA Party candidate, but both parties listed in the party vote section.

Te Tai Tonga – Maori Party candidate runs with no MANA Party candidate, but both parties listed in the party vote section.

Waiariki – Flavell stands aside to allow Annette a run.

Unfortunately the Maori Party are still too full of personal vendettas against MANA to do the sensible thing and work together. I’d hoped Marama Fox would be a fresh new direction on this front, but it seems the bitterness Flavell still holds against Hone hasn’t been allowed to be buried.

If the Maori Party can’t find a way to re-engage the two houses of political Maoridom and work with MANA instead of against it, they will be swamped by Labour in the next election and become just another political footnote in NZ politics.


  1. what should the Maori Party be doing?….they should hand over the whole bloody turncoat, greaseball, uncle Tom party to Annette Sykes and Hone Harawira

    …and f..king jump ship from the treasonous jonkey Nact Party

    …they are worse than useless as is

    • Chooky, I don’t know why you’ve been downvoted so many times – you’re simply speaking the truth. The Maori Party have colluded with National purely on the basis of self-interest, with no regard for furthering the interests of Maori people.

      • ha ha …thanks for your support …I suspect a concerted downvote from the Maori Party members

        …sometimes happens that a group collectively gets together and downvotes from their individual addresses

        …however it is the message getting out that counts…and if people dont agree they can always add their counter arguments

        ….really a vote for the Maori Party is a vote for jonkey nactional and not in the interests of Maori…who need Mana

        • ++++ chooky and Gemma

          True a vote for Maori Parti is a vote for National
          and the only way for us to regain our Mana is to
          VOTE MANA

          master and slave … how very apt Martyn

          down votes are allowed on this site and shows us
          how many broken tools there are in the ‘other’ box

          down votes are to be worn like a badge of honour
          otherwise your just in an echo chamber dont you think

          down votes are just another tool of suppression
          that the non believers of free speech use.

          kia kaha TDB

    • The Maori Party have betrayed Maori by aligning themselves with National. Maori social and economic outcomes have worsened under the National Government.

      It seems that the sole motivation of the Maori Party is self-interest to maintain the privileges they receive by supporting the Government.

      There is no evidence that the Maori Party’s collusion with National has resulted in any improvement in the lives of the most disadvantaged Maori.

  2. They will say that its better to be at the table instead of in opposition throwing stones in some ways I might agree with them but I never like them to be straight up I liked the Greens but they are always gonna find it hard to become part of a govt anytime in the future

    • the Greens are doing their best… with Shaw supporting jonkey’s now choice of the Red Peak flag…and getting jonkey out of a hole

      …and snubbing Andrew Little’s Labour Party, which was insisting the existing flag ( NZers most popular 80% choice) be on the first referendum ballot ( saving NZ taxpayers a second referendum)

  3. Why the hell would Mana want to do a deal with the disappearing Maori Party?

    Mana have got way more mana…

  4. The treaty is only as good as the participants involved. Different groups claim to speak for all maori on a national level and compete with each other for limited resources allocated under the treaty. This is the source of the conflict.

    • My hopes are for NZ First Party, Mana Party and Green Party need to get in the top in any rotation for leader and support.
      Preference for leader is Winston Peters
      I believe NewZealand will do better with these three parties supporting each other.

      • My hope is that we can turn the power back on for some centrel North Island residents and other rural people who can not afford the line consumption and associated costs.

        By next winter maybe, hopefully, please, some more masta?

  5. Martyn

    I am not [Stephen, if you have a point to make, you’ll stand a better chance of having your comment published. Taking swipes at blog-authors doesn’t cut the mustard for publication. – ScarletMod] them.

  6. Both Mana and the Maori party are doing what they believe is right for their people, and New Zealand as a whole – unfortunately, with National in the hot seat, little is being accomplished for either.

    • I expect the jonkey nactional Party is also “doing what they believe is right for their people”

      …this is not a moral argument

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