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  1. The TPPA and the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris

    Timing is everything.

    We’ve been told the urgency to sign the TPPA relates to the US Elections. Is this really so?

    With the Paris conference in Climate Change it’s actually starting to look like substantive measures are going to be agreed to curb GHG emissions. (They won’t be enough – but that’s a different matter.)

    Does the TPPA via the ISDS provisions provide a pseudo “Get out of Jail Free” card to the fossil fuel industry who can challenge any legislation to cut carbon as being anti-competitive and hurting their profit model?

    I don’t know and I haven’t seen this angle covered anywhere. Am I just being paranoid or is there some reality to this?

    Anybody seen anything? Got any links?

  2. my son and i watched the democratic debate yesterday..(we don’t ‘do’

    ..and i would recommend the exercise to any political junkies out there..(youtube has it..)

    ..the differences with the clown-circus that the republican debate was could not have been clearer..

    ..each of the candidates had a ‘good’ moment..

    ..and sanders’ handling of the clinton email issue was a master-stroke..

    ..i gave it to a wide margin..

    ..clinton was shown up as a ‘little’..(new bye-word/poster-boy for neoliberal-sellout..)

    ..and ignore all those corporate-media jerks with their claims that clinton won the day.. yet another echo of the obama/clinton battle..the corporate-media gave it to clinton..while social-media/twitter gave it to bernie..and by a margin of about three to one.. group i would really recommend watching it is the labour party caucus.. the process..they might rediscover some spine..

  3. Good news on Wake up New Zealand today on many fronts.
    This month Oct, China will shift its new oil contract from Brent oil and us dollar,will trade in yuan.

    China will use gold bullion as collateral on future contracts.

    China to join Russian military in Syria.
    Iraq Strikes a deal with Moscow.The BRICS alliance will come to the aid of those Nations who have been controlled by Banking/Political cabal .

    Swiss watchdog WEKO has uncovered a massive gold rigging scandal by major banks and will begin proceedings.
    Its reported the cabal is going down ,and its in big trouble.

    Much more from Wake up New Zealand, check it out, well worth reading.

    • Wonderful stuff Elle,

      Good for china teaming upn with Russia, that will stop the trigger happy USA and their bantering ram NATO which was setup be Bilderberg to pick a fight with Russia.

      China is generally a peaceful country and Russia has turned semi capitalist as Clinton asked when she went to Putin with the “reset Button” so she is acting now like a war mongering and US people will swing to Bernie Sanders the peace man, because of this warmongering side of Obama/Clinton now appearing.

      • Thanks Clean green .
        I don’t think America will be so keen to take on Russia with the support they have.Russia, China , India , Brazil, South Africa and 130 other countries, and Iran and Iraq and Syria on board .Russia has said they want to put an end to One World Order,and control by corporations,which Putin thinks is evil. Hes said he want fairness for all countries,and freedom to run their own affairs,and before someone says what about Crimea ,all in the past .Hope Putin is in time to save NZ.

        • 1000% Elle

          Russia is a peaceful country & US is a war hungry country now, shame on them.

          The elephant in the room is NATO.

          NATO are pushing USA and all of us into WW3

  4. The Western corporate BIG Pharmaceutical industry is contributing to the global rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs..with the help of dirty polluted China

    ‘Drug giant Pfizer buying antibiotics from dangerous factories’

    …”Pfizer and other pharmaceutical giants source antibiotics from dirty, dangerous factories in China.
    These factories dump raw antibiotic waste straight into the environment.
    That creates a perfect breeding ground for antibiotic resistant “superbugs” — which spread globally.
    These superbugs have been called a “catastrophic threat” to public health, and could kill millions.

    Months of behind-the-scenes digging into big pharma’s secretive operations has revealed these links for the first time. Pfizer and others are putting their profits ahead of our health, by buying cheap antibiotics from dangerous factories with a string of serious environmental and safety violations…

    Overprescription of antibiotics and widespread use in factory farms are two of the known culprits behind antibiotic resistance. But pollution generated by the massive antibiotics production industry is an overlooked hidden killer. By dumping antibiotic waste into the environment, these factories create huge breeding grounds for superbugs. Concentrations of antibiotics in polluted waterways can be as high as in the bloodstream of someone on a full strength dose of antibiotics. And these are the factories that Pfizer, McKesson, Teva and other Western pharma giants are buying from.

    ‘Corporate Death Factory’

    …”This isn’t just a problem for China or for Pfizer customers. Modern air travel and trade mean that the rapid spread of infectious diseases is the new reality. Infectious superbugs that thrive in the waste dumped by these polluting factories in China quickly find their way into the bodies of children, adults and the elderly around the world, with fatal consequences.

    The reason this happens is simple — Pfizer and other big pharmaceutical corporations make more money by relying on cheap, mass-produced antibiotics without strong environmental and safety procedures in place. And until now, no one has known. If we can change that, by generating a global outcry, we can get big pharma to stop buying from these dangerous factories.”…

  5. So TV3 “standards Committee” received my broadcasting complaint in July and replies as “Not read” today in October????

    WTF is the TV3 think they are doing!!!!!

    They are breaking the broadcasting code violation right there.

    Christ someone please sack the TV3 station and the dumb Julie Christie.

    From: Standards Committee []
    Sent: Thursday, 15 October 2015 9:55 a.m.
    Subject: Not read: URGENT FOR RESPONSE.RE: Copy of complaint process sent to Media Works 15th July 2014 at 7 30am , as a complaint was sent 14th july 2014 and no response from Media Works was recieved after 24hrs after requesting a reciept of that
    Importance: High

    Your message

    To: Standards Committee
    Subject: URGENT FOR RESPONSE.RE: Copy of complaint process sent to Media Works 15th July 2014 at 7 30am , as a complaint was sent 14th july 2014 and no response from Media Works was recieved after 24hrs after requesting a reciept of that
    Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 8:14:09 AM (UTC+12:00) Auckland, Wellington

    was deleted without being read on Thursday, October 15, 2015 9:52:31 AM (UTC+12:00) Auckland, Wellington.

    Thank you.

  6. On Nine to Noon this morning – evidence that if carbon emissions are not significantly reduced in the next five years, then the Antarctic ice cap is going to melt and nothing thereafter will stop it. Sea levels will rise and keep rising.
    You remember the religious cranks who would walk around with a sandwich board which read something like “The end of the world is nigh”. It seems they were right all along, except that they imagined the end would come with fire and brimstone. It will be much less dramatic than that – it will come with the water slowly creeping higher and higher until there is no where left for mankind to go.
    Perhaps intelligent beings from other words will one day look down at the drowned earth and wonder if any intelligent life ever lived there. They will probably conclude that for humankind to destroy its own planet in that matter, then surely it was not intelligent.

  7. Breaking news WikiLeaks on the horror of tppa.

    Criminalise whistle blowers by extending trade secret laws without any mandatary exemptions for whistle blowers or investigative journalists.

    End anonymity online by forcing every domain name to be associated with real names and addresses.

    Medicines affected and almost lifetime exstensions to prevent generic medicines from being allowed.

    Make it illegal to unlock ,modify or generally tinker with any device you own.It is totally frightening to read ,it goes on and on total control to all TPPA countries , this is what John Key has signed up to. Jane Kelsey will be sure to have the details.

  8. BREAKING NEWS,the link for latest WikiLeaks .
    https:// previous comment did not include this.

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