TV3 in Campbell Live denial over low ratings



It just keeps getting worse for TV3 since killing Campbell Live off for political reasons. Not only is 3D in trouble, Story is in trouble, Paul Henry is in trouble and now the News is struggling…

3 News sees lowest ratings in four years
Sunday saw 3 News hit its lowest ratings in four years, drawing in only about 124,000 viewers.

Ratings haven’t been this low for the news show since this time in 2011, when on October 8 ratings plummetted to 117, 120.

A Mediaworks spokesperson said the ratings were impacted by Bathurst, “which has always been a strong drawcard for TV3’s audience”.

TV3 are in denial over their continued ratings meltdown. After showing us that they see news as just a ratings game rather than holding the powerful to account, after killing off Campbell Live for the National Government, after cutting crony financial deals with the Government, TV3 argue that the boycott against their network has nothing to do with their ratings slump.

The social media campaign to gain Campbell Live some of it’s highest ever ratings, has turned into a boycott. TV3 acknowledge the role social media had in boasting Campbell Live’s viewership, but point blank refuse to accept that those boycotting the station after it showed its true colours has anything to do with their falling viewership numbers.

They can’t have it both ways.

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People who care about their country, who care about a progressive democracy, who care about their news media fulfilling their fourth estate obligations are boycotting TV3 after management killed off Campbell Live.

That’s an ethical decision. Why watch a network embedded with the Government when you don’t support that Government? Why watch news from a network obsessed with ratings that don’t annoy the Prime Minister? Why support a network that screws over a journalist as gifted as John Campbell?

Politically TV3 has become Fox News lite. They’ve lost viewers trust and that’s why they are losing so badly.




  1. Just one thing, it’s a pity that Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts are caught up in all of this, as I reckon they are the best news presenters. Otherwise TV3 – pffft – and it IS because of John Campbell

    • Hilary Barry seems to have been taken hostage by Paul Henry, when I observe them interact on the Paul Henry Morning show. I suspect Henry has been given so much authority and freedom to run his breakfast show, he exerts pressure on his coworkers and staff, so that they comply with any crap he does and says. It is them having to put up with it, or to be sacked, nothing else.

  2. Bill English is crowing about a surplus ,Grant Robertson says its just a rounding excercise . The surplus is to take peoples minds off the TPP,National is not to be trusted. Key thinks we are stupid if he thinks news of a false surplus is going to make us think well of him,hes a corporate liar end of story.

  3. I made my final decision on “Story” a few weeks ago, it is a loser program, full stop. I do not even watch the beginning now, it is so shallow and desperate for attention.

    This may be the end of Garner, that desperate “Live News” man, with his “Drive” program, which is becoming just as shallow and useless. He is so predictable, why does he not ask the PM to become his spokesman, that may be the most honest job he ever held.

    TV3 is to me unwatchable, that is 99 percent of it, apart from the odd The Nation program, totally losers, full stop.

    [My apologies; incorrectly deleted and re-posted under wrong account. Sorted now. – ScarletMod]

  4. Some good points about journalism were raised on the Ika discussion with John Campbell, Nicky Hager, Dita De Boni and co.
    The tone of Dita’s voice said it all… in-depth journalism is dieing a slow death, and trash TV has replaced quality TV. It is all about the ratings.
    The intellectual viewer can easily see it as such and switches off, or finds alternative informative viewing.
    I have been marketed to since birth, becoming a consumer as ‘they’ wanted – I then became informed and dissolutioned about the whole ‘consumer society’ we live in, and decided to do my best to opt out and not be ‘sold’ to anymore. ‘They’ become powerless.
    Don’t watch them! Don’t buy what their selling!
    Teach the next generation to do the same!

  5. Get used to it people. Here in California, we don’t watch much on TV at all. Some sport and local PBS channel. Since it was an American Company that bought out Media works, expect more of the same crap. That creature Christy, Key’s Mate, has been working on this format for years. All the reality BS shows. Hundreds of channels here and all the same. Netflix is the only way to go for something to watch. BTW read this and exactly how these people are dumbing down the worlds population. And as for that rodent Gower, I thought it was hilarious that he was left behind in Dubai because he forgot his passport, on the Key Iraq junket. Keep up the good work on the boycott. It’s amazing what people power can do.

  6. They are certainly in denial all right. The problem, they believe, is not only Bathurst (how often does Bathurst happen?) but the loss of “Home and Away”!!!
    When you rely on shite like Home and Away for your audiences, then your organization has a real problem.

  7. Ha ha, TV3 going down the gurgler big time it seems. Great news 🙂

    Shame about the only professional news presenters in the country, Mike McRoberts and Hillary Barry, being involved though. The best in the business and they work for TV3!!!

    • Yes, they are perhaps the best two front people for news at the moment. Hopefully they will have their real talents realized in a better news format program in the future.

  8. I watched Te Kāea on Maori TV at 5.30 yesterday because there was someone I knew on it. I was impressed with the range of local stories, most of which were not featured on TVNZ. It had a more independent feel than TVNZ and TV3 which just feel like clones.

    I have to say I was impressed.

  9. A friend recently said to me that the Christian churches spent 600 years trying to keep people illiterate, now we have reality TV

  10. i refuse to watch any key media or buy any key news papers fuck them there crap one sided and total shit gower and co can drop dead

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