Malcolm Evans – Key on Tour


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 6.03.18 am


  1. Haha…and about as realistic as the Key character playing George ‘ Blood and Guts ‘ Patton over in Iraq…

    So whats Key gonna do ?

    Pull on their beards in the absence of ISIS wearing pony tails?

    Oh that’s right… lecture our soldiers about ” HAVING SOME GUTS ”!!!

    What a fool.

  2. key is a total gutless-wonder..

    ..he is a gutless-wonder on kiwi prisoners in oz..

    ..he is a gutless-wonder about pot..(he needs ‘more (fucken) evidence’..lying piece of shit that he is…)

    ..he is a gutless wonder on addressing the real issues we have..(just smoke and fucken mirrors..

    ..the original/prototype of ‘the hollow man’..(aside from the tpp..when he is gone..we will hardly know he was here..)

    ..and his future is to be our last climate-change denying prime minister..this is his fate/place in history..

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