EXCLUSIVE: SERCO at Wiri threatening vulnerable prisoners with 23hour a day lockdown if they don’t sign permission for mainstream population



SERCO at Wiri is forcing segregated Prisoners to sign permission to move them into the mainstream prison population or face 23hour lockdown every day.

SERCO make their money by having incredibly low guard to prisoner ratios and segregated prisoners require more attention. SERCO are getting around this by threatening segregated prisoners with 23hour a day lock down if they don’t sign permission slips to go into the mainstream muster where they are open to abuse,  stand over tactics, violence and sexual assault.

This is a disgraceful abuse of power by SERCO and it’s generated because the contract we signed with them means they charge us for every one of their 960 beds even if there are no prisoners in them. The pressure comes onto Corrections to find prisoners to fill those cells because we are paying for them regardless. This means SERCO coerce vulnerable prisoners into mainstream prison populations to maximise their profits.

This is just the latest abuse of power by SERCO and Opposition MPs should immediately use sections 161 & 162 of the Corrections Act to investigate the situation to see if SERCO are forcing vulnerable prisoners into mainstream muster by threatening them with draconian  imprisonment.

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Punishing prisoners for needing safety inside prison is a recipe for abuse. Opposition MPs need to move on this now.


  1. There’s also the inability of the public sector to monitor effectively, luckily whistleblowers cam fourth, some through police investigations into gangs. Which is nuts: a crazy way for the public sector holding to account the private sector when it’s delivering public services.” Even the corrections committee cannot break through a great wall of commercial confidentiality, and look at what the companies delivering pubic services are up to – not just in terms of their bids for public services and contracts with government, but such vital matters as their costs, and the profits they make from particular jobs.

  2. With Serco running the Christmas Island detention centres as well, and with the drop in refugees reaching Australian shores making for unused capacity that has to be paid for regardless; should we consider – is the holding of New Zealanders at that place merely a pragmatic accounting decision by Australia.

  3. We have allowed these Corporations like Serco to sow their inhuman seeds into our society and treat these interned prisoners as less than human.

    So when they are released what compassion will they show to us and less fortunate among us?

    Corporations have no heart or human compassion and should not be allowed to operate our state prisons because of their lack of humanity towards us all.

    • Yes indeed Cleangreen… we are effectively paying Serco to traumatise and anti-socialise an already marginalised population. And then we expect them to reintegrate into the community on release? Brilliant strategy that. Who came up with that one?

  4. It seems to be a never ending stream of bad headlines for Serco. It’s unbelievable that no one warned the Nats what they were in for, based on overseas experience.

    As long as Serco is in charge of Wiri, expect more revelations.

  5. “SERCO at Wiri is forcing segregated Prisoners to sign permission to move them into the mainstream prison population or face 23hour lockdown every day. ”

    And as we all know, a contract signed under duress is not a valid contract.

    If this were happening in the US (which treats litigation as an Olympic sport), the Federal or state governments would be facing some hefty lawsuits by now…

  6. New Zealand Bill of Rights Act

    Part 2 Civil and political rights

    9 Right not to be subjected to torture or cruel treatment
    Everyone has the right not to be subjected to torture or to cruel, degrading, or disproportionately severe treatment or punishment.

    Living in constant fear for one’s life and well being is ?

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