New Website is Social Innovation for Homelessness



No Fixed Abode website is an initiative for people without any homes to express skills or life aspirations on posts and connect with general public, resolving homelessness now.

For homelessness to be resolved, general public must be involved or have an option to connect directly with people who are homeless. No Fixed Abode is also for people willing to give time and energy or empathy, not money.

With general public’s engagement, probability of more favourable and positive results for people who are homeless is increased. It’s an essential response to ensure homelessness is prevented and resolved, while also ensuring there is far less likelihood of it reoccuring again.

There are two main forms of homelessness, people who are living outside and people sleeping in cars or on couches and at overnight hostels or temporary places.

Approximately 15000 – 20000 people are homeless or without any fixed placed in Auckland region, according to local Government report published in 2014 and recent census data collected. Of those 15000 – 20000 people, an estimated 46% are youths and young adults under 25 years of age (#HomelessYouth).

People living outside are homeless minority, which could seriously compromise health and wellbeing therefore more viable help is required now (#ExtremeHomelessness).

People living in cars, on couches or staying at overnight hostels and temporary places are majority of total homelessness also requiring immediate productive support or they could be at risk of extreme homelessness (#TransitHomeless).

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No Fixed Abode website is where people who are homeless signup for posting life aspirations or skills, general public register to view posts then contact person without any home and provide conscientious support voluntarily.

Inspired by real life connections and engagement with people who are homeless, No Fixed Abode website is an online portal to connect with someone capable of providing support. It’s somewhere warm and friendly for people without any homes to express who they are, with clarity or enthusiasm.

Officialy launching in New Zealand this World Homeless Day on 10 October 2015, No Fixed Abode website is activated now to prevent and resolve homelessness: