Helen Kelly continues to be a human rights crusader – cannabis reform now



Helen Kelly has been a human rights crusader all her life. She is a hero in the Union movement and does more to stand for worker rights than most Governments ever have. Her battle against the constant war on workers waged by John Key and the National Government over the last 7 years has been tireless and her call for real safety legislation so workers can come home after a long day at work makes her a national treasure.

She has done more than most Union Presidents to reach out and engage and her activism to highlight how the Government watered down the recent health and safety laws demands respect.

News that she is fighting Cancer shook the activist world in NZ, but in the usual Helen Kelly style, she is taking a new battle in her stride and that battle is to demand change in NZs ridiculous cannabis laws

Terminally ill Council of Trade Unions (CTU) president Helen Kelly plans to ask the government for permission to legally access cannabis oil for cancer pain relief.

“I’m actually going to write to Peter Dunne, who’s got permission to give me cannabis oil, and I’m going to ask him to do that,” Kelly told TV3’s The Nation on Saturday.

Having exhausted legal pain relief medicines, she was “brassed off” about having to go onto the black market for cannabis oil because “you don’t know what you’re getting”.

…we are almost alone now in the developed world to refuse to acknowledge the medical benefits of cannabis. Our denial at the harm cannabis prohibition creates borders on the delusional. Apart from criminalising people like Helen seeking pain relief via cannabis oil, we lock NZers up for pipes, bongs and cannabis for personal use like never before.

Between 2007-2013, 890 NZers have been imprisoned for possession of cannabis and a bewildering 737 NZers have been imprisoned for possession of a cannabis pipe.

Let’s look at those numbers again…

How New Zealand has treated minor drug offenders over six years:

Charges: 17,931
Convicted: 13,131
Imprisoned: 890

Maximum penalty: 3 months in prison and/or a $500 fine


Charges: 11,057
Convicted: 7,563
Imprisoned: 737

…so many NZers needlessly sent through the judicial system for possession of cannabis and or possession of a bong. Look at the misery these laws have created.

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The moral panic over so called stoner madness is keeping us in the dark ages, keeping good NZers in prison, allowing the Police enormous amounts of intrusive power over us as citizens, denying the Government taxation revenue, empowering organised crime and criminalising people like Helen Kelly.

It is time to end this nonsense, that Helen has the honesty and courage to tackle this while fighting cancer is just another reason why she is such a legend.


  1. Bless this very courageous woman for her enduring care for workers safety & rights when she is battling Lung Cancer, as announced on “The Nation” today.

    If anyone can reach Helen Kelly give her my recommendation to try H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) Cancer treatment with IV administration with Vitamin C IV administration after. The IV Monographs can be found on Dr Majid Ali’s website for all cancer therapies.



    Hydrogen Peroxide kills cancer cells.

    We need to save this marvellous lady.

    I would be dead now if I didnt’ take IV treatment to support the immune system.

    Helen Kelly is another Florence Nightingale, (lady with the lamp)..

      • I have very little knowledge of the process, but I do know that antioxidants help rid the body of old cells.

        Perhaps if H2O2 and vitamin C, which are antioxidants, are fed into the bloodstream at controlled rates they could work in a similar way.


        Because I am not sure I will look a little deeper at the subject. I prefer that to accepting an opinion such as yours, H.S.

  2. I have a painful condition which I hope will heal but if not rather than stuff my liver eventually with pain killers I will definitely try cannabis as a pain relief.

  3. If Helen Kelly gets relief from using cannabis, then she should be able to use it. End of story. ( I suspect that if Dunne or Key were in the same position they’d agree.)

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