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  1. Well we knew that VW diesel cars had fudged “Defeat systems but never knew that trucks also did so why did they not raise truck cheating devices???????

    Since the VW scandal, now Diesel Trucks are found to also emit far more toxic harmful NOx emissions than previously believed. In EU/US Diesels now are forced to use urea commonly named AdBlue to help lower NOx levels acceptable to EPA regulations.

    What is happening in NZ now?

    The NZ Government in 1999 produced a “Fuels and Energy” MoT Rail Vs Road freight emissions report that confirmed that rail freight per tone per KM travelled showed that rail had extremely low NOx levels compared to truck freight per tone per km travelled.

    We need rail now more than ever for human health and the environment.

    • ‘what’s happening here’ is that we have no emission-standards..

      (bring us yr scorned vee-dubs..!..we don’t care..!..)

      ..we are kiwis..!..we are tuff..!

      ..what’s a few nitrates between friends..?

      ..thank you helen..thank you john..

      ..breathe deeply now..!

  2. Can someone tell me …. what the fuck is it with these people that serve no other actual purpose other than to be ticket clippers, operating at any and every level they think they can wriggle their way into, and with an arrogance that
    a) thinks they won’t be found at, and
    b) think their ‘bizniss’ has any degree of permanence.
    It’s particularly rife in the immigration and education sectors whereby their are often cosy little relationships between those that are involved in that ‘growing international market’ hoodwinking poor bloody students from 3rd world countries, and those involved in that buggers muddle of a Munstry created by Mr Wonder Boy Mr Fixit …. Steevie Choice.
    Fuck me!!!! They must think they can take it to their grave and to the afterlife.
    I’ve just encountered YET another well-documented, well-recorded cosy little relationship whereby our ‘huge international’ ,arket of edge-ya-casion is ripping off those we’ll soon be grovelling up to whe it all turns to shit.
    Un fucking believable really.
    So far, I’ve encountered an engineer tempted here to do some pathetic diploma on engineering conducted by a private institution (at a cost of thousands) whose pre-reqs were a fucking sight more comprehensive than anyone involved in providing that ‘course of a lifetime’
    And just now, another who quite obviously knows a fucking sight more than any of those involved in providing the course.
    Then …… along the way …. we have ‘Ummigration Consultants’ and lawyers clipping the ticket for doing sweet fuck all, and buggers muddle (who it seems) is only role to support the ticket clipping.

    Does anyone here disagree that
    a) an engineer (with qualifications relevant in an earthquake zone such as the Himalaya region) that specialises in foundations, and
    b) another electrical engineer from the same sort of area with a good knowledge of reticulation ….
    BOTH should be valuable in the Christchurch area?

    Apparently not. The Immigration Consultant/lawyer clips the ticket (usully involving a couple of thousand) and pretends to have sought work and ‘potential’, then the Ummigration lumbering great oxen of a supposed ‘servant’ of the public enables a deportation as fast as they possibly can.
    But back to my original question – involving both a) and b) above.
    The only answer I can come up with is that they assume EVERYONE is as unprincipled, and as arrogant, as superficial and as socially ugly (unfortunately often aesthetically as well), a they are.

  3. Planet Key is pure mafia now, and pay to get some “protection” or fail is his model so we are now in the most corrupt first world country on this planet.
    Lies are the norm now with a heavy lashing of deception

  4. The police pay is fouled up.
    The teachers pay is fouled up.
    When it happens to the police the National government can’t move quick enough.
    When it happens to the teachers the National government goes into snail mode.
    But I suppose when you are turning the police into your own political hit squad you want to keep their total loyalty eh?

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