Is Labour about to rupture over TPPA?


Hooton has the inside word…


…as The Daily blog has always pointed out, the neoliberal streak runs deep within Labour. That’s why Cunliffe’s Leadership was killed off because he threatened to wake the sleeping dogs of the free market debate, just as Corbyn has in Britain and Bernie Sanders is doing in America.

The deep desire for some within Labour to simply be a neoliberal management team to take over when the electorate gets tired of National rather than being a force for progressive reform suggests that all the friction within Labour has simply been hidden from view rather than cauterised by Little’s leadership.

During the election it was obvious there was undermining of Cunliffe, the move to kill off Hone in Te Tai Tokerau rather than work with the Left was a very clear example of that. The Caucus don’t want to listen to what the Labour membership wants, and the moves to democratise and modernise the Party will just amount to another whitewash if Labour fold on the TPPA.

This is why it’s so difficult for Little to choose Jacinda over Annette as Deputy, because the caucus is still as divided as it ever has been and Little needs Annette to keep the right wing faction in line, something Jacinda simply doesn’t have the ability to do.

This move by 5 MPs to destabilise the Party could erode all the good work Little has done to date, it would also mean Phil Goff has damaged his chances of an outright run at the Auckland Mayoralty.

At stake is the very idealogical direction of the Labour Party – a debate they’ve avoided for almost 3 decades. With the Greens working with National recently and with 5 Labour MPs threatening to cross the aisle to vote with Key, the only thing guaranteed by all this is further disillusionment of voters opposed to National and a surge in the no votes come 2017.

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  1. Politics is, or should be, a contest of ideas, of contrasting visions. That’s why Corbyn and Sanders are such a breath of fresh air. Whether we agree with their politics or not, they represent a clear alternative, which keeps democracy healthy. Labour do not represent a viable outlet for that alternative vision, and haven’t for decades.

  2. Hooten is doing Slug Slater’s work for him at poisoning the Labour camp with toxic Gossip again and this is pure “dirty Politics again don’t you all see?

    • +1 CLEANGREEN.

      Hooten has his own agenda and telling porkies is part of it. Here is Annette King’s take on his latest NBR drivel.

      According to King, Hooten is talking “absolute crap”.

      King accused Hooton of “absolute spin and downright deceit”, and challenged him to name one Labour MP who had spoken to him about crossing the floor.

      “It actually makes me angry that anyone would give any credence to his crap…there isn’t a tissue paper between us on the way we’re handling it.

      I know who I believe and it ain’t Matthew Hooten.

      • +100 …thanks Anne…however Labour is not saying much!….it needs to come out with a point by point statement of where it disagrees with the TPP

        ….and state unquivocally that it will repeal NZ signature to the TPP when it next becomes government

        ….it also needs to show it is forming a united front with the Greens and NZF on this!!@!

  3. Of course neoliberism runs deep in Labour. You do all remember the Lange Government, don’t you??? Does anyone really think that Prebble, Douglas, and Moore were the sole source of Labour’s neoliberism and somehow single-handedly co-opted the entire party? Yeah, nah. Neo-liberalism possibly runs deeper in Labour than it does in National, after all lest we forget where it all started!

  4. So – you have swallowed the Hooton bait and set out to paint Labour as divided. That is exactly the narrative that the right wish to promote. I am disappointed that you have fallen into the trap, Martyn!

    Labour will maintain its consistent position, evaluate the actual agreement when it becomes available, consider the options, and arrive at a policy that is in the best interests of ALL New Zealanders.

    Of course that process will require robust debate and clear thinking. Having to worry about triggering the media’s ready-made headline: ‘Split and division in the Labour Party’ will stifle healthy democratic discussion. Your blog is an unhelpful sideshow.

    • Agree totally. Of course, these issues have to be sorted out, WITHIN the party, and there are many grassroots Labour members doing just that, right now. This kind of sniping from outside only sabotages that process, and sets us back a long way.

      • Bradbury is posing the question …and it is up for debate….better than doing nothing when it is getting currency out in the msm…and when many half believe it

        Thus far Annette King has refuted it absolutely…GOOD…but where are the other Labour MPs’ voices of outrage?!…and opposition to the TPP….they need to be held to account and come out publically so that NZers know who to vote for next Election

        • @ chooky
          Annette King is speaking on behalf of the Labour caucus as the acting leader while Andrew Little took a short break with his family. Key always fronts on political issues – sometimes in conjunction with the relevant minister/ministers – and that’s the normal process.

          Parliament is sitting again next week so you are likely to see and hear a lot more from Labour about the TPP. They tend to get ignored by the MSM at other times – as do all the opposition parties.

          • good I look forward to fireworks and loads of opposition expressed by Labour MPs and the Greens and NZF MPs and the Maori Party MPs against the TPP outrage against our rights and sovereignty !

            • Except that it will be sidelined no doubt by Key baiting (or master baiting) Labour about the neolibs in Labour who support the TPPA.

              He’ll also use the Helen Clarke “endorsement”.

              Anything but debating the issues, just masterdebating the sideshow.


              • Well said Winnie. Although Andrew Little doesn’t seem to be so easy for FJK to bait.

                On the contrary in fact.

                Watching the two leaders in Parliament, I’m thinking now Little is being intentionally shrewd, asking some well thought out questions of the PM, to deliberately get FJK to make a complete fool of himself during Question time and FJK does that very well with most of his barbed, petulant responses. In particular his continuous idiotic childish name calling and finger pointing, along with replies referring to over seven years ago, blaming all the woes and wrongs in government on Labour.

                I think Little has FJK’s number alright and is playing the PM for all it’s worth.

  5. Ah… ?
    How can Labour ( What ever the fuck it is ) do anything at all other than take up space in parliament when it doesn’t have primary industry support. AKA their money.
    How can Labour ( ? ) unite the work force , with its associate power and security offspring without first Uniting those whom earn our export dollars, yen , roubles, Martian notes of credit, moon cheese derivatives or the enviable swaps initiatives like the Girls for Ponies scheme being lauded in a trade deal between jonky and Saudi Arabia ?
    Trite and flippant ? Yeah . Of course. Or do you really want me to take your above Post seriously?
    I know, you wrote it with the best intentions and I have no small amount of respect for your writings and the views you have. After all, without you and your most erudite fellow humans , we’d have literally no where to go to connect with like minded souls.
    You do however miss the point here.
    If Labour is to crush National like the cockroaches they are ( No disrespect to actual cockroaches ) then they must understand that they MUST bring our farmers in from out in the cold .

    And how to do that ? Simple .
    If there’s one thing that plagues farming, all types of farming. From Sheep , cows and deer to weasels , rabbits and axolotl’s . From grain growers to industrial hemp sowers ( God bless them ! x ) … yes, there’s one thing that’s common to all farming.

    Insecurity . Say that word several times and it starts to make one feel anxious does it not?

    Insecurity. The lack of security . What does the lack of security make one ? Nervous ? Yes. Anxious ? Yes. Worried, harried , fretful, fearful , paranoid, addicted to booze and other drugs, gives one sleepless and fitful nights then you wake up into Hell then take it out on those whom you should love and trust ? Yes.

    Yes, to all that horrible, awful and amazingly, while we suffer , unnecessary and vile shit that these wankers throw at us daily.

    Insecurity achieves one more thing. The most important thing of all. It achieves control.

    Farming is an insecure business at the best of times but when insecurity’s used to control farming , then you have suicides, poor performance and a wildly dysfunctional community of farmers divided into those who have, and those who have not. Those who ‘have’ are more blue than a baboons balls in mating season. Those who have not, are to be fucked on an on-going basis with nowhere to turn, with no hope of finding solid ground upon which to stand monstrous debt and are thus rendered insecure therefore ably controlled by the monsters in their shiny glass fronted temples to money down Cuba Street.
    If Labour truly wanted to heal our country they’d be talking that kind of thing and if you truly wanted to help with that dialogue, you’d be talking/writing that way also.
    Labour is useless unless it has farmer money behind it bolstered by a unified work force down stream.
    It can equally be said that National would be effectively neutered if farmers, and their ridiculously cheap and reliable source of money was to dry up for National and it’s shadowy cronies who wait in the wings.
    Back to insecurity. To assuage deathly insecurity farmers must have financial autonomy. Farmers must have their own bank and it must be nurtured and protected from futures traders and sundry other swindlers like jonky and his commodity trader scoundrels .
    NZ Farmers must unite and create their own bank. Farmers must also unite and collaborate with their support network of down-stream workers and sundry other industries.
    If that does not happen and if that isn’t talked about and debated and if Labour doesn’t attempt to open up dialogue with farmers , on a one-on-one basis ( Essential, because there are a raft of dodgy pro National crony Machiavellian confederate cockies out there getting between real and proper farmers and the general public to spread dissent , diffuse focus and divert attention. Think SIR peter elworthy for example. Oh ! And lets not forget pig farmer douglas and Big Jimbo bolger, Traitors to their own people for money and prestige. )
    When NZ comes up with another way of generating foreign exchange, I’ll shut the fuck up about farmers and I don’t see me shutting up in the near future. Unless the SAS finds me and fucks me up at the behest of those criminals who most profited from years of swindling farmers then stealing off with our stuff and things on the pretext that it’d be in our own best interests.
    A Canadian man nearly coughed up his lunch when I told him what we pay for electricity here. About $400.00 a month in winter, give or take.
    In Vancouver , he pays about $80.00 Canadian for two months. The Canadian dollar is around .88 cents to the NZ dollar. What does that tell you ?
    You feel fucked and no one’s kissed you yet, right ?

    • 1000% CB, I live rural now and the ground is rife for a return to an opposition Party combo to run the country now as most farmers are bewildered now with the rug constantly being pulled out from under them with tis over-regulated NatZ mob pushing the farmers to the wall and selling the country and our best farms to overseas financial interests.

      They just don’t believe what’s going on now.

      Saudi’s were given money and free sheep and our farmers cant even get their dirt roads sealed?????

      Most sheep schedules in Gisborne are late due to Government is now pulling funding out of the rural roading budgets now!! Probably to feed the “Roads of National spending”…, so rural farmers are suffering financially with missed delivery of sheep for God’s sake.!!!!!!

      Last week the rain washed our rural dirt roads out here after Government forced Gisborne Council to sack all our roadmen who we had here for 59yrs.

      National mare certainly screwing up East Coast and will loose the seat of theirs if Labour put up a fight for our lost rail and dirt roading.

      • Thank you for your supportive comments @ CLEANGREEN.

        In 1882 the SS Dunedin sailed to Europe with the worlds first frozen meat shipment for a hungry, snow buried, northern European winter .

        Also In 1882 the first batch of cunning NZ colonial swine hatched a plan to swindle monies gleaned from such a world breaking venture.

        Beautiful Aotearoa / New Zealand . A long lost jewel of such riches that to this day has yet to be comprehended and all the while safely ensconced amongst heaving oceans and enjoying an endless supply of fresh water, sunshine, temperate climates and a tiny population of fabulously interesting and eccentric people with a world renown ability to create, imagine, build, achieve and prosper.

        And look at us now? It breaks my heart. 305 K kids ashamedly in dire need. 563 suicides , twice the car crash deaths of the year ending 2014. Good and hardworking breeding pairs being plundered by foreign banks and our most important industry, our primary industry, our brilliant and unbelievably hardworking farmers dragged down into the global gutter by common criminals educated beyond their intelligence and masquerading as our political representatives on the global stage. We’ve become the circus act that’s just dropped into the UN.

        We’ve got it so good. We’re unbelievably lucky, us Kiwis, and it’s because of that, that some, those scarce few are so able to use and abuse us. Because we’ve taken our eye off the ball ! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance fools ! ( Think The A Team x )
        A new political force must be convened and that political force must champion the truth. And the truth is we are an agricultural economy. We pretend we are not by borrowing money off-shore ( While jonky and his clone armies make massive profits from the transition of that borrowed money. Example . What do you pay as a mortgage? Hire purchases? Unsecured debt? )
        We Kiwi’s need a new political entity, a new economy and a fresh and powerful leader to whom we can look to as an honest , strong and loving person with a wire rope character.
        Not some rich, mincing half wit surrounded by Game Of Thrones-esque minions who giggle and posture as if our survival was a fucking joke for their entertainment.
        When you see a politician ? And he or she’s not running , hell for leather down the street screaming for the police as their fancy suit’s shredded and flying behind ? You’re not doing your job as citizens of NZ / Aotearoa Brothers and Sisters !
        Or ? Should I say ‘Worker Units. Type A and type B .’ Your choice ? What are yas ?

        • You should stand for parliament…as an Independent if necessary …or NZF…you might surprise yourself and get elected

          ….same goes for CLEANGREEN

  6. well if they want to go they can go. If they favour neoliberalism that’s their choice. There’s more people on the list. Japan’s PM just got rid of 9 members (who obviously didn’t agree with the TPPA) so a reshuffle might be in order. Corbyn handled his dissenters, likewise Little should – that’s is what political leaders do. At least it will all out in the open and solidfy opposition to the TPPA.

  7. Are we sure this is for real?

    This from the NBR website

    At least five Labour MPs – including two former leaders – would cross the floor if its leadership decided to vote against the TPP, party insiders say. Labour’s leadership is considering withdrawing from the deal if it forms a government in 2017. John Key could split Labour by forcing a parliamentary vote on ratification, writes Matthew Hooton.

    Who are the party insiders? How reliable are they?
    Given that transNational has the numbers to ratify with its own bloc, why would the putative Labour dissidents need to show their hand?
    This looks like a very smooth segue following on from Chris Trotter’s Deep State article.

  8. Just because Matthew Hooton says something, it doesn’t mean it’s a fact. Speculation! Apart from Phil Goff, who are the supposed 5?

    • who are they..?..let me guess…goff..shearer..nash…that guy who beat harawira..king..

      ..they would be on my/any short-list..(i call them the go-to-guys-for-a-grand-coalition-with-national..and trust them not at all..)

      ..and how about goffs’ latest act of fucken treachery..?

      ..doing a deal with the right to have a rightwing deputy-mayoral candidate on his ‘team’…

      ..fuck off..!..goff..!

      • and goff as mayor..?

        ..if you thought brown was a sellout/useless..

        ..i suggest you buckle is a brilliant political move by the right..

        ..having goff as their man.. emasculates the progressive forces in one fell swoop..

        ..should a dissenter-candidate arise..without a massive turnout/uprising..either goff or a rightwing candidate will still win.. the right has it all sewed-up’s control of auckland will continue…

        ..all done and dusted..

        ..and could this be more of a ‘fuck you!’ from goff to the progressives..?

        ..could it be more a case of goff nailing his neoliberal/rightwing colours to the mast..?

        ..goff..the man in whose political career was ushered in this era of gross inequality/poverty/street-begging/homelessness..

        ..all on his watch..

        ..hasn’t he already done more than enough..?

      • Bingo Phillip Ure.

        I think you have labeled the dirty five perfectly, or very close anyway. They are also my choice of the bunch who are keeping Labour in a position of stagnation!

        Cunliffe was the turning point. But through dirty politics, the Labour traitors along with the treasonous slime from NatzKEY, destroyed Hone Harawira’s chances of coming back into Parliament, for fear of a left power surge, which possibly might have changed the game somewhat.

        And I have heard Goff’s mayoral challenge, could very well get the thumbs up from NatzKEY! WTF!

        • no..two are ‘former leaders’ that is goff and shearer..

          ..nash is rightwing..and is only in parliament as of a result of rightwing support/plotting/ a safe tory seat..

          ..that guy who beat harawira also owes his existence to the right..

          ..and king is long-time neoliberal..

          ..they aren’t the only ones..but they are ones..

          ..on ‘base’..and educated ‘guessing’..i wd submit..

          ..instead of just random sneering..prove me

      • well if it was:

        “goff..shearer..nash…that guy who beat harawira [Kelvin Davis]..king.. ”

        it wouldnt be any great loss to say “bye bye” imo

        • “King accused Hooton of “absolute spin and downright deceit”, and challenged him to name one Labour MP who had spoken to him about crossing the floor. “It actually makes me angry that anyone would give any credence to his crap…there isn’t a tissue paper between us on the way we’re handling it.”

          King said Labour’s position on its bottom lines for the TPPA had been agreed by the entire caucus, and balanced the party’s support for fair trade with its concerns about secrecy around the deal.

          “There is no doubt that we are a party in favour of free and fair trade…we’ve proven that. What we’re getting to is the fair part of the trade: how fair is it on New Zealanders, on our health, on our sovereignty?”

          While the last Labour Government had signed a free trade agreement with China, the TPPA was “a deal like no other” and needed to be scrutinised before the party would give its position.

          “We are taking it seriously in terms of looking at it and asking, demanding we get information and answers, and we won’t be pushed around by Hooton or any commentators.”

          • good…ok let King off the hook…how about the rest of them?…they need to come out swinging

            ….actually King is a very effective Opposition spokesperson on Health and Deputy…she knows her stuff and she knows how to get the media to take her soundbites

            ( more than you can say for many MPs)

          • Labour is not saying much!….it needs to come out with a point by point statement of where it disagrees with the TPP

            ….and state unquivocally that it will repeal NZ signature to the TPP when it next becomes government

            ….it also needs to show it is forming a united front with the Greens and NZF on this!!!

            • I do not see other political parties flooding the media with articles on it either, but what i have read so far, none, including Labour, are happy with it. They all need to go through the details of what key and Groser want to sign us up to, then we should expect a more informed voice from the opposition.

  9. Yep, let them cross the floor. Tear up their Labour Party memberships and join possum-in-a-spotlight ACT, or bolster up the ranks and throngs voting for Mr Sensible Potato Head.

    Yep the best thing the Maori Party could do is to vote AGAINST a TPPA which further erodes sovereignty. That way it may frce Key to approach Labour’s neolibs.

    Bring it on.

  10. Solution. Labour state that the TTPA could have been done much better, but too late now, so they concentrate being a real opposition as opposed to a squeaky wheel.

  11. The National party machine will stop at nothing to bring home the bacon for obamas crooks. why would Labour members support the tpp, how much is it costing the tpp pushers , if its true and we find out who they are ,their careers are over,we really don’t support traitors,
    Martyn if you think its true and you know who they are tell us now please.
    National would make crooks of anyone to get their own way.

    • Yes ELLE,

      Key’s crooks will go to any length to buy their way here, so if not true we reckon it’s yet more diversion ahead of next week’s opening of a heated TPPA debate session and just the right time to spread the rumour mill to cloud Labours’ fire during debate.

      We know that NatZ spread lots of rumours and doubt around before the last election over dragging Cunliffe’s popularity down didn’t they so it is them on track again here?

  12. Gee, thanks Martyn, for firing off a “friendly fire” shot and in the process validating the right wing argument that “the left is so hopelessly divided they will never from a functional govt”.

    Why do you think Hooten came out with this? And, almost inevitably, someone on “our” side fell for his slimey trick!

    • @ peter archer..

      c’mon..! is just stating the bleeding obvious to call out these neoliberal rightwingers..

      do they not exist..?..have they an unholy alliance with the tories created this mess we now have..?

      ..and has not goff..with his deal with the right for the ak mayoralty not proven that for you..?

      ..if that doesn’t do it..what would it take..?

  13. Yes, please look at the source of this “information”!! Hooton is part of the Dirty Politics gang, don’t forget!!

  14. “During the election it was obvious there was undermining of Cunliffe, the move to kill off Hone in Te Tai Tokerau rather than work with the Left was a very clear example of that.”

    Cunliffe and Matt McCarten own that failure. Their strategy was to try and win every seat as if it was a first-past-the-post election.
    Cunliffe was a dud. Little doesn’t look much better. They’re both very similar.
    I was glad to see Cunliffe get the leadership, but he chased the central vote. I have nothing against Cunliffe, but his (and McCarten’s) strategy was a failure.
    Corbyn would’ve positioned himself alongside the Greens and Mana and tried to push for a left-wing opposition. That’s what we need after Little.

  15. Rumor or not it doesn’t matter – Labour started the TPP and would sign it anyway.
    I think NZ needs a totally new political party who will actually represent NZers cause apparently no one wants to vote for Winstone or Hone.
    I am absolutely sick of both National and Labour – they are one and the same – they both sold us out without a shot being fired…..Tenants in our own land? – nah Prisoners!!

    • The TPP that Helen Clark negotiated all those years ago was completely different to the one being negotiated by key and Groser.

  16. Yes, Yes, Yes.

    The tory-wing of the Labour party should form their own party. Or join and vote for the tory party.

    This is an existential fight for ideas. The TPP should be one of the markers. Also renouncing the China FTA and the insidious Closer-Economic-Relations with Australia. The Australians run most of our economy.

    Regain our sovereignty

    • Well Jim Anderton was brave enough to start a New Labour Party mainly because of neolib agendas.

      Maybe these 5 “alleged” neolibs need to form their own breakaway party. Any suggestions for their name?

      New Liberals? New ACT? New National?

      Maybe the new breakaways could ask Hooton to be their PR man?

      • Hi Chooky. Ditto 🙂

        Since leaving Labour thirty years ago, after almost lifetime allegiance, I have been a staunch supporter of NZ Greens.

        However since James Shaw recently gave FJK a free pass re the flag issue, I am having my doubts now about the party, through his co leadership. Unless Shaw is able to produce some evidence he won’t take NZ Greens to the right, then I’m going to have to weigh up my options for the next election.

        At present I’m seriously considering aligning myself with Mana/Internet. I’ve always liked Hone and respect him. He always comes down on the side of the dispossessed and have-nots, Maori and non Maori alike. He was given a bad deal last election, through dirty politics played out against him by NatzKEY, Labour and NZ First!

        Hope Meteria Turei is back in Parliament next week when it resumes. She was missing in action for quite a while during the last session. I really don’t think Meteria and Shaw are compatible co leaders somehow, considering how well she and Russel Norman worked together, bringing the Greens into mainstream politics. Although that said, I think it started with the late Rod Donald. Meteria and Russel continued his legacy of keeping the party on the straight and narrow. And they were successful.

        Times are a’changing as the Bob Dylan song goes and I fear it might not be for the better either. Well not for ordinary working class Kiwis that is!

    • Now I have read the names of the so-called 5 crossing the floor I know for sure how little Martyn or Hooten know of the make-up of the people they try to destroy – Damien O’Connor ? Damien O’Connor ? Do me a favour please, they couldn’t have come up with a more unlikely name which tells us that whoever supplied that list of five was trying to see how far they could go pulling the tits of those imbeciles who took this as information as gospel. Pardon me while I go off for a little cackle though it will probably be more of a long, long hearty tear-inducing session of near-hysteria

  17. I am so furious at John Key and Tim Groser for selling us out and for wanting to sign our sovereignty away for nothing, to waste my time giving any credence to a National Party troll like stirrer Mathew Hooton and worrying about what Labour MPs may or may not do based on a troll’s word.
    Just read “Chinese interests have bought two farms north of Auckland spanning 94.4ha which will soon be rezoned from rural to urban, allowing vast new housing estates to be built.”
    For whom I wonder? The TPPA will make it more of a free for all for speculators than what it already is now. I am really beginning to feel very scared for my country’s future, and I really do feel like I am a tenant in my own country.

  18. Nice work here Martyn. You’ve helped push Hooten’s dirty politics along and lent it left-wing credibility. Top stuff mate.

      • Well it’s the old argument Frank, statements without back-up data, SOURCES, are just opinion, and not particularly enlightened opinion at that.

        Unfortunately this whole blog is built that way, including, unusually, Martyn’s main blog.

        If Martyn (or someone!) would post whom these changelings in Labour are, AND what those facts are based on, we at least have a chance to argue something more than this strange nebulous lurking that is going on in this thread.

        Facts, damned facts…

  19. The problem is labour are divided. Yes it is probably gossip but based on truth.

    Better Labour to have it out now, so they have time to do something about it, than right before last election where it seemed to come out of the blue to them resulting in a very messy internal fight and stupid decisions (like taking out Internet Mana which they still seem to stand behind, instead of using ALL their energy and skills to beat National).

    Labour need to admit they have an internal problem, and then do something about it.

    Little should have a talk to Cunliffe for example.

    At present Labour seem too much like National and it is splitting their voters and I think that voters are also unhappy with the Greens too.

    All the opposition seem to think voters will vote for one or the other. The reality is, if they do not connect with voters, voters will NOT vote at all and that voice is lost.

    And that is what the Nats want. Less voters.

    Now is the time for detailed policy, now is the time for inter party co operation, and now is the time for REAL action against TPP.

    • Alleged boils John. There’s no proof until John Key asks them all to cross the floor and vote the TPPA in.

      But I agree with you all commenting here that Hooton is a turncoat weasel, not to be trusted. Time to put up or shut up Hoots, give the names of the alleged potential ACT and United Future turncoats cowering within Labour.

      Bring it on!

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