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  1. how does the TPPA reconcile with the broader Treaty of Waitangi?

    New Zealand is not just another company or corporate to be taken over

    NZ has a Maori /Pakeha culture and a heritage of law based on the Treaty and the British legal system…. and fair play and social welfare care for its citizens

    ….another reason why jonkey wanted to change the NZ flag …and lately with the help of the Greens to a corporate Red Peak flag ( designed by a corporate… and already used as a corporate logo by companies in USA and Britain …one of them a surveillance company in Britain already uses Red Peak as its logo…irony much)

  2. so now jonkey nact has signed the corporate takeover of New Zealand via TPPA… (unless good Americans with a social conscience stop TPPA in its tracks)

    ….i guess we need an new corporate flag to match our new corporate controlled country …Red Peak anyone? ( afterall this is jonkey’s and James Shaw’s favourite choice)

    RED PEAK the logo for Active Security Group

    “the Red Peak flag was created by a Xero product design director (Dustin), has had its online campaign coordinated by another Xero associate (Simpson), and was included in the top 40 while the Xero CEO (Drury) was one of the dozen on the selection panel; perhaps we should ask how has the Greens relationship with that company changed recently?
    Two years ago:
    Norman issued a media release yesterday questioning whether Palantir, a firm co-founded by wealthy US technology investor and Xero shareholder Peter Thiel, had been hired by the Government to spy on New Zealanders…”

  3. The $6.2m spend up for (MFAT) Consul General to Honolulu, Hawaii (WTF, a state of the US) flash pad, is headline news in the NZH this afternoon!

    And to add insult to injury, the present CG to Hawaii representing NZ through MFAT, Robert Kaiwai had a say in selecting the residence! Another WTF moment coming on!

    Bet FJK put his 10 cents worth into it as well, planning ahead for when he walks, which for me can’t come soon enough! Spending big for his future!

    NY …
    Honolulu …

    At this rate, a public funded MFAT diplomatic property in Hollywood coming up soon perhaps, for FJK to do his slimy business with his buddies and benefactors, the vile, lecherous movie tycoons?

    • Yep,

      Key is out of control now, buying properties for his cronnies in Government.

      Why did no other government need to spend up large all of the public purse?

      So he will over do it soon enough.

      Key is drunk on a Power trip now, as the world witnessed happen with another dictator way back in 1933?

      • @ cleangreen – yes, agree.

        – “Key is drunk on a Power trip now, as the world witnessed happen with another dictator way back in 1933?” –

        FJK is living up to the sentiments expressed in your final statement!

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