1 Yr on from Dirty Politics hosted by John Campbell with Nicky Hager, Fran O’Sullivan & Dita De Boni


This is the live stream we made last week at IKA as part of the Table Talk season of current affairs, proudly brought to you by Voyager. This month we will be live streaming the LifeWise discussion on Homelessness on the 20th and tomorrow at 10am we will be live streaming the launch of the newest private Union in NZ.

John Campbell is one of NZs most popular broadcasters who lost his show after TV3 Management forced it off air for political reasons.

Fran O’Sullivan is one of the NZ Herald’s most respected journalists and was smeared by right wing elements in Dirty Politics.

Nicky Hager is NZs leading investigative journalist who wrote Dirty Politics and many other books that have challenged power

Dita De Boni was one of the NZ Herald’s most popular columnists who now works for TVNZ.

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We can either blame the mainstream media or be the media.


  1. I cannot watch the repeat of the live debate with Nicky Hagar as it runs on too high a speed – can you enable a slower replay say 240 for those of us with older PCs and rural broadband?

        • If I was paranoid I would think the replay was being blocked as it never gets past four minutes. But that would never happen in a democratic country like Aotearoa, eh.

    • Yes I wonder what Fran Sullivan is doing with TDB, for years she has been a cheerleader for Key,can someone say she has had a change of heart, shes still writing for the Herald.

      • I think perhaps Fran is so removed from the effects of this right winged government on those it does not serve, that she just suffers from plain old ignorance. If she knew how much she doesn’t know about the life of those at the bottom of the heap perhaps she’d become a socialist.
        I may be wrong of course.

    • She was very defensive, and quite defensive of the Herald as well. Fran is well aware that people are fed up to the eyeballs with the Herald’s sycophantic worship of John Key. Fran is just as guilty, never failing to put in a good word, albeit lies, for key and his National government.

  2. Wow, an opportunity missed in question time to get Fran O to justify the impeccable Herald journalism over the Dong Liu affair.

  3. I don’t think change of heart is the right phrase. In Dirty Politics she was made to look like a lapdog for National and in response has rediscovered a little bit of objectivity.

    • Good observation. She probably had an eye opened with the revelations about Key and Slater. Interesting final comments by Nick regarding Key being over the Slater barrel!

      • I’ve read certain comments that Slater is in the habit of collecting embarresing info on people, including those on the same side of the fence as him. He’s got a shitload of dirt on a lot of people, including our squeaky-clean PM.

  4. I loved the Honesty of Dita.

    She is all open heart, and fit well with John Campbell too.

    Nicky fitted in as the model Book writer and historian too.

    Fran Wilde began brutal but moderated somewhat later but John Campbell moderated well and got the best out of Fran anyone could have.

    This panel should be a standard on RNZ every week and throw Jim Mora and the other lot out.

    Excellent Talk fest guys so a very big thanks from Martyn, CBB, and Laila, and all the panel.

  5. Some great discussion.
    Thanks for giving a shit, as our government sure as hell doesn’t.
    …And No Fran I will never buy the NZ Herald ( NZ woman’s weekly / NZ rugby news ) again! – Dita told you why.

  6. It will not play ( here). I’ve tried all hour of the day. we live rural. I would have loved to be able to listen to it. possibility for sound track only, maybe?

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