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  1. So very sick of seeing Keys smug face on TDB pages could you put a mask on him.ot better still no picture at all , although some of his photographs show him for what he is .

      • +100 … scary stuff alright!…we can not afford a third world war!…USA must work with Assad to fight ISIS

        • that thing that ‘cleangreen’ (!) linked to..and you endorsed..

 from a climatechange-denial conspiracy-rag…of the worst sort..


          ..more death-of-irony proof..?..if it was needed..

          • You are wrong pu….I deliberately did not endorse the article …however there are parts of it I agree with

            …and I stand by what I said “USA must work with Assad to fight ISIS”

            • USA intelligence analysts have argued that the USA must work with Russia and Assad to defeat ISIS

              ‘Russian involvement – a chance to deal a death blow to ISIS – ex-CIA officer’


              “When Russia stepped into the Syrian crisis, the balance of forces in the region shifted again. Now, despite Moscow helping in the war against Islamic State, the West is seemingly unhappy about it. It’s clear that both sides have something more to pursue than just the defeat of jihadists. But will the primary and common cause become truly common? Is there a chance for effective cooperation between Russia and the West? And, finally, with a new player, how will the board change? We pose these questions to a former CIA officer for Near East and South Asia – Graham Fuller is on Sophie&Co.”

              ‘Saving Syria’


              “The Russians have once again thrown Washington a lifeline to rescue Obama from his administration’s catastrophic policies in Syria. After years of demanding forced regime change and watching the rise of Islamic State, can the official groupthink in Washington finally accept defeat and embrace Putin’s offer?

              CrossTalking with Sami Ramadani, Abdel Bari Atwan, and Daniel McAdams.”

              ‘Mideast alliances’


              “Russia has made good on its commitment to start fighting Islamic State in Syria from the air. Russia is also establishing a coalition to protect the legal government in Damascus. This has caused an uproar in Washington. Can the Kremlin and the White House fight terrorists in tandem? CrossTalking with Patrick Henningsen, James Carafano, and Marwa Osman.”

              • …certainly i am 100% behind the sentiments and the general analysis that it is very dangerous when big powers line up opposite each other in a war situation…WW3 could happen imo when everyone is lulled into a sense of security that it will not happen

                … while the article is somewhat sweeping in its conjectures and without citations ( although most of which I have heard/read before from different sources)….and there is much in that article I agree with … I turn off when I see David Icke’s name

            • …and

              ‘When Hubris Rules’


              “After years of watching the Syrian civil war escalate – with all its carnage and humanitarian disasters – Washington finally appears to admit what has been so obvious to so many – Obama’s Syrian policy has been a blunder of catastrophic proportions. Does the administration and its allies have the guts for a total re-think?”

              CrossTalking with George Szamuely, Franklin Lamb, and Andrew Bowen.

        • Scott Bennett, former USA army psychological warfare officer and counter terrorism analyst is worth watching for his views and perspective from on the ground on the Syria situation

          “Ending Syria’s horrific civil war is possible, but the political will to do so remains elusive. Over the years the facts on the ground have changed in Syria – with the rise of the Islamic State being the deadliest new reality. But Washington and its regional allies remain focused on an illegal regime change in Damascus. The west is fighting the wrong war and will surely lose the peace.

          CrossTalking with Kapil Komireddi, Scott Bennett, and Richard Murphy.”

  2. Episode 818

    “Every week Max Keiser looks at all the scandal behind the financial news headlines.
    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask whether or not this truly is the best time in the entire history of mankind to borrow. In the second half, Max talks to Sandeep Jaitly of about negative rates and returning capital on agricultural lands.”

  3. If the TPPA is signed – then tell me the last election was not rigged…. I guarantee deals were already in place before the election – drug companies, the dairy industry, oil and mining industries – all BIG MONEY businesses….would they or Key want to lose the opportunity to make MORE MONEY? I think not.
    To hard to rig an election? Where there’s a will there’s a way!
    New Zealanders have been duped!

  4. Yep Kim Dandy,

    You are right onto it there,

    These policies were planned many years ago, by the super rich Corporate’s and are driving us to a certain extinguishing of us and repopulation of their breeding not of our kind.

    This will be the final solution for their ownership of the planet.

    They are using the likes of people like Shonkey to facilitate it.

    Country by country leader so Key is carrying out their commands simply put and we are toast.

    Phillip Ure should see behind the smoke screen that even the truth is coming out from THEIR side of the fence.

    These folks are releasing the facts as they “exorcise their demons” and spilling the truth before it happens to cleans their conscience.

    Pity they couldn’t be honest to us all firstly but like Key they cant can they.

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