Did the NZSAS help America bomb an Afghan Hospital?



NZ still has 8 troops with the ‘Resolute Support Mission‘ based in Afghanistan. In the past our SAS have been used to call down air strikes for the US military. The news media in NZ need to push for answers as to whether or not our forces helped the US hit an Afghan hospital that has killed 3 staff from Doctors Without Borders

Afghan hospital bombed, leaving three dead
Three staff from Doctors Without Borders were killed and 30 were missing after an explosion near their hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz that may have been caused by a U.S. airstrike.

In a statement, the international charity said the “sustained bombing” took place at 2:10 a.m local time.



  1. ” The News Media in NZ need to push for answers ”

    Hahahahahhaahahahahahahaahahaahahaha…… Wait, wait ? Can’t breath !

    Hahahahahhhaahaaahahaahahahaha……. hhhahahaahahahahahahahahahahaa !

    Those useless cowards couldn’t push a crippled toddler over for his/her ice cream.
    Mike Hoskings demands hard answers ?
    Paul Henry flies to Afghanistan to seek the truth ?
    More like Mike Hoskings breaks a nail ! Medi-vacked to Auckland general hospital. Hair placed in a tousle splint during reconstructive nail surgery.
    Paul Henry finds a cavity in tooth used in goofish smile ! Feints on camera and has to be revived by the smell of someone else’s money .


    • Countryboy makes a point, however – the tripe served to the presenters comes from someones desk… and if those editors and writers almost without fail, can entirely ignore any reporting of the police station shooting in Sydney last week (as an example), then why should we expect anything approaching professionalism or balance from them?

  2. Expect America to blame Russia for the bombing of afganistan hospital,just as they falsly blame them for Ukraine, just like they blamed Russia for killing civilians before Russian planes were in the air!
    All the top dogs in America on tv announcing very unconvincingly that Russia is bombing opposition not Isil in Syria.
    America invented Isil to terrorise in Syria and now that Russia is bombing Isil strongholds the American war machine is dumbstruck .Russia has outmanouvered them.Russia has taken out more Isil strongholds in one week than America has in five years.

    • Yes the US Military/Govt’ complex will again use their tactical errors when “collateral damage occurs they caused and turn it into someone else’s fault.

      We saw lots of this in Vietnam as US troops came under “friendly fire” they eventually termed it as, but it was firstly the enemy that caused it until proved wrong.

      NZ Army should not be there at all, since this arena is a lost cause propped up by a puppet Government.

      We are the most distanced country there when we should expect local Governments to be involved not us.

        • Yes the US is trying to minimise the collaterial damage tonight we see.

          We see the US actually now using the MSM to send messages out that;

          “It was commonly known that the terrorists were deliberately using schools and hospitals to hide”.

          So when Matt is now saying “the US has admitted the bombing was their fault!”


      • Matt – the question is not whether America did it. The answer to that is obvious. They did and they haven’t taken the blame – it’s whether New Zealand helped them. And the answer to that is yes we helped them. Of course America did it. And they’re whitewashing it as ‘accidental’. America is guilty of war crime and New Zealand is equally guilty by association. We shouldn’t be there. We are to blame.

  3. Yes, we should be calling for the immediate withdrawal of all NZ defense force personnel from Afghanistan and leave the Taliban to fight for what they think is right. Their fight against the Afghani people is none of our business after all, is it?

  4. Sandwiched between differing wipes of the coming Kunduz obfuscation and coverup, Wallace (raNZ) spoke to a Wellington historian about his account of a NZ nurses experience in the Spanish civil war. The fascist oligarchical monarchist war machine murdering its way up to the Second World War. About her loosing a lover in an ambulance bombed -targeted-by the fascist German airforce there to assist Franco Fascism.. No irony at all considering who NATO are and what it now represents.
    It did break the news loop of Kerry Obama and the odious McCain lamenting Russian targeting of USAMO assets alNusra alQaeda ‘moderate Rebels’ in Syria, however.

  5. I’d say the shifty, salivating, traitor FJK on request, would have obediently complied, using the NZSAS to inform and thereby assist the US to bomb an Afghan hospital! It’s what the lowest form of scum do!

    This inhumane, disgraceful act by the US military is up there with possibly the worst of war crimes in recent years and FJK will be part of it!

    FJK’s name can also be added to the list of war criminals of the 21 century!

    The international court at The Hague is waiting …. just a matter of time.

  6. I was going to say the Yanks didn’t need NZSAS input to bomb the hospital; the doctors themselves kept sending the Yanks the coordinates of the hospital…

    But you can bet your backside the NZSAS told their “allies” the Taliban were using it to hide in… 🙁

  7. Did New Zealand help America bomb an Afghanistan hospital? Yes the question is rhetorical, because regardless of who pushing the button, we were there and we are guilty by association. Equally guilty. Filthy.

  8. […] …yawn. Oh the drama, oh the danger, gosh he’s brave isn’t he? Just as the TPPA deal gets signed there’s our fearless Prime Minister staring down the enemy, despite the fact the enemy is actually winning and our training is doing bugger all and our forces are really there to help the US target insurgents to bomb. A bit like that hospital the American’s blew up last week. […]

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