Key talks big at UN, walks backwards in NZ



John Key’s big moment at the UN to lecture the world on Syria and Climate Change is all very good, but when you actually look at what he is doing in NZ, it is pitiful.

Key only moved on letting in more Syrian refugees when he was forced to by public opinion backlash. He lied to NZ about re-invading Iraq before the election, and as soon as he won it he was sending in SAS to help target ISIS for US airstrikes under the prettiness of ‘training’ the Iraqi Army. We are siding with a butcher like Assad to help kill a bunch of religious fanatics who are funded by Saudi Arabia, the same Saudi Arabia John Key is so desperate to sign a free trade deal with.

Key is so conflicted on Syria he may as well be a third front of war all on his own.

As for climate change, his policy is slashing research into climate change…

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Concern for emissions research after jobs cut
The logic of sacking scientists researching greenhouse gases is being questioned, in light of the government’s insistence the solution to rising emissions will be found through scientific innovation.

…and this at a time when Scientists are witnessing g real time shut down of vital biosphere functions because of climate change…

Scientists worried about cold ‘blob’ in the North Atlantic Ocean

…and why should that worry us?

As the planet super heats because of the CO2 we pump into the atmosphere, more and more heat is trapped. That heat pushes temperatures up, those temperatures melt ice at the polar caps. This melting ice does two things. Firstly it reduces the amount of white space on the planet that simply bounces heat back into space so it ends up quickening the heating process and more importantly it puts more fresh water into the oceans. As heat build, frozen methane trapped on the ocean floor and in Siberia is released in massive amounts, this rapidly melts remaining glaciers desalinating ocean conveyor pumps, particularly in the Labrador and Irminger Seas around southern Greenland which shut down the flow of heat from the tropics north which in turn plunges the Northern hemisphere into a new ice age.


Key talks big at the UN about Syria and Climate Change yet his walk at home is taking giant steps backwards.



  1. Mr Key doesn’t much care what happens beyond how the nunbers roll in the trading room and how his portfolio might be affected. There are no motherless children and cat 5 hurricanes on planet Key, just empty words.

  2. Sometimes I sit on the fence and try to see the good in people.

    Other times, when I see pictures like the one in the article, I think of no other objective comment than that of lines from The Inbetweeners: “What a knobhead!”

    Or then again when I see that picture, it could remind me of my favourite lines from Sense and Senility:

    Blackadder: But as we both know, it’ll be an utter lie. I will therefore confine myself to saying simply, “Sod off,” and if I ever meet you again, it’ll be twenty billion years too soon.

    Baldrick: Goodbye, you lazy big-nosed, rubber-faced bastard.

    … I will wait and look forward to both lines after the 2017 election. The vision is clear in my head as I type this. I hope the left can sort their collective shit out and make this dialogue/monologue happen.

  3. Key is dutifully following the US line on the Syrian war. The real deal is Russia that is legally supporting Assad having been invited into a sovereign country. The USA has been pretending to strike ISIS while undermining Assad. It was never invited in and has only offered crude falsities about chemical weapons to justify its bombing and killing. The NZ news media is also on board with the US propaganda. On Friday National Radio, Kim Hill, had a ridiculous item about Russian hitmen threatening someone who had been stiffed on a utility sale at the same time as they criticised Russia for its actions in Syria. How dumb do they think the NZ public are. No mention in the NZ media of the US bombing raid in Afghanistan that killed Three Medecins Sans Frontieres heros.

    I think the lack of humanity and flagrant lack of impartiality of the NZ news media is disgusting. Kiwis can only form their opinions on what they are aware of and TV3, TV1 and National radio make sure that they are only presented the American point of view and this point of view is made up of lies and self serving deceit. The USA is responsible for the huge refugee (not migrant) crisis in Europe and for untold death and misery in the Middle East. They have caused the deaths of thousands in the Ukraine yet still our government and news media support them. I will resist the urge to launch into obscenities to describe them, let’s just say they are cowards who are more interested in their careers and salaries than understanding the truth of the current geopolitical situation.

  4. NZers do seem to enjoy having a Goon in our PM seat, and every few elections we vote in a serious PM but soon get sick of that. This Key thing we have would seem to be the most “say anything” primo number 1 GOON that we ever had. Just hope we are over this phase soon.

  5. A bit of light reading on the subject of which I am obsessively hooked, ‘mass extinction events’. After reading ‘Under A Green Sky’ about the Permian extinction and not unlike the one we have pushed into action. My new best read on this subject is, The Sixth Extinction An Unnatural History, by Elizabeth Kolbert. Both of these books are amazingly interesting and tell very profound accounts of past and present scenarios that are mind blowing really. We are witnessing a very rare event and possibly the biggest extinction the Earth has ever had caused by the most destructive specie on the planet right now homo sapiens. It is all unraveling with high tech scientific data. If anyone wants to learn a lot more about the how, whats, whens and whys I really recommend these books.
    Have a nice extinction.*
    p.s Battened down the hatches for the 160km winds expected to hit the the south tomorrow. Oh Joy!

    • There’s something surreal about us having all the infrastructure to observe and share our own demise. Possums transfixed by our own headlights.

  6. Notice that the shop assistant in the background had been forewarned about Key’s proclivity for ponytail pulling.

    • I heard that Key’s speech at the UN probably fell on, lets say, half a dozen ears(depending on the number of people left in the chamber once everyone else had cleared out. Probably more people were in the UN Library than sat around trying to listen to Key’s speech.But what surprised me is the NZ camera crew focused the cameras on him as if he was the ONLY person giving the speech to a full and attentive audience.So it was Key and the NZ media manipulating the event to make it look more grander than it truly was i.e a tinpot speech by a tin pot dictator.
      Key was busy telling the rest of the world what to do that he doesn’t even practice what he preaches in his OWN backyard i.e little olde NZ.Key talks about human rights but refuses to listen to NZ on matters.Instead the baboon calls us ‘ill-informed’ with regards to the TPPA.
      I am sure Key will be using excerpts of his speech in the run up to the next election . Desparate actions by a desparate man.

    • Hahahaaha. So agree. But the photo of Key with that apple is I am thinking is he asking himself “Is this the fruit that made Mike Hosking choke recently? Am I eating the same item?”

  7. NZ isn’t siding with Assad. Quite the contrary. We are against Assad and of course because we are a vasssl state of the US, we are ‘helping’ the US try to get rid of a legally elected leader – in the name of democracy. Stop reading MSM Martyn and do some research on what happened in Syria from alternative media, before you start mouthing MSM propaganda. I presume that’s why the Daily Blog was set up because of poor service from MSM?

    John Key with his talk about doing away with the veto in the UNSC is just following his US neo con buddies who want to banish the veto because Russua uses it so the US and their mates can’t do as they like. Key is just kissing US arse with his poor stupid spiel.

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