Top 5 NZ Political Blog Ratings For September 2015




1. Whaleoil* – 1122165 visits   –   2347937 Page Views

2.  KiwiBlog – 324801 visits   –   591330 Page Views

3. The Standard – 217161 visits – 444346 Page Views

4. The Daily Blog – 182641 visits – 304359 Page Views

5. The Dim Post – 45604 visits – 67513 Page Views


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Courtesy of Open Parachute.


*Please note there is much debate about Cameron’s blog stats.


  1. TDB @ #4 ? Yeah right .
    48% voted fucking jonky . Yeah right.
    SERCO ? Yes please ? Yeah right.
    TPPA ? Yes please ? Yeah right .
    Glen Greenwald, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Nicky Hagar? Loser Lefties ? Yeah right.
    Whaleoil 1122165 visits – 2347937 Page Views ? Yeah right.

    The Golden Age of the bullshit artist . Absolutely right.

  2. I don’t follow the blog stats so have no idea if TDB usually rate where they do against that sad abusive echo chamber that is the Standard, my question is how do we go about promoting TDB to get the message out to more Kiwis and to nudge those stats up into at least 3rd place, I firmly believe TDB has an important message to get out to a public many of whom are seriously disillusioned and bored with politics and the force fed drivel we have to endure from “the media party”

    • Facebook adverts are a very inexpensive way of advertising. It is a shame that Facebook pays next to no tax in New Zealand but apart from that, you can target age groups, interests, regions, sex etc and you know exactly how many newsfeeds your advert has ended up on. I always get a few likes and sometimes some new people liking my business page whenever I spend about $5.

      • hi ep,
        that is all good re facebook, so long as you remember with facebook you are the product, not the customer.

    • Mainlander

      I don’t agree with your depiction of TS as a; “sad abusive echo chamber”, though conversations there can certainly get rather heated at times, and trolls are given as much rope as they need to hang themselves. But at least it is possible to have a conversation; with the long lag time between posting and clearing moderation on TDB, I rarely get around to responding to replies to my comments on this site. And that’s even before I mention the irritation of having the editing time-widow close before I can even see the complete text.

      [Before Scarlet Mod asks; Adblock is off & yes; I’ve waited, then refreshed, then opened another tab and accessed the site and post from there all with no sign of my response to Nitrium below (which must be over 5 mins ago now, so any typos are there for all time).]

      However, whatever the deficiencies of the commenting system on TDB, the posts are generally excellent (or at least thought-provoking).

      • I think you are actually on to something linking lag time from posting a comment to seeing it and “popularity” of a site. WO uses Disqus and there is barely any moderating of that, tv3 uses it on the odd occasion they allow comments, and the “conversation” is pathetic, trolling, but it is instant.
        Given the controversial nature of WO combined with Disqus you’d have to be on a winner in the click bait department.
        Herald comments section is among the worst and comments can take days to appear and I reckon they publish only a fraction of them, especially if the subject is something actually important.

    • Whaleoil’s stats don’t stand up to scrutiny, Matt.

      Compare Whaleoil to Kiwiblog;

      1. Whaleoil* – 1,122,165 visits – 2,347,937 Page Views

      2. KiwiBlog – 324,801 visits – 591,330 Page Views

      The differences between the two sites is noticeable – and yet both cater to the same conservative/right-wing audience. But WO has nearly four times as much traffic?

      No, I don’t buy it.

      Check out Pasupial’s post (October 2, 2015 at 5:14 pm) for a likely answer.

  3. So does Whaleoil really get more visits/page views than ALL OTHER NZ blogs combined??? It just seems very hard to believe. Then again The John Key did win in a landslide victory…., but still.

    • This from last August may help answer your question (of course the source used by Dotcom for his charts is obscure, but I’m not that good at tech-fu):

      Only 30% of visitors are from New Zealand… average duration per visit is less than 30 seconds…
      1. Vast majority of WhaleOil traffic is generated by bots.
      2. Real visitor numbers probably below 15,000 per day.

      However, it seems that the list of Blogs on this post has shrunk from ten to five over the course of the day. Did anyone else notice this or am I just getting it confused with a different site’s post?

    BS flows heavy now a days.

    Polls used to sway and lead folks into their web of deceit. You get lost in lists and polls and fuzzy logic stats with Kiwiblog.
    The brainwashing propaganda machine is working over time to build up their defense of thin air and hypocritical greed based logic. Money money.
    Don’t believe BS if it smells like BS.

    And if lots of folks are truly ticking into Whale ( Blubber ) Oil and
    obviously biased Kiwiblog than it just shows how many are still
    asleep and believing whatever comes down whatever pike.

  5. I have a World news bookmark folder that is incredibly long, and I waste far too much time reading about World events that I can’t really influence or change, and a lot about events that just depress’s me.

    I also have a bookmarks folder for local news sites which has about 100 sites on it not all of them NZ sites, (but related sites that I put there for quick access) of which I only regularly access 2 I’ve never gone back to to a lot of them. Number 1 is the Daily Blog, for it’s information, and something I can’t quite define, I think it’s a feeling of humanity, and a non judgmental tolerant attitude to a variety of different opinions. The other is the NZ Herald for non of these reasons, but rather just to read the sports News and the Opinion Pages.

    I find it hard to believe that anybody with any discretion whatsoever would want to visit the disgusting cesspit of a site that is whaleoil, more than once. I mean that is just the pits isn’t it? . And that other left wing site that I can’t remember the name of I only visited a few times before I discovered this site. Thanks!

  6. I’m afraid it’s all TOTALLY irrelevant my little droogs.



    … which blog is the most “popular”.


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