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  1. Today in Wake up New Zealand, an Indian engineer as produced a free energy device,it can produce energy for the world without need for
    oil. Needless to say the oil producers are not pleased.

    Russia is backing India’s right to use the device.
    Brics countries will be behind the production .The oil cartels will be redundant .WW3 maybe?The wealthy don’t like having their money supply cut off.

  2. The other side of the story:

    ‘Putin’s United Nations’

    “At the annual opening of the UN General Assembly the Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made it abundantly clear the West’s business as usual approach to solving the world problems is outdated and counterproductive. American and Western exceptionalism creates problems like Syria – not solutions.CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Edward Lozansky, and Geoffrey Roberts.”

    ‘Russian military in Syria: ‘Diametrically different approach’

    “The key difference between the Russian and Western campaigns in Syria is that Moscow has been asked for help Damascus officially, unlike the US who “neither waited for the Syrian government to ask for help, nor had a mandate from the UN,” experts say.”

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