The Government can’t find the original notices in the Kim Dotcom case? Is this a joke?




Crown unable to produce Dotcom extradition notices
The hearing to decide whether Mr Dotcom, Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato should be sent to the US to face copyright and money-laundering charges, over their file-sharing website Megaupload, continued today.

North Shore district court services manager Fiona Parkes – a witness for the Crown – today produced several documents she said appeared to be copies of the extradition requests.

Mr Dotcom’s lawyer Ron Mansfield pointed out the documents were not date-stamped and asked Ms Parkes if she knew whether any originals existed.

She said she did not.

Yesterday a Justice Ministry employee was unable to confirm if the former Justice Minister, Judith Collins, had seen the provisional arrest warrants and the supporting evidence before the 2012 raid on Mr Dotcom’s mansion went ahead.

Under the Extradition Act, the Justice Minister is meant to be given a copy of the warrants and supporting evidence, as part of a briefing. after illegally spying on Dotcom, after doing it because Obama needed to appease corporate Hollywood, after all the mass surveillance lies, after the paramilitary Police over kill, after all the smears – the bloody Crown seem to have lost the original documentation that the Minister needed to have sited and date stamped for an extradition???

We stand to lose hundred of millions of dollars if this case falls over and Dotcom sues the Government.

This is ridiculous.

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  1. i would not mind Kim Dotcom suing our Government, even though it’s taxpayers who pay, because our Government invited the FBI in who took our police on a hollywood type raid. Never before had a foreign police force been in charge of our police within NZ. An illegal raid and then sign off illegally (no documentation) to extradite needs to have some consequence to those who arranged all this. Our PM of course didn’t know about this, wasn’t there, and woould have been putting th cat out, so it won’t affect him. Grrr.

  2. “This is ridiculous.”
    I think that’s a bit of an understatement, Martyn. Pity John Key can’t be held personally responsible if it all falls over. That would save the taxpayers!

  3. Kim should sue and donate the cash to people who could actually use it. Northland schools. Lunch programmes. Legal aid for the poor. Media reform.
    Though it would be an easy spin for Key: “can’t get our pandas because Dotcom”.

    • Cant get our pandas because Key splashed out $us 6.5 million of nz taxpayers money on a mansion in Hawaii,said to be for a Consular appointee,Who would that be ?????? Wake up new Zealand today tells the story.

      • Key will be appointed the next ambassador when he gets his knighthood and retires, he wont want another term to have to pay back the Bank of America debt nearing 120 Billion.

    • Great idea Roy – hearts and minds.
      Or he could buy every copy of Dirty Politics and donate it to schools, universities.

      He could buy the rights to Dirty Politics, ask Nicky for the rights to put it online as an audiobook and e-bookfor free.

      He could get Warner Brothers to make a movie of Dirty Politics?

  4. I hope KDC wins and sues the Government….then builds some social housing with the money and donates the houses to the City Mission.

    That would be fucken gold.

  5. The whole case against Dotcom is a TRAVESTY, from beginning to end, a jacked up phony construct.

    And, that Crown prosecutor QC reminds me very much of a similar Amercian lawyer, Diane Sullivan, who led the defence of Jonhson & Johnson in the infamous Risperdal case (a psychotic drug that J&J illegally promoted to classes of patients not approved, with disasterous consequences). Just like in the Dotcom case, Sullivan created a narrative out of thin air, but in that case neither the judge nor the jury bought into her BS.

    It’s a very familiar story. Hire a smart-alec ‘top gun’ lawyer, and pay them an obscene amount of $$$ to ‘prove’ that black is white. Will our NZ judge buy into the Crown’s BS narrative? We shall see in due course. If he does, we will know for certain that our ‘justice’ system is hopelessly #corrupt.

  6. Martyn,
    Despite what the contributors to this this blog believe. Kim Dotcom was lucky to gain residency in this country when he arrived some years ago, successful legal challenges over various matters have enabled him to stay since. Commenting on the rights and wrongs of the latest case before the courts makes no sense (to me).

    Middle NZ made up their mind about the credibility of Mr Dotcom a long time ago and confirmed it at the last election. Remember, Mana had a seat in parliament until they joined up with the Internet Party and the popularity of Mana was not the reason why this seat was lost to Labour.

    • I wouldn’t be so eager to use the election results last year as a vindication of this government.

      Nixon won a landslide after the Watergate Conspiracy hit the headlines.

      What’s that old saying, Grant,

      “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

      A quarter of the population (1,131,501) were fooled. Three quarters were not (or were too young to vote).

      • I think, Frank, that the updated John Key version of that quote goes
        “you can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you only need to fool a slim majority of the people for one day once every three years and things will be dandy.”

      • Frank I think the updated John Key version of that quote is “You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but if you can fool a slim majority of the people for one day ever three years things will be dandy.”

      • Frank,

        Mark Twain was quoted as saying ” If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

        If Mr Dotcom has followed the Mark Twain rule he has nothing to worry about.

        Your comment comparing the Nixon result after Watergate with the last NZ election result is based on what???.

        • Your comment comparing the Nixon result after Watergate with the last NZ election result is based on what???.

          That even rogues can get elected, Grant…

          As for whether or not Mr Dotcom has “anything to worry about”, that’s for him to determine, and not us. I submit to you he’s entitled to due process of law.

          • Frank, It is odd that you should mention Richard Nixon in the context of a blog relating to Kim Dotcom, do you think there is a connection?

            I quote Mark Twain again who said “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel”. I hope you get the possible link!

    • I guess if “middle NZ” made up their, what you call minds, then it’s a slam dunk right? Every time I hear “middle NZ” speak it’s mind I’m reminded of Dr Seuss. They’re still looking for that green chicken.

  7. Please, can someone explain why is the crown representing America, which has no jurisdiction in this country, against a New Zealand resident, that is costing the New Zealand tax payer millions of dollars?

    Why aren’t the Americans funding their own representation and legal costs themselves? Why does the New Zealand tax payer have to foot that bill?

  8. Are you people listening to the evidence being presented in court?

    It is now patently clear from recordings of their conversations that KDC and his associates ran a criminal conspiracy to defraud copyright owners of millions of dollars and knew exactly what they were doing.

    He is getting his day in court. He will surely lose and be heading for a Federal prison.

    His political poodles left behind in NZ are to be judged accordingly.

  9. This stinks of bullshit. They can’t find the originals because they either don’t exist and some retrospective mock up “copies” have been presented to the court, or, the crown knows the originals would not hold up in court as legal.

    • Key’s office conveniently lost the records of our several visits in October-November of 2009 to warn him of the real duplicitous nature of Mr. Schmitz’s illegal activities which would help prevent his immigration to NZ. Apparently just like the psycopathetic (sic) Wall Street trader practice of getting the cash and then figuring out how to justify that greed, he preferred to say that his office didn’t “tell” him. Lying bastard.

  10. Ha ha ha ha . . . sorry, but I find it hilarious. Even the Banana Republics will be feeling smug. Maybe the extradition request should have been in the form of traditional dance, or written on the back of a billion dollar bill?

  11. This makes our country look retarted and desperate for recognition for a country that does nothing for us as a kiwi nation..!! Come on half of the American public dont even know where Afganistan is let alone our beautiful country, we owe them nothing!!

  12. UPDATE

    Appropriately dated and stamped documents have been presented to the court and the case continues.

    Meanwhile the US government has just issued the contract for procurement of several hundred yards of orange fabric to manufacture a size XXXXXXL orange federal prison overall…


    • When you are proven wrong about Kim Dotcom and Glenn Greenwald and Nicky Hager and others whom I would much rather share a coffee with than you, will you promise me that you will peddle your Bullshit elsewhere and stop wasting our time. Clearly you are on an unholy mission and it stinks to high heaven. Take it elsewhere and bore others.

      I honour and protect FREEDOM OF SPEECH and always have. But when others peddle obvious untrue propaganda and BS meant to sway and manipulate minds, that are trying to stay open, then I think they need to be put out to pasture or take their fingers off their keyboard and try and do something positive and uplifting and meaningful.

    • The ministry’s file still has to reviewed and confirmed. Why didn’t the crown have the original notices at the start of the trial?

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