NO WAY! Native Affairs on Maori TV being killed off – the further dismantling of the NZ Fourth Estate



News is circulating that Maori TV’s award winning and highly respected current affairs show, Native Affairs’ is about to be slashed from an hour to a 30minute show and it’s going to lose its timeslot.

The show has had a plunge in ratings after Mihingarangi Forbes quit because of editorial clashes with management. The show has run into trouble for holding sacred cows to account and embarrassing the Government. It will join Campbell Live as just another casualty of National winning the 2014 election.

The casual fascism that is now rampant in NZ media will be complete with the demise of Native Affairs. With wall to wall Mike Hosking and Paul Henry, only RNZ, Dita De Boni’s column on TVNZ and a handful of press gallery and NZ Herald journalists will be the last bastions of real journalism.

Sadly this is the way NZers want it. While property values soar, the middle classes don’t want to hear about poverty and inequality, they want positive aspirational clickbait. They want debates about the aesthetics of a flag design, they want crack downs on the fertility of the poor, they want $1000 fines for train fare dodgers and they want bloody pandas.

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305 000 children in poverty, Gen X and Gen Y locked out of the housing market, the poor freezing to death in state homes, the anti-democratic TPPA, the privatisation agenda in education, social welfare and housing, mass surveillance – all these issues are too unpleasant for the middle classes to have to consider when they are earning more annually from their house values than their actual wage.


  1. All driven by immigration and a housing shortage, not driven by productivity.

    Believe me the Rockstar Economy is an illusion.

    What about the $105 Billion Debt, it will not be John Keys problem paying it back he will be playing golf with Barack in Hawaii.

    • …and when the 6 million dollar ‘diplomatic bach’ is sold off to another Hawaii resident to help pay off the $105 billion debt, at a “mates rates” price no doubt….who will buy it? Nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more, nod’s as good as a wink to a flightless kiwi.

  2. Maoridom are prepared to host a “reformed” woman-beater on a marae, while their own fourth estate media channel, advocating on behalf of downtrodden Maori are dismantled piece by piece by National, ACT and Peter Dunne (Mr Potato Head Sensible).

    Where’s your priorities here Maori leadership? How many knighthoods and damehoods will cancel out 300,000 in poverty, the bulk of whom are of Maori descent. It seems that a place at the National Party table, out-trumps race responsibilities. Get your noses out of the trough, get your arses out of the new leased BMW’s and represent your people.

    Fight Maori TV dismantling. Fight Maori poverty, otherwise Hone Harawira WILL be back and the Maori Party WILL CEASE to exist.

    What does the Maori Party want to be remembered for he? What legacy eh?

    • Many of them are sellouts, the same people that Native Affairs regularly criticises, which is why the programme is being downgraded, as it has upset too many Fat Cats who sit at the Brown Table of Moaridom vested interests, who are just as corrupt as their Pakeha cousins.

  3. Indeed, the middle class, that is the upper end of it, always keen to party with the upper class, is all too socially geared to play the game, that is the game of being pretty, being “entertaining”, being “hip”, being “cool”, being “resourced” enough to “count”, and of course having a “career” or at least high aspirations to do good business.

    That is the material of humans that this government has groomed, that they want, the do well, the do better, the lecture the rest, the me and you, the me being better than you, and that kind of game lot.

    I notice the same day in and out, living right between the social front-lines in Auckland City, between the south and the “centre”, that is the “well to do centre”, just a bit north of the bridge, gentrified northern Onehunga, Epsom, Remmers and the territory around it.

    You drink lattes there, or a chilled wine, and chat, chat, and do more chat, you may enjoy that idiot smart alec Paul Henry on Radio Live(ing Dead), who has nothing of substance to report, as I heard again this morning.

    They love their privileges, their stories, the do well stories, how they “made it”, and got the “right deals” when buying a home or a car.

    So “native affairs” is a “blemish” in their eyes, the whole MSM is now geared for the “middle class” the better end of it, the do well lot, and the rest is ignored, as they are not even considered humans “worth” a vote in an election, hence get side-lined.

    This is exactly what Jeremy Corbyn detected, and his supporters, when does the “progressive movement” in NZ wake up and go and talk to the third of potential voters, who do not bother anymore, who are disconnected, who are not even taken seriously anymore?

    Native Affairs will be just another nail in the coffin, like Campbell Live, like other programs, like TVNZ7 and so forth. The cleansing is progressing, the cleansing of media and other forums, from the undesired criticism, so the dictatorship is “working”.

    I despair, too few see what really goes on, wake up, dear people, wake up and take a stand against all this madness.

  4. Hey, how long has it taken Maoridom to build up a credible media presence. only to have National, ACT and United Future pakehas take steps to tear it down because Native Affairs tells it like it is and exposes racism, abuse and political ineptitude?

    Allowing Native Affairs to be marginalised and/or dismantled, like Mihingarangi Forbes and Campbell Live was, is treason to the Maori race and all the kuia and tipuna who worked their arses off to have Maori language in the mainstream would be disgusted.

    Shame on the Maori Party for selling Native Affairs off for the baubles of power and a seat at the pakeha table of avarice.

  5. Maori Television and Native Affairs are the only credible television stations going around at present, looks like the Tories ie the Tea Party want to kill them off as well.

    The purge of the media is almost complete, let the brainwashing continue, we are being treated like mushrooms by the Natzis, kept in the dark and fed a never ending diet of shit.

    • I suspect it is coming from within Maoridom, Native Affairs has upset too many Fat Cats within Maoridom, and they have leaned on the managers of Maori TV.

  6. I had hoped they would no be interfered with, for political reasons, but i was wrong. Native Affairs have upset too many influential Fat Cats of Maoridom, the people who sit at the ‘Brown Table’, and who frequently clip the ticket when there is any $$$ or prestige (eg. “Sirs” or “Dames”) up for grabs. Native Affairs has recently been exposing corruption within the ranks of these powerful people, and this is the consequence. Just as corrupt as what regularly happens in the ‘political economy’ of the media in Pakeha society.

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