On the hypocrisy of denying Chris Brown entrance to NZ Part 2



If we are going to look to ban Chris Brown entry to NZ because he has a history of domestic violence, what about Arms Dealers?

In Wellington on Tuesday the 17th of November, 200 of the world’s largest weapons and arms manufacturers will gather for a global sales conference under the name of the Defence Industry Conference’. They meet annually to discuss how to make more money out of war.

If we are going to set the threshold for entry to NZ at a musician who hit his girlfriend 6 years ago, that’s fine – but how the hell can we justify allowing 200 of the worlds largest corporate merchants of death to roll into Wellington without a word?


  1. Placing those two issues alongside each other is the stuff of utter despair. Without peeling back the well encrusted scab of global political dystopia known as ‘national defence’, this Orwellian descent into full-blown fascism, has a momentum that will halt only when it slams full force into the lowest common denominator.

    • Just heard a news promo that the Maori King will host Chris Brown if he gets into NZ. What message does that give when Maori women are over-represented in domestic violence statistics?


      The intergeneration transmission of violence is one of the most studied topics in IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) (Stith et al., 2000) . As Tina’s and Erena’s experiences exemplify, children who grow up in families in which they experience or witness IPV are more likely to imitate or tolerate IPV than are children from nonviolent homes (Stith, et al., 2000). Tina discussed her beliefs on the overrepresentation of Māori in IPV.

      It (violence) is a fact. There’s not one family that I know of that has never had abuse as Māori. Māori have so naturalised this. We have made it normal. If you don’t get the bash in your family . . . “you Māori or what?” That’s the attitude you get.

      Tina continued:
      The (aunties) just lived with it, 20 odd years of getting bashed every other day when they drink. It’s normal to them, they normalise it. That’s what freaked me out – everybody’s normalised it.

      It seems that Brown’s IPV with Rhianna is to be shunned and reviled by Maori, not “accepted”, or “promoted” by the Maori King.

      From http://www.mtv.com/news/1625783/rihanna-details-chris-brown-assault-in-2020-interview/

      She said Brown punched her and bit her repeatedly. She said she was also choked, but not to the point of near unconsciousness, although she said she did have trouble breathing.

      “All I kept thinking was, ’When is it going to stop?’ ” she told Sawyer of the escalating violence.

      She admitted Brown threatened to kill her, as well, but she told Sawyer he “was saying it to scare me.”

      …..“I was bleeding, I was swollen in the face,” she said. “So there was no way of me getting home, except for, my next option was to get out of the car and walk. Start walking in a gown, in a bloody face. So I really don’t know what my plan was.”

      Or could it be Tuku Morgan trying to get some free “I love Chris” Chris Brown underwear?


      • Well said Winnie this guy is a serial abuser and gets nothing but contempt from me and the bulk of his music is nothing but violent sexist cash is king claptrap so I can add little to your excellent post
        On a lighter note when I read the title of this article I thought oh gawd not another thread where its going to be all about he should come to NZ because (insert name) did and they did similar things, only to be surprised by something you will only find on TDB and that’s the comparison to letting an arms conference into NZ, and that’s exactly why I will continue to come back here day after day.
        Also somewhat bemused as to why a country with next to zero armed forces left would be holding an arms conference maybe there’s some new fancy tazers in it for us Woo hoo

    • Now that we have sent troops to fight ISIS, we are truly part of “the Club” and certainly need to bring leaders and representatives of other like-minded nations to New Zealand to see weapons to aid the fight against global terrorists.

      Think of the benefits for our economy of having 200 world leaders and weapons procurement agencies here. It’s almost as big a deal as Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchises. And let’s face it, war is as inevitable as death and taxes, so it is a short and long-term revenue stream for NZ.

      We do have a lot of debt left to us by previous left-wing governments, so it is important to keep good revenue coming in to pay off wasteful and spend-spend-spend left-wing governments.


  2. They probably want the attention diverted to someone else as usual and I understand that NZ PM is off to the pacific forum soon at Papua New Guinea and the plight of the West Papua people should be brought to the attention at that forum where the West Papua people are getting slaughtered by the Indonesian govt and our country with Australia are complicit to these atrocities by firstly sending Aid to the Indonesian govt and also supporting the UN charters in the early 70s the Act of Free Choice which was how Indonesia annex West Papua and the NZ govt bailed Rio Tinto with NZ taxes who are one of the big Corporation mining West Papua but the overwhelming acts of silence by both Nations (NZ,AUS) is the silence?

    • You raise the matter of a very real and nasty genocide in our own backyard and it gets down vote(s). It’s time we knew who these people are.

  3. David Rovics…..denied entry to NZ in 2013…….suspected of writing songs and blogs opposing the ‘war’. See his response ” the spys are reading my blogs”

  4. The arms show is at TSB Arena. We used to have a TSB account – I wish we still had, so we could close it in protest.

  5. The issue here is obviously distance not time. The difference between Chris Brown who smacked his lady down is that he did it close up, and no doubt can recall that connection. Arms dealers of course kill and main, but from a much greater distance. Our modern version of morality insists the closer you are to your victim the more violent the crime. So arm dealers that don’t actually pull the trigger half the world away are more likely to be knighted than indited. The US President with his Nobel Peace Prize in one hand and his drone control in the other is “squeaky clean” Blows up a houses in a village on the darker side of the world killing a family gathered and “oppps sorry but our intel told us that the brother in law of your delightful looking second cousin was likely to be there.”
    An Arms Sale Convention in Wellington Key and Brownlee are bound to be there, Key talking about the flag; Brownlee boasting about knocking down buildings with a remote control digger. I think I might go, never know when you need a RPG thingy.

    • I wish you lefties would leave the Govt alone – they’re ‘armless.

      That’s why they need an Arms Convention in Wellington.

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