Where the hell is Key on 75 NZers being detained by Australia in a detention camp?



It seems extraordinary that Key hasn’t been briefed, didn’t really know the details and had nothing much to say about 75 NZers being detained by Australia...

Tukaka Whakatutu, in a hard-hitting interview on National Radio, revealed that up to 75 New Zealanders and Pacific Island peoples have been deported from Australia to a high security camp in the jungles of Christmas Island. Whakatutu had his Australian visa automatically cancelled because he was sentenced to a prison term of longer that 12 months after he was found guilty of arson and drunk driving after he and his employer burnt down his workplace to claim the insurance. Whakatutu has lived in Australia for over six years, he has a partner and six children, but under the new draconian Australian legislation will be deported to Aotearoa New Zealand at the end of his sentence.

…taking our citizens to a detention camp where they don’t have ready access to lawyers and where abuse is rampant is appalling. If NZ did this to Australian citizens they would demand an immediate meeting with Key, yet our citizens are being treated in this manner on purpose to discourage them from challenging their incarceration in a place where they are treated with inhumane conditions and Key is missing in action.

The first job of the Prime Minister of NZ is protect NZers rights, here Key is doing absolutely nothing and this absolutely nothing follows the bugger all he’s done for NZers in Australia who despite paying taxes have been given no welfare support.

The Prime Minister needs to stop trying to gain support for his vanity project and do his job of standing up for NZers rights. We are being treated with contempt by Australia and Key should demand answers now.

Australia is supposed to be extended family, but the way they are treating NZers is deplorable, there is already one suicide from these forced deportations, what the hell is going on?


    • Same place he was during the Springbok Tour,
      “Can’t remember…and I’m comfortable with that!”.
      If you look up Wikipedia under JK, it says “utter bullshit artist”

  1. They don’t vote, money cannot be made from them and he will assume, probably correctly that 99% of New Zealanders couldn’t care less and by being the bigger man in all of this won’t make him more popular.

    But yes you are absolutely correct, his first job or at least that of any other decent PM is to look after ALL New Zealanders rights, good or bad. As a good PM you take the crunchy with the smooth. For the above reasons he will not and he’s relaxed about it!

  2. Our vaunted PM does not deal with important issues – only posturing and crowd-pleasing stuff, or baiting the opposition. The number of occasions like this, when he claims not to know anything, or ”only a few details”, is staggering and beggars belief. What does he do with his time all day?
    Time to man up, I’d say.

    • Too busy playing golf with Barack and Lydia, or doing a three-way with Richie, or being Brendan’s clinker-cleaner in the Black-Cap dressing room. The cult of gobshite and golf, billionaire and bullshit.

  3. “what the hell is going on?”.. simple..Australian governments pandering to white australia’s deep rooted zenophobia, and racism…

    The Howard government brouhgt in the no benefit(ever) policy as an election policy…. The labour govt sat on it’s hands because they understand the electoral value of allowing the obvious misconceptions regarding kiwis to flourish…. Nothing new here…

    It’s worth noting that the majority of kiwis facing deportation are polynesian…. Go the white ostraya agenda!!

    It’s also worth noting that when one comes to australia, it is important to understand just how little tolerence the locals have towards “outsiders” behaving badly…. It’s not rocket science. Why bother to shift across the tasman if the intent is to carry on as usual…. Far too many kiwi immigrants have made it easy for the locals to assume the memes are true…. we havn’t done ourselves any favors in that regard…

    all i can say is that we know what we are dealing with when we come here.. act accordingly, and don’t give them the excuses they need to crap on us…

    • Yep. A couple of visist to Melbourne convinced me to NEVER consider moving to Oz. The cops are absolutely FERAL, I witnesses some blatant abuse by police in Melbourne, and a good number of Aussies are brainless Kiwi-hating morons. But then, so are many of their right wing Kiwi cousins, morons I mean. Keep well away for their effing country!

  4. What a silly question, he will support his ministers, some of whom said a week or so ago, these are people “we do not really want back”. They are considered criminals, and beside of beneficiaries, they are the “Jews” of the modern day NZ society, sadly supported by too many ignorant, brain washed and selfish in the populace.

  5. Keyster, he will bullshit the following,

    ” see no problem Turnbull is in the club too”

    “I am confident Turnbull will do what’s right for me as he said he “really admires me see”

    I think they’ll get out “at the end of the day”

    “Done & dusted.”

    He has never shown respect for our NZ sovereignty so while he is signing our future lives away he will not even care about these Kiwis languishing in jails equal to his relatives did (in Auschwitz in 1943) now on a rat infested island living in appalling conditions.

    Shame on him & his ilk.

  6. Key doesn’t do ‘human rights’. Key is light years away from being the leader of a nation – he simply doesn’t have a clue. Don’t expect him to even understand his responsibilities in this regard. The puerile Derivatives Trader thinks this whole ‘Prime Minister’ thing is just for fun. Please don’t expect him to take anything seriously, other than selling NZ to the highest bidder.

  7. Key is at a UN meeting for the NWO global governance under “sustainability”
    Goal #5 Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
    The Washington Post shows how the #5 goal of the UN agenda will be used for internet censorship…
    “On Thursday, the organization’s Broadband Commission for Digital Development released a damning “world-wide wake-up call” on what it calls “cyber VAWG,” or violence against women and girls. The report concludes that online harassment is “a problem of pandemic proportion” — which, nbd, we’ve all heard before.
    But the United Nations then goes on to propose radical, proactive policy changes for both governments and social networks, effectively projecting a whole new vision for how the Internet could work.”
    Thats where Key is… at a Marxist Church and State corporate global governance meeting.
    Do you think guys just because he is not in NZ he couldn’t do anything about it( if he wanted to)? Its called a phone.

    • Do not use the word “Marxist” in relation to that. It is an insult to true Marxism, which also had NOTHING to do with the Soviet Union also, which was NOT a “Marxist” country.

  8. “If NZ did this to Australian citizens they would demand an immediate meeting with Key” ….I don’t rate the Australian Government that highly. They lost 38 citizens in MH17 and appear quite happy to parrot the lies of the USA and its client state Ukraine, denying what was almost certainly an attempted false flag. Apart from that great article and more evidence that the NZ government is more concerned about the financial elite than the man in the street.

  9. If you want to stop it, you have to threaten the status of CER*, but no NZ government has the guts.

    *Not really free trade but Australian economic ‘imperalism’, that won’t even let the apples come in. CER is used an excuse by Australia to treat NZ’ers as second class citizens.

  10. This is one I doubt that the Prime Minister can duck. When he returns to New Zealand the press will be waiting. And I expect that there will continue to be follow-up until something gives. The deportation/suicide horror story just adds to the disgraceful way Kiwis are treated in Australia in general.

    Sometimes you have to force a politician to say what he really means. Like it or lump it, this time JK will have to force Turnbull to say just how far his admiration for our leader will take us and just what position Kiwi guest-workers have in Australia. (Cheap labour anyone?)

  11. What percentage of NZ voters cares about the ‘rights’ of convicted criminals in Australia?

    The longer they stay in detention and are not returned to NZ, the better!

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