TDB EXCLUSIVE 7.30pm TONIGHT: 1 Year on from Dirty Politics – what has changed? Live streamed 7.30pm hosted by John Campbell with Nicky Hager, Fran O’Sullivan and Dita De Boni



Ika + TDB + Voyager + Coalition for Better Broadcasting proudly present John Campbell MCing a discussion with Nicky Hager, Fran O’Sullivan & Dita De Boni on what has changed since Dirty Politics was published and what is the future for public journalism.

This event is now booked out and has been booked out two hours after announced. Your only chance to guarantee watching it live is turning up early for Nicky Hager’s pre-talk event at 3.30pm or watching it live on The Daily Blog at 7.30pm.

Dirty Politics has given more insight into the real way the National Government have manipulated the mainstream media and used far right blogs to promote a climate of fear and bullying than any other book. Hager has faced persecution since publication, the media have lost many critical voices and the National Party have only grown stronger. Why has this happened and what role does public journalism need to play in all of this?

John Campbell is one of NZs most popular broadcasters who lost his show after TV3 Management forced it off air for political reasons.

Fran O’Sullivan is one of the NZ Herald’s most respected journalists and was smeared by right wing elements in Dirty Politics.

Nicky Hager is NZs leading investigative journalist who wrote Dirty Politics and many other books that have challenged power

Dita De Boni was one of the NZ Herald’s most popular columnists who now works for TVNZ.

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We can either blame the mainstream media or be the media.


  1. 1 Year on from Dirty Politics – what has changed?

    The MSM has been censured and gagged by Gov’t/corporate empirics.

    We have lost our democracy,freedoms and private security. National constantly slugged Helen Clark for her “social engineering” and over regulation remember?

    Natz have made more controls on our lives than Labour would ever have tried.

    Labour were constantly howled at by Natz and Auny Helen’s control, calling for less government control over our lives!!!!!

    Nat have now made “social engineering” an art and a control mechanism over the entire population.

    I wanna be free from NatZ control.

    Labour should now be howling at Natz for their over-reaching “social engineering controls now, but are silent on the subject especially now when the CIFS debarkle is going all over the MSM.

  2. Natzi’s=Stasi

    Perfecting the art of social engineering and media manipulation, (public brainwashing)

    We are heading down the track of North Korea or the old East German regime.

    • National or Natz combines the Nazi’s hate crimes against the poor and disadvantaged or anyone that speaks out and disagrees with them, with the surveillance culture of the Stasi’s. Lets face it, if the Natz could round the beneficiaries up and put the poor in a camp run by Serco, they would jump at the chance. Lets just hope they don’t get in a 4th term as their ‘final solution’ led by reports by American Paula Rebstock could well be on the cards. That and the 11 mythical bridges in Northland still to be built that the homeless can shelter after when their state house goes to the Ozzies and as bribes to their ‘partners’ in government.

      With the incompetence and inability to co operate successfully of the opposition, there is a chance of it.

  3. Will there be a video posted here? There must be many people who would love to listen to such a great line-up of NZ journalists.

    • I’d love to see Campbell Live Streamed, the only time I will see him again, since he was constructively dismissed by Joyce, Key, Weldon and Christie (allegedly).

      BTW is there any employment lawyer out there willing to take on a constructive dismissal such as this one?

      Can you please share the livestream link please – before 7.30 so I can test it out and Chromecast it?

  4. Nicky Hager seems a genuinely trustworthy individual; he has such a grasp on the real ‘truth’ – HE CAN ‘SEE’ the truth!!! I don’t think this guy could be swayed into anything evil; he has such sound judgment and he knows exactly the right actions to make. Good going Nicky –you’re an awesome, decent, kind, trustworthy person. I would put my life in your hands over anyone else, Judith Collins would break kneecaps, but you save lives.

  5. When I watched the link crashed and wouldn’t reestablish itself despite several attempts to refresh etc This resulted in me seeing only the first 30mins and last 5mins.

    The link crashed here just as O’Sullivan appeared to be starting a hissy fit over criticisms of the Herald, confusing criticism of the operation itself with criticism of its journalists.

    Did others experience problems too?

    Will a recording be uploaded somewhere for viewing?

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