Midweek meltdown for ‘Story’, 7 Sharp still in decline and TVNZ Breakfast murders Paul Henry in ratings



TV ratings all round seem to be getting a beating with 7 Sharp continuing with their decline this week…

 21st – 4787, 390 viewers

22nd – 458, 960 viewers

23rd – 624, 240 viewers

24th – 499, 360 viewers

…but TV3’s Story had a mid week meltdown on Tuesday with as little as 130, 880 thousand viewers tuning in.

That’s awful, but not nearly as bad as Paul Henry this week.  Over 3 hours of TV, the show barely had 100 000 viewers, compare that with TVNZs 450 000 viewers over the same period of time. When you consider the huge amount of money spent on promoting the PH Show, that’s not a healthy return. It seems most intelligent viewers have abandoned these formats in droves. Wonder how cutting Campbell Live is looking from a business perspective now?


  1. I bet there is a room in mediaworks HQ that is in overdrive sharpening axes right now cause some heads are going to roll. You don’t keep a dying diseased tree with healthy trees. The axe man cometh with haste

  2. I don’t know – 7 sharp getting almost 5 billion viewers on the 21st seems pretty good to me, and Story getting 130 million on Tuesday also seems good.

    Or maybe I’m deliberately reading your numbers as you have written them…

    • Did he change is cause I’m only seeing ~5 million for Monday, which is still pretty phenomenal, especially considering no-one I know watches it.

    • A billion+ figure requires at least ten digits … don’t see that there. Pointing out typo’s is fraught with risk if you ain’t accurate.

  3. One possible reason for the falling ratings to 7 Blunt is maybe people are seeing him for the National Party Stooge that he is? He is currently running interference for the Natzys where veer he can

  4. When does TV3 finally wake up and invite the other side of the story TDB onto their channel & John Campbell back?

    Or next they will ask for donations to keep their Corporate rumour mill going till oblivion?

    • shows the need for a good liberal/left alternative tv station like RT..there needs to be good solid news and current affairs and critical analysis and sharp questions

    • John Campbell had a spot on RNZ this arvo, where he outlined what they are planning … A studio where they can film the news for, I what assume will be, live internet streaming.

      Who gives a shit really what happens to TV , its a medium that is failing on almost all counts as far as I am concerned. “Freeview” television is a medium that has only occasional interest, where the advertising pretty much destroys the point of watching anything. Like many I am often online … reading the Daily Blog or No Right Turn etc … or getting on with my knitting projects … with TV as background noise!

      So lets keep John Campbell (and the rest of the RNZ team) out of the clutches of the moneygrabbers! Do I give a toss how their ratings are going, or their share price … but if it is a downward spiral all the better. Maybe they will wake up and change the whole system to actually provide a service that is half way decent.

    • CG, if we import Pandas, the income from selling panda burgers will instantly raise lots of money for TV3. Christie and Weldon will get hefty bonuses for constructively dismissing John Campbell (allegedly).

  5. So when does Mediaworks put in the towel and sell off TV3?

    Right now a show on watching paint dry or a live cctv video of trains moving, would bring in more viewers than their current line up.

    But I think the management are running it into the ground while holding on to gouge what is left of it. Their shareholders truly are brain-dead idiots to let it carry on.

  6. If you use Nationals nasty proposed labour laws, linking performance to actual hours provided, in other words you have to perform to or beyond your employers expectations no matter how unreasonable they may be to actualy get hours of work, then Henry and Garner should be gone!

    That pair of National men who love to quote their partys mantra, who apparently live by the sword, well now, are they now going to honour the rest of that saying?

  7. Be interesting to see what the psychotic chipmunk has to say when he is made redundant. Wonder how he will report it. Something to look forward to!

    • GD, we won’t report it. Our little chipmunk will go to work for a Minister or ministry as a PR man. His *cough*talents*cough* will continue to be unleashed – this time in the service of the the Ministry of Truth.

  8. RE the drop in ratings for PH and story……ha,ha,ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha++++++++++
    Hope the top dogs at media works are having some very bad nights sleep

  9. Well I think Paul Henry way better that John Campbell. Cant watch it now start work to early. Going to get radio so I can listen.

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