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We can either blame the mainstream media or be the media.

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Over the last 6 months, The Daily Blog and IKA have brought you monthly current affairs discussions you can’t see anywhere else. With hosts like Wallace Chapman, Lisa Owen, Mike McRoberts, Paula Penfold, Mihi Forbes and John Campbell and panelists like Jane Kelsey, Keith Locke, Bill Ralston, Simon Wilson, Dr Jackie Blue, Maxine Gay, Jacinda Ardern and Dr Michelle Dickinson, TDB has taken the demise of public broadcasting seriously and have offered genuine alternative.

It isn’t cheap, and if you want to continue seeing the kind of quality debate on issues like the war in Afghanistan, sexism in the workplace, the role of public broadcasting, the privatisation of social services and the TPPA, then please donate here so we can continue providing you with the best hosts talking about the true issues with the best opinion makers.

The Daily Blog brings the best Left wing commentary to you daily on the issues that matter. We critique the mainstream media and we manage to break stories and influence the debate. We innovate and bring you content other blogs simply don’t. To do that though, we need your support.

We can either blame the mainstream media or be the media.

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  1. countryboy says:

    Is there a way I can contribute without having to give out so much personal info? I feel like I’m handing ‘them’ my head on a block . Call me paranoid if you must .

    • TE says:

      Could we possible have a bank account number
      we can AP our monthly contribution into?
      For some reason my trusty laptop finds PAYPAL hard to do business with.

  2. Ilicit says:

    As one at the very bottom of the economic table, and as one who thoroughly enjoys what I read on here, it’s sad that my contribution will be nil.

    In another world, where we used to be, as a non intentional sickness beneficiary, I may have had a few dollars to use for causes such as yours.

    However, since 1999 nothing has changed for those of us who believe in this Blog. In fact,we have gone so far backwards I fear the mathematics of it would appall even the centre middletons……….

    Sincerely hope you find support other than my emotive one, and I am also hoping I will see the end of this ridiculous Government before I fall off my plank

    But you see, getting older and wiser these days only matters if your bank account says so………….

  3. cleangreen says:

    We will increase our monthly donation Martyn,

    We offer this help of advice;

    We would like to see you post a “give a little” on the world wide website;

    This should be for the increased TDB coverage, and a project fund drive for finally starting a “free speech” Global NZ independent media channel of broadcast.

    As other countries do have these public free speech media portals.

    While in NZ we are having our free speech removed by Government.

    We now have nothing exect TDB, as the rest of Media really dont have any outlet for public free speech, except for one TV network (TV 83) that is only a little left occasionally.

    TV83 says it is the only “public free speech channel” but a see only DEMOCRACY NOW with Amy Goodman, to represent free speech.

    Democracy now presenter Amy Goodman who is our only female equivalent to Noam Chomsky the 30 yr “Political free speech dissident”

    Any ideas?

    Cheaply video links can be made as “contributors to RT another global free “no fee” channel as RT advertise on their site daily.

    Last of all can you side a video link through RT with Max Kaiser, Larry King” the veteran US wide presenter of political convener, or other public affairs presenters”

    As their are many British, Australian, Canadian & US contributions with video links onto their shows every day!

    But so far no NZ content at all ever that we have ever seen, could you be the first?

    We trade with Russia & China why not share our views and NZ public coverage?

  4. Jack Ramaka says:

    TDB should solicit ideas from contributor bloggers on how to improve awareness and the target audience for TDB. Its outside the level of my expertise.

    • countryboy says:

      @ JACK RAMAKA . I agree completely. As I’ve asked before . Does TDB have another, less information collectie , way of us being able to donate ?
      Paypal ? Can go fuck itself. How about a Kiwi owned bank account? How about a drop box in the side of a building? A slot through which cash can be placed ?
      Did you know that in Colorado the banks won’t touch money derived from Cannabis growing so legal growers have to have huge vaults at their premises in which they keep cash? The report’s in here somewhere.
      Remember ? Cash is legal tender and our sovereign currency. Debt transference via electronic means is a corporate product.
      C’mon guys ? Get creative . We’d love to help and be a part of TDB. A dollar here and there soon builds up. And spread the word for Gods sake.

      Are you there TDB ? Hello ?

      I see the odd No Way TPPA window sticker . Even in Balclutha and if you’re seeing that in Balclutha, heart land of the Great Blue Swindle, you know there’s wide spread interest to purge our country of the Jonky-ites .
      I got money to give ! Now, how do I give it? And fucking forget about all that personal information gathering bullshit. Full name, address , email, phone number !? Fuck off. May aswell tattoo a bar code on my hairy arse .

  5. mary_a says:

    I contribute through PayPal, which I feel very uncomfortable with. But at the time I opened the account to donate to TDB, I felt I had to do something to help keep the site going, to keep the alternative news perspective out there.

    Personally I’d prefer an AP through my bank, or use my credit card, giving the details to the TDB, which I trust wholeheartedly.

    Once my year’s contribution finishes at the end of February, I will close my PayPal account and if I can get an address for TDB, either drop off or send a cheque instead.

  6. elle says:

    Why down votes whos infiltrating,?

    • mary_a says:

      @ ELLE – Alien knuckle dragging redneck visitors from the other side I’d say. You know, those who make it very necessary to have an alternative voice through sites as TDB!

  7. Fern says:

    That poor little kitten has melted my stony heart. I’m ready and eager to pay cash into a bank account. Just email me the bank and the account number!

  8. Mike in Auckland says:

    I sense some urgency with needed financial support and resourcing for TDB, which makes me very worried. Those of us on fixed incomes struggle, yet cherish and need this and some other blogs to share what is the truth that the MSM do not bother reporting on.

    With this hideous government we have, the resources also for beneficiary advocates and budgeting services and so have been cut or capped, so the weakest of the weak get less support. We see the same in the general society, it is all pro business, helping and advancing the interest of the fittest and shutting up or out the ones that have another view.

    There is less empathy I see and hear everyday, among the wider public, and it is the result of the social Darwinism we have been indoctrinated with. I hate this government, this form of state and the MSM and the whole propaganda, and despair about this and other alternative voices facing being silenced, as they have little chance to perhaps survive.

    This government and business are committed to cut the umbilical cord and leave us to fend for ourselves in a rather hate filled society based on mistrust, competition and selfishness.

    I wish I could contribute, but I struggle each day to simply survive, which is my priority, to live, breathe, eat and clothe myself.

    Sorry, really sorry, I am not in the position to assist financially, but do all to share my thoughts on this blog, supporting a better and fairer society.


Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,