This little piggy…

By   /   September 23, 2015  /   3 Comments


  1. mary_a says:

    Oh dear, poor little Piglet!

    But perhaps all is not lost, because considering latest revelations, I think Cameron prefers to pork dead swine.

  2. elle says:

    Cameron is just another Key a street trader like Dellboy Trotter only not as bright. Poor pig if it was alive it would have coughed and spluttered,he would have been all over cum whoops wrong spelling..

    Its a good job the pig didn’t have a pony tail ,Key and Cameron would have fought over it,both weirdo’s, but Key is older Cameron a student,
    these are the men we have running our countries Lord help us.

  3. wild katipo says:

    Pork , Panda’s and Ponytails …

    What have they all got in common?

    Both fill the minds of the neo liberal Prime Minister’s of both England and New Zealand .

    Just what is it about neo liberals that make them such perverts?

    Is it the inherent dishonesty and corruption that that ideology induces upon its adherents?

    Much like the ring of Sauron had an effect on transforming a former hobbit into a Golem…

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