Missing Table Talk? How about an early hour with Nicky Hager?


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An early hour with Nicky Hager

Next week’s Table Talk booked out in less than two hours – a tribute to John Campbell, Nicky Hager and Fran O’Sullivan, our host and panel on the subject of a year on from Dirty Politics. For those who missed out, or would like to start the evening early, we are thrilled to have an extra hour with Nicky Hager next Tuesday 29 September. We will open at 3.30 pm – Nicky will speak briefly just after 4 pm on developments and his work since the publication of Dirty Politics. There’ll be time for questions and chat, a drink and bar snacks. Email for further information or to let us know you are coming – or just come along on the day.


  1. Please ask nicky if he is or will write a book about our criminal PM ,the public is on to Key now and will appreciate the written word about Key. wish I could come but too far away.
    Don’t quite get Fran O Sullivan being there she used to be a Key supporter.has she had a change of heart,?

  2. Wake Up New Zealand, an article saying Rothschild has chosen some cities in the world to make more resilient to the changes coming up in the future ,Christchurch and Wellington are his picks for starters ,you have to read it to believe it .

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