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    • yes chooky,

      I watch RT instead of the Parliamentary question time.

      Parliament question time as it is now a joke!

      When the speaker David Carter shuts down anything worth listening to that the opposition tries to raise now.

      It is a charade.

  1. Anyone watch Parliament Question time this afternoon? We did in this household and both agreed it was a frightening sideshow, something of which we have never witnessed before! Quite disturbing in fact!

    FJK didn’t answer one question as expected of his position. Those he did answer were always accompanied by snide references either back to the former Labour government, or the present Labour leadership! And in every case, his smart arse responses failed to address the questions asked adequately.

    The whole thing was a shameful disgrace. The biased Speaker even went along with it all, not chastising FJK, as his office should have demanded.

    Makes me wonder what is going on. Either the government is in bigger trouble than previously thought and is failing so badly, FJK is unable to give adequate answers to a variety of questions from Opposition parties, or he is so confident now, he runs Parliament his own way, knowing he is able to do so without rebuke!

    Today’s session was similar to that of a very creepy, ominous clown taking control of the whole circus!

    Something isn’t right in NZ. I get the distinct feeling our nation is becoming more and more rotten by the day! Call me paranoid, but after watching Parliament this afternoon, I fear it’s very likely we could be under threat from within!

    Should we be worried? Yes, judging by today’s Parliamentary session, I think we most definitely have grounds to be extremely worried! I’d go so far as to say we should be downright scared!

    By the way, where is Winston Peters these days? Haven’t seen him in Parliament for over a week now. At the moment, the combined Opposition needs as much support as it can possibly get to fight the toxic infestation scourge of FJK!

    • peters is troughing at the rugby world cup…

      ..but i agree with yr general-thesis..

      ..q-time has become a sick joke..

      ..and yep..!..the incredibly one-eyed/biased speaker has a lot to do with that…

      • Re Winston Peters – I suspected as much.

        As the saying “troughing” has taken on a whole new meaning now, I wonder while in the UK for the RWC, if Winnie will pay a visit dead swine porker, David Cameron?

    • +100 Mary…Yes it is quite disturbing…and I admire your fortitude watching Parliament…when I do see it I find it quite repulsive

      …it is a pity ALL New Zealanders dont get to see his performance… either by radio or by main television news…. and draw their own conclusions

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