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  1. Once again Wake up New Zealand is on the ball.
    an article on the GSBC propaganda, not commented on in MSM.

    Second article about how Russian tv knows more and exposes more about the real American agenda in September.Once again American MSM says nothing and keeps the public in the dark.

  2. The Herald today states that Max Key has been given a job being a consultant on sport ,it seems he is a great baseball player., and wants to help young people get into USA sport fields.

    His boss is Crimson consulting run by a 20yr old who has degrees from Harvard , his education came from scholarships and financial assistance in NZ.
    How many ordinary young people get this chance?
    Maybe Mr Keys influence is mixed up somewhere,the 1% look after their own.
    Good luck to Max ,he couldn’t have done it on his own,he still dosnt look happy.

  3. While I am an advocate for the right of free speech, I do find Charlie Hebdo’s recent disturbing comments re the refugee crisis, bordering on hate, racism and bigotry. Quite unnecessary, particularly when a child (children) are involved. The insensitive tone of the comments and cartoons, could well fuel the fire of another round of violence towards the publication, perhaps France and the French in general.

  4. Should have done more research – can you please delete my above entry. Thank you. Does beg the question – what did she do in her time in parliament though?

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