Tony Abbott – the hollow leading the blind



I never understood how Abbott became Prime Minister of Australia. Most of the Australians I know just don’t seem to be stupid enough to vote for someone with such 18th Century views on the modern world. Everything about Abbott seemed ridiculous and unworthy of any kind of power. His homophobia, his fetish for the military, his climate change denial, his weird gaffes, his sexism, his woeful lack of self awareness, his racism and his draconian position on refugees all seemed so backwards for a country that likes to advance fair.

My guess was that Australians just really hated Labour to vote Abbott in.

That he’s been rolled shouldn’t be a surprise, he clearly connected to a raw meat section of the Australian voting public and the Liberals needed that because they are about as popular as a cup of cold sick, but Abbott’s poor performance has eroded that support. There’s only so many times you can hear your Prime Minister say moronic things before even the dumbest amongst his supporters start saying to themselves ‘hey, I’m stupid and even I think what he just said was crazy’.

Turnbull doesn’t look much better. He’s clearly smarter than Abbott, but Abbott’s appeal was to the base of the Australian electorate, Turnbull is a right winger without the populism.

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A plague on all their houses.


  1. Today sees Audrey Young in the Herald saying Malcom Turnbull admires John Key and Bill English and wants to model them for Australia, “John Key is very pleased”.
    Poor poor Australia,Turnbull wants to bring Australia to the brink of unemployment, minimum wage,asset sales , privatisation ,serco type prisons,low standard of social welfare, hospital waiting lists so long people don’t even put their name down on the list,Etc etc . They will need Crosby Textor, but then Crosby Textor already has fingers in the pie on behalf of the 1%
    The public didn’t have a vote on the change,it was the caucus,
    they are all going to be a Left, Right government.
    Wonder how much the change will cost? how many in the new line up times Australian dollars ,or maybe US dollars?
    Turnbull has been influenced by the corporations and banks ,only they could think Key is doing a good job ,a good job for them that is.
    Australians need to study Keys lies and dirty politics,they would find Turnbull is either dilluded or on the side of 1%.
    Corporations are famous for picking puppets to run countries and ruin them.

    • For any Australians – particularly politicians and news reporters reading this …..please google Hackpad : ‘ Honest John ‘ for a background check into the New Zealand PM.

      Also check out Andrew Kreigers right hand man John Key and Keys role in the biggest Forex heist in recorded history – and how Key was instrumental in almost toppling his own country’s national economy without any qualms whatsoever.

      Safeguard yourselves against having a John Key type influence in Australia. The public face of what this man is, is regularly monitored by his minders. His actual agenda – that of being the stooge for USA hegemony in the Pacific , – and his selling out of national sovereignty is observed with his cavalier attitude and use of national spy agencies to smear opposition party’s and conduct mass surveillance on the NZ … to which he was caught out lying to the public about.

      It would behoove any concerned Australian citizen to do a rudimentary background check into John Key if Turnbull shows signs of trying to emulate John Key.

      • Tonight on the news key was hooting about his days at the NY forex exchange and probably rubbed shoulders with Turnbull as well and linking him to the criminal Andrew Kreiger.

        They are all in the Bilderberg club of course so danger there.

      • No.

        Shorten in a two faced, sanctimonious, humourless, wind bag and probably a corrupt crook as well.

        There are many in his own party who will work to make sure he never becomes PM, they will never forgive what he did to JG.

  2. Yes that is correct Elle, It seems that Turnbull was a financial trader somewhat like Key was also so yes they hibernate together don’t they like bees around honey.

    Turnbull has only one redeeming interest to us as was announced overnight.

    “Turnbull is pledging to be much more “pro-active on Climate change then was Tony Abbott????

    Time will tell here as the east Antarctic ice shelf is melting now dangerously quickly now it has been discovered by Australian scientists who are holding a conference in Wellington today under urgency, because all global scientists had always believed this part of the Antarctic ice shelf was always statically stable???

    Turnbull had better help or the Liberal/conservative National coalition Government will loose the 2016 election as the weather pattern of droughts and adverse weather events hits home between now and then.

    Key/Bull English don’t get to comfortable here you may sink to on this issue.

    NZ Herald 6:44 PM Sunday Sep 13, 2015

    A world-renowned climate scientist visiting New Zealand will this week present new evidence suggesting a behemoth “sleeping giant” ice sheet is more sensitive to climate change than we ever thought.

    To climate scientists, the vast East Antarctic Ice Sheet represents something of the elephant in the room in terms of what it could contribute to global sea level rise.

    If all of it melted, the ice sheet, which forms most of Antarctica, would contribute an equivalent of around 50 metres of sea level rise – the vast majority of the total 58 metres that could come from the frozen continent.

    The part of the ice sheet that rests on bedrock below sea level is most vulnerable and holds an equivalent of 19 metres of sea level rise.

    In the face of climate change, which has brought warmer ocean water to the edges of Antarctica, the vast ice sheet has been long regarded by scientists to be much more stable when compared with the smaller, 25 million square kilometre West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which satellite measurements estimated was losing more than 150 cubic kilometres of ice each year.

    But an Australian expedition that managed to reach the typically inaccessible Totten Glacier in East Antarctica in January revealed some of the first direct evidence that warmer waters were having a significant impact there as well.

    This means the wider ice sheet’s contribution to future sea level rise could be much greater than realised.

    CSIRO physical oceanographer and climate scientist Dr Stephen Rintoul, who was onboard the Australian icebreaker research ship Aurora Australis when it managed to reach the remote glacier, said the region that the Totten drains holds enough ice to produce an equivalent 3.9 metres of global sea level rise – about half the amount that could come from the Greenland ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere.

    “There was good evidence from other places in Antarctica that the ocean was responsible for the thinning of glaciers, like the Pine Island glacier in West Antarctica, but we couldn’t say why the Totten was thinning because no one had been there before,” said Dr Rintoul, who will give a public lecture at Victoria University in Wellington on Tuesday night.

  3. So how many times does Key have to say dumb things before NZers start to see that him for what he is. Are we dumber than Aussies

    • Yep we are dumber than Aussies for sure me says as a kiwi born forth generation and Shonkey a first generation latecomer so he can bullshit all us? we must be damn dumb all right as dumb as the MSM want us to be apparently.

      Luckily we have Martyn Frank and Chris and Winnie there to smarten us up, such a gift we have.

  4. Yes, people voted for Abbott because the Murdocratic narrative was so vehemently opposed to Labor. The principal reason of Abbott’s leading of the coalition, on the other hand, is those very same 18th Century views you refer to. He managed to hold together a coalition of relatively socially liberal right wing neoliberals who have embraced marriage equality and all of its economic benefits, and a bunch of fiercely socially conservative loonies. Although Turnbull will provide a tougher opposition for Labor, holding the coalition together will provide some tough going for Turnbull.

  5. A lack of insight and knowledge displayed here.

    Kevin Rudd won the election – for Tony Abbott.

    Kevin Rudd was rewarded by self serving labour MPs, especially Shoten, for being a snake and ruining Julia Gillard, Rudd didn’t only guarantee that Mr Abbott would be PM he has ensured that Labour will lose the next election and probably beyond that.

    Rudd was, and is, such a psycho totally determined to ruin Julia Gillard he was happy to destroy his own party, of course he could not have done that alone. Labour was, and is, as full of woman hating, lunatic christians as the Colalition, they could not accept Julia Gillard.

    The catholic church has significant control over both sides, labour has the added problem of union power brokers. For example it was catholic union power brokers who forced Julia Gillard to agree not to support same sex marriage.

    Unless labour can get rid of Shorten, which they can’t, Rudd forced a rule change on them so, like the UK, they now have to allow the membership to vote, even by labour standards it would look ridulous to try and remove Shorten.

    Shorten, like Rudd, is another self serving, narcissist with exaggerated ideas of his own ability and importance so he won’t step aside for the good of his party. He will lose the next election and, if labour are lucky, he will then do the decent thing (ha) and resign.

    Labour deserve all they get…and that is defeat.

    The major threat to the coalition is from some popular independents, (Nick Xenophon) bringing in Mr Turnbullshould help them with that.

    Leaders have always been important but even more so today, people rarely care about policy, they change anyway, whether a leader is good looking is much more important.

    What people want is someone who at least seems normal, someone who seems a person you could enjoy having lunch with, charm, looks, humour etc. are much more important than policy.

    By the way don’t you understand it was the conservatives (with some input from the trendy luvey mob and unemployable students) who elected the labour leader, 3 quid for a vote, a bargain. The average ‘labour supporter’ is to lazy to get involved.

    Mr Cameron will be very pleased with his supporters for making the effort to pay the 3 quid, fill in the form and ensure the conservatives will remain in government for the foreseeable future.

  6. Don’t forget that Oz also voted John Howard as PM some years back, who, I was told, failed maths at high school . .

  7. What on Earth are you all worried about?

    They’re Awstralians Goddammit…

    They make dumb decisions.

    It’s the natural order of things.

    If there’s one thing this planet needs it’s another investment banker in charge of a nation 🙂 (Heck we should know…)

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