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  1. jeremy corbyn became a vegetarian @ age 20 after working briefly on a pig-farm..and being horrified by the day-to-day atrocities/cruelties…

    (and i hafta say..a major marker on the road to me becoming not an animal-eater..was the 20 minutes i once spent working in a chicken-killing factory..

    ..the screams of a not-yet-quite-dead chook going into the boiling water.. something i will never forget..)

  2. The Herald runs Around the Web advertising pages, I orders as a gift for a male a new hair regrowth product via a company called Software Products in USA 4 weeks and still no delivery.Has anyone else had this experience?. Seems like a scam unless USA uses snail mail. I posted a comment on one of sites regarding this, all I got was email address error.

  3. Discrimination against the unemployed in the rental market. I’m staying in a boarding house and am fairly sure the only reason I made it through the door as a NZer is because I can do “whiteness and politeness” to a sufficient extent and have various plans to work overseas, etc. I’m unemployed, however.
    So this is all you can afford on the unemployment benefit in Auckland if you’re not keen on flatting for whatever reason, but you’re not particularly desired as a tenant. I’m clean, I’m not noisey, but I don’t have a job. The equation seems to be that you’re automatically morally reprobate. I have actually come close to homelessness since I returned to NZ, it’s extremely easy to slip into and shouldn’t be underestimated by anyone. If boarding houses for god’s sake don’t want the great unwashed roaming their halls, who the hell will and where are they supposed to live? Even caravan parks are full at the moment.

  4. What quickly becomes clear when you don’t have the right information to give people or don’t fit the right boxes is that your social position is taken as some kind of indicator of your morality. My parents have been dead since I was in my mid twenties, I can’t go home and lye on mum’s couch when things go haywire, I have to have money in my pocket to be able to buy a way out through whatever the market can provide. I don’t have any close extended family, nobody is going to put me up for the night, put it that way, and my one close friend lives in Korea because he is saddled with a massive student debt and his family have no resources to help him get rid of it. You can’t really imagine the stress of not being able to provide “next of kin” details of any real veracity until you’re faced with it. Confronting that after the death of my last parent was one of the most hideous situations because if you can’t give basic details like that, the nice people with houses in Parnell who run the kind of places you end up being dependant on just view you with immense suspicion, while having no interest in the details. It’s pathetic. You can be a beggar in a lot of ways in life, not just financial.

  5. When more and more Kiwis become so impoverished through NatzKEY’s destructive policies, that will be the time when ordinary NZers will rise up and call for a NZ version of Jeremy Corbyn to lead us.

    If, or maybe when Bernie Sanders wins the Democrat nomination for President in the US, that will be evidence the tide is changing for the better around the world.

    Please let it be so.

    Go Jeremy 🙂 Go Bernie 🙂

    The revolt is coming. Then watch the filthy, rabid right wingers run for their stinking sewer rat holes! But once the Proletariat is riled, there will be nowhere for them to hide! The traitors will get their just dues!

    • Go Mary, Madame Guillotine! sharpen that blade I will be there as your loyal subjects bring out the aristocrats yeah.

      • 🙂

        You know something Cleangreen, there is nothing I’d find more entertaining than watching the NatzKEY mob of filthy deviants, being paraded on a cart towards their fate, disgracefully soiling themselves in absolute fear! It would be retribution for what they have done to ordinary working class and beneficiary Kiwis, scratching for their survival, in desperation for anything they are able to take home!

  6. Excuse the rant, I don’t mean to make it “all about me”. I just fail to see how people can be so fixated on employment as a standard of virtue in an economy that is geared to maintain at least four percent unemployent to offset inflation – or so I was told in fifth form economics 20 years ago, I’m sure that hasn’t changed.
    I have a friend who has no bottom teeth, no teeth for crap’s sake, he can’t get social assistance to provide him with a set of false teeth. The man can’t chew. Why isn’t that an urgent priority? He could starve to death because he can’t chew his food. It’s absurd! There’s all these people who slip through the gaps because they don’t fit profiles. They don’t fit market profiles and they don’t fit social assistance profiles. That’s not an “anti-Maori” statement at all, I can see how stuffed they are in the labour market and how much they have to prove that they’re “good Maoris” to get anywhere, ie, apolitical at least at the work function and fully committed to the corporate programme.
    It’s when INDIVIDUAL circumstances crap out for Pakeha generally that they need social assistance, and then it’s sort of like, well, how have YOU failed, what have YOU done wrong when you have everything tailored to you socially? But it isn’t, is it? It’s just a very narrow band of priorities and preferences, and if you don’t play along, or if you don’t fit the norm, you’re a kind of weird misfit whose failure to secure a stable position can only be pinned on yourself.
    And then there’s the female work-trajectory, which is a thing in itself and plenty of research and info on how poorly the western labour market structure works out for many women workers. Waikato University has a good paper on that.
    I don’t know if you’ll post this, thanks if you do, stressed out of my head today, such is life. Oh, the drama, etc.

    • My sympathies and you are eloquent….when you are stuck….sometimes it helps to move…why dont you move out of Auckland and go to Invercargill or Bluff?….maybe more work and accommodation and heart down there?( Tim Shadbolt country)… anyway best of luck!

      ….and keep us posted!

      …’Diary from Down Under’ ( cf George Orwell’s’ ‘Down and Out in London and Paris’)

      • Hi, Thank you Chooky. Having a freak out today! I got the collywobbles in town when my “Realme” login wouldn’t work and that was enough to trigger a meltdown! More hoops to jump through.
        I have tried moving out of Auckland, for the same reasons as you suggested. It makes sense, but, is it right for the person? I still reserve my right to freedom of movement despite less than ideal circumstances. I’ve grown used to living in Auckland for now. Might have another look around later on, but you sort of have to pick a focus and try to make an inroad somewhere I think.
        Bad day today! It’s probably because I have found somewhere to stay that the stress building up over the last month of unsuccessful looking has just popped out the top today and I went a bit loony for a while. People need housing, they need it, they need it, they need it, otherwise you can’t take the next steps into anything.

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