GUEST BLOG: Joe Carolan – This is a 21st Century EXODUS


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“Break out of the detention centers
Cut the wires and tear up the vouchers
People get ready it’s time to wake up
Tear down the walls of Fortress Europe”


I can’t share that picture of the drowned toddler on the beach of Fortress Europe. He was the age of my daughter Aoibheann.  But things need to change.  The boy’s name was Aylan. He was 3, and came from Kobani.  Kobani, where the socialist and feminist grassrtoots resistance to ISIS is now attacked on the other side by the Western ally, Turkey.

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I’m an Irishman who moved here from the North of Ireland first in 1999.  Our hometown Dundalk took a huge amount of refugees from the Loyalist pogroms in the North of Ireland in the early 1970s. It was the biggest movement of displaced people internally in Europe from the end of World War Two, until the fall of Yugoslavia. We grew up in a town of solidarity, where thousands of people fled for their lives from burning houses and deathsquads, from a regime that shot civil rights protesters dead on the streets. We did it then, we can do it now.

Some of these people who talk about “looking after our own”, I’ve never seen marching against privatisation or the TPPA, or on the picket lines with striking low paid workers fighting zero hours contracts , or putting their bodies in front of trucks stealing state houses in Glen Innes, or supporting Maori and their struggle for Tino rangatiratanga and sovereignty. As we used to chant against the Nazis in Europe –
“Unemployment and inflation, are not caused by immigration – bullshit! Come off it! The enemy is profit. ”

Double the quota is still pathetic. The racist Australian government of Tony Abbot says it will take in 12,000 refugees. New Zealand – let’s welcome Ten Thousand refugees now and do our part to help the oppressed and suffering masses.

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Welcome Ten Thousand Now. 2pm, Aotea Square. Saturday September 19th. Bring a tent.

Sound systems in the centre with musicians, djs, and speakers from oppressed countries and solidarity groups, at the centre of a circle of tents forming a global village or a refugee camp.


Share hard and invite- 2,300 coming already

Refugees are welcome here. A fundraiser for Auckland Refugee Council.

Account Name: Auckland Refugee Council Inc.

Account No: 12-3011-0762215-02

Reference: Welcome 10000 & Organisation name


  1. I was sympathetic until I saw these videos.

    Then I read of Saudi Arabia’s offer to help the refugee situation in Europe by building 200 mosques in Germany. There was no offer of the use of its Hajj accommodation for three million.

    Aylan’s family had been living safely in Turkey for three years. Here’s the latest on the father for what it’s worth.

    • The website you refer to, “The Muslim Issue”, is a racist, anti-immigrant website. You might as well link to our own white-power National Front or our American cuzzies’ Ku Klux Klan.

      If that’s your validation, you argument carries zero weight, despite the “up” votes from various National/ACT sychophants parachuting in to cast a two-second vote.

  2. “The Muslim issue” is a bigoted crap site. Not a lot different, I suspect, from the Ku Klux Clan of earlier years. Try looking under the “about” tab to see what they are up to. In case you can’t be bothered doing that, here are the last 3 points of the ten or so that they list to describe their aims:

    “Encourage a total ban on Islamic immigration
    Encourage the end of asylum policies.
    Encourage reversal of residency and citizenship to actively practicing Islamic migrants.”

    If you can’t be bothered with first checking out what the posts you link to actually stand for, then, may I suggest, it might be better not to post “devoid-of-context” propaganda?

  3. Can I suggest we take refugees from Vietnam. After all, that is more ‘our part of the world’. There are 90 million people there and I’ll wager 70 million of them will be better off in New Zealand. In fact, possibly millions there are living in the kind of abject grinding poverty we all so rightly abhor.

    If we can do that, then can we take the same from Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Perhaps all of the Pacific Islands too.

  4. @ Macskasy and Simmonds,
    Fancy that and dearie me, I pointed to a politically incorrect image and I thought that regardless of site, the picture of three million Hajj tents was a great example of the art of photography. One I had never come across in the MSM and one that apparently would be supressed by the more dogma entrenched left as well.
    Today I read that muslims who died in the great crane crash in Mecca would be especially loved and blessed by Allah. Now imagine if all the fit and angry young men pouring across Europe were to divert themselves to the Hajj they might have the enormous fortune to be so loved and blessed.
    Then we could once again be entertained by Frau Merkel pasting yet another mask on her pasty apfel strudel face and engaging in the soft shoe, sideways slipping, heel grinding, Shaubel stroking, toe stomping political, shitty shuffle.
    Death to politics. Onwards to anarchy.

  5. Whilst I’m not greatly in favour of letting these refugees in, I suspect most of them turn out to be better citizens than, for example, Joe…

    Do us all a favour and swap your NZ residency with one of these poor, deserving Syrians.

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