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    • Yes did you see the sea of red toady on GNBC, Keyster and his magic mirage of currency hedging and derivatives is exploding down on Wall St frying his bank balance.

      Best we see him rushing down there to save his bacon eh?

      Wished Max and key could have a TV debate?

      Christ that would be entertaining.

      Max was a Wall St trader when Key was there in 1987 so Max would know Key and have some snippets on him you can bet.

      I will send max & Stacy a invite to come here and interview key Eh?

  1. Having trouble posting comments so will attempt this one.
    My feeling on tone and content is that contributors undermine their own arguments when they resort to name calling or abusive terms, and I have seen some mildly racist terminology (one person refers to John Key as “Jonkey-stein” which I find unnecessary). I have to put my hand up and plead guilty to falling into the trap of personally attacking another commenter, so I include myself here. I’m sure it did nothing to persuade them to even consider an alternate point of view. I think that the tone is often set by the author of the post to which comments are being made. If the tone of the original post avoids abusive or derogatory language it is more likely (but by no means guaranteed) that comments will mirror the tone set. Cameron Slater gets his own supporters foaming at the mouth with some carefully chosen language and this usually ensures some pretty extreme and nasty comments from his supporters.
    Even Martyn referring to the “sleepy hobbits of muddle nuziln”, whilst funny and probably accurate, won’t encourage a reader to consider his point if they feel that he is getting at them.
    Just some thoughts. They probably won’t post.

  2. How to solve the Syrian conflict…a debate

    “An unsourced story originating on an Israeli website claimed Russia was about to deploy significant military assistance to Syria to fight Islamic State. This set the media aflame and had Washington issuing warnings. The story was not only unsourced, but also untrue. But it did reveal how the West frames its illegal war against Syria.

    CrossTalking with Eric Draitser, Danny Makki and Fawaz Gerges.

  3. Well low and behold, what was this in the NZ Herald ( work copy ) a full page on Jeremy Corbyn being a loser, and a plug for John Keys fantastic government….oh look who the journalist ( my xxxx) is.
    The Herald’s favourite, Mike Hosking.
    So I guess Jeremy Corbyn must be a good thing then.
    Funny thing is, the politically interfered with, overly commercial, corporate owned, NZ Herald is exactly why Corbyn is so popular with the people in the UK. They, and I have had enough of this trash.

  4. Jesus H Christ!!!!
    Has anyone else witnessed that abomination on TV1, Friday after 7.30??

    I used to watch Fox News occasionally for a bit of humour!
    I ‘spose the good thing is that’ll no longer be necessary.

    Let’s go shoppung!
    It’s not unlike a GoodMorningNZ advertorialism on a Friday night.

    OK…. Christ! I just learned from the ‘everyman’s gal’ token Murray its called ‘Kiwi Living’
    My God!! she must have a bloody big mortgage to pay

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