UPDATE: The Ruminator is the Greens new comms director?


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.29.28 am

David Cormack desperately searching for a chin

The Ruminator is one of the rudest, nastiest Green Party Wellington clique members on Twitter and the Greens have appointed him as their Comms Person???

This is the most delightfully funny event of the year.

I was wondering who the hell would appoint someone as self important as Giovanni Tiso and as undeservingly smug as Wellington to their comms position when David was on Twitter begging for a job earlier this year, and it’s turned out to be the Greens? I thought is was hilarious that someone who had spent so much time attacking anything outside Wellington would be on Twitter begging for a job in Comms, and it’s ended up being for the Greens?


Nothing sums up the impenetrable little echo chamber of the twittersphere better than David does, and appointing him of all people to a role as vital as Comms suggests the tiny world of the Green Party in Wellington just got far smaller.

Why a mate of Matthew Hooton and former staffer of Bill English was deemed the right person for the Greens suggests that march to the centre has over stepped its mark.

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Oh this is a delightful turn of events. The last thing one would have thought the already Wellington biased Green Party needed was yet another member of the Capital Clique. Hipsters with ambition and top knots will rejoice alongside National voting Prius drivers but the rest of the country will have stopped paying attention a long time ago.

How someone with all the personal charm of a toxic jellyfish has been appointed to a position where they will be required to try and reach out to gain support for policy will be the most amusing thing to happen in politics this year.

Appointing Ruminator as your Comms Person is like appointing Cameron Slater as your brand ambassador. Now that’s fine if your brand is Cancer, but not so great if you are trying to be a progressive political party.

The vote share for the Greens in Auckland just slipped.


UPDATE: Now some may be reading this and saying to themselves, ‘Jeez Bombs, that’s a bit mean to old David isn’t it mate’? – and they’d be right. It is mean. I think the day I decided that I disliked David was when he took to Twitter last year claiming that he had personal information about me that if he released would be ‘damaging’ (to this day I have no idea what he was talking about). But I just felt that after threatening me, denigrating me repeatedly on Twitter and going out of his way to misrepresent almost every blog I ever wrote, that the guy was an arsehole. It’s surprising then that the Greens have decided that what they needed most was another Wellington arsehole, what with them being so over supplied in that category. 

Perhaps if the Senior reporter at Fairfax Media had been threatened with having personal information released about him on Twitter, he’d be a lot less churlish than this…

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.03.12 am

…remember, that’s the Senior reporter for Fairfax Media.


  1. Right Martyn,

    This shows my worst fears that the Greens are really moving to the right and prepared to make a deal with anyone they feel will get them votes.

    The green Party used to be a soft liberal group, but now are another centrist mob who embrace the heavy control of the masses rather than offer self choice as used to.

    They fit more with Nasty Nat’s than Labour on their current policy as they appear to be aligning with remnants of Bulenglish & Hooten.

    “Why a mate of Matthew Hooton and former staffer of Bill English was deemed the right person for the Greens suggests that march to the centre has over stepped its mark.”

    Wasn’t it comical when the Greens jumped on Stuart Nash for mixing with Hooten and now they are???

    At least NZ First keep their stripes in check and don’t dance left or right at a whim.

    • The ruminator blog is left wing – patronising, smug, rich white trustafarian we know how the poor feel self-righteous left, but still left.

    • >> At least NZ First keep their stripes in check and don’t dance left or right at a whim. <<

      Are you serious? "Dance left or right at a whim" is *exactly* what NZ First do, and have always done. Unlike the Greens who (so far) have been "left" on both axes of the political graph, NZ First are a "left" party economically, but a "right" party on social policy, and this allows them to wander back and forth between supporting Labour and National, like Dunney does, while still pretending this is somehow based on some kind of "principles".

      First, "it's just a jump to the left" when Winston looked like he might join the Alliance, but instead formed NZ First, "and then a step to the right" when he propped up Bolger's failing government. Then another "jump to the left" to prop up Clark's failing government. If Key had needed NZ First to govern in 2014, and offered Winston a ministerial role, he would have made "a step to the right" once again, and will do the same in 2017 if the price is right. You can claim he won't, but I'd like to see him promise that in a public statement, and stick to it.

      Considering this history, NZ First supporters lambasting the Greens for dallying with the "right" because of one questionable hire is a hilarious double standard.

    • Hey Aaron, you get back to me when he threatens to reveal personal information about you and ask if it was necessary.

      • Different Aaron here (I’m calling myself the original 🙂

        David Cormack does sound like a git but I kind of agree with other Aaron about the reaction, it feels like it’s really easy to get a reaction out of you Martyn, which also means it’s probably easy for guys like David to manipulate you into flaring up on demand.

  2. i dunno, perhaps appointing a tory is a masterstroke.
    there seems to be little point having one of their own preaching to the choir.

    the greens message needs to cut thru and gain traction outside of their typical constituency.
    get the message to the me, me, me, and the ‘im ok, blow the bridge’ crowd.

    i’ve asked a few times what the left version of crosby textor looks like and maybe this is it.

  3. “The vote share for the Greens in Auckland just slipped.”

    Literally nobody outside of a small circle of political junkies will take the tiniest bit of notice of this appointment.

  4. @ Martyn Bradbury . Never, ever hold back. Let rip and see if you can peel the paint off the dreary little dung barge our country’s been remodelled into by the ‘Sniffy, what’s so wiffy ? ‘ brigade.

    Won’t the co-leader, what’s his name, be behind this ? They’ll be dismantling the Green Party from within after they got a scare after the last rigged election which would have showed the Green party was well ahead.
    I bet there was a rush to the computer , a few tickety ticks later… jonky wins with a 48% margin but holy fuck ! What’re we going to do about The Greens? We’ve killed them off this time but what happens next ?

    Better Call Saul .

    While you’re at it, better call ‘Mr Robot’ too .

    God, I love it when Art imitates Life .

    The smug, bench seat sitting, bitter big pudding will murder off The Greens.

  5. “Bombz” sure has an ugly side alright.
    “searching for a chin
    fine if your brand is Cancer
    toxic jellyfish”
    This reads more like a laudafinem post.

  6. Great stuff Martyn slamming Tiso, Slater and the Greens in one foul swoop I am beginning to really enjoy this blog, and you are so right about the Twitterites and their echo chamber, seems to me most of them would run for the hills if they ever got up the guts to say these things to someone in person and realised a conversation consists of more than 140 characters, far easier to make their cowardly calls from the safety of a great deal of distance between themselves and their intended target for the day

  7. I’m a Green Party supporter and you are okay with me Martyn. I think a lot of Green Party members will keep an eye on things and see where the party goes with James Shaw. The two co-leaders have to be re-elected every year at the national AGM. I doubt anyone would challenge Shaw at t his stage but if the Green’s don’t get a few more seats at the next election, which was the main reason Shaw managed to pip Kevin Hague, then I think there may be a serious challenge from Hague, especially if there are a few members who feel uncomfortable with the general direction of the party. Personally, my vote will go to Gareth Hughes as he had the wits to vote against the recently passed “anti-bullying” Communications Bill.

  8. Yeah, David Cormack is a dick. We all know that. I have more respect for Tiso – even if he comes across as as clunky old Marxist with a strategy from two centuries ago.

    Perhaps Cormack has communication skills. Apparently people visit his blog – for what reason, nobody knows. Gotta give Cormack credit for getting people to repeatedly look a piece of shit. Imagine how many people he could get to look at the Green’s policies?!

    I don’t really get the Wellington vs Auckland thing. I look at policies and the Greens are a voice I don’t mind hearing. Tiso and Cormack give you a lot of shit Bomber, and I get your anger, but I hope you can just let them be and support the Greens – even if it’s just for their social policies. Trust us, we can spot a knob on our own.

  9. Yep Bomber, hit the nail on the head. The Ruminator, is a foppy, wet blanket attired in a tailored suit of cyber-nastiness. Neither funny, nor clever. Much like the new clique in the Green saddle. Tiso is very much of the same ilk. His brand of pseudo-dissent is an uber-chic radicalism meets half-baked, hyper-academic bohemianism swathed in cynical pessimism. Not my cup of tea.

  10. I held out on abandoning my faith in the greens for quite a while. This farce reminds me I should have abandoned them when Sue Bradford did. As she would say – their kaupapa is not my kaupapa.

    The pack of Noddies coming in and voting everything critical down is just sad.

    • Just National trolls Waz, ignor them. Martyn is more open and honest than these idiot down voters. If someone was so horrible to denigrate on him on twitter then its open season on calling it like it is.
      Anyone who makes claims they have something on on someone else without substantiating it is just a cowardly blackmailer and troublemaker and the Greens must unaware or National is putting in a spy.
      Remember how National gave Shane Jones a fish job to get him away from Labour,for whatever reason the job didn’t last long and Jones is now shadowing another party. National is starting its dirty tricks early for the next election.

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