‘Story’ on TV3 continues ratings meltdown – boycott continues to damage Mediaworks



The boycott of TV3 for the manner in which they killed off Campbell Live for political purposes isn’t easing up (now at 6738 members) and it’s taking its toll on the replacement show.

Look at how Story has shed 70 000 odd viewers since its launch…


…Mark Weldon was recently meeting the American vulture fund who own Mediaworks to explain how his tactics have helped strengthen the networks position. Oh to be a fly on that wall.


  1. Story hasn’t lost 70,000 viewers at all.

    After their initial week, the ratings took a hit but they have increased every week since and are on par with earlier in the year.

    In fact, Story has been rating about what Campbell Live was earlier in 2015 before Mediaworks put the program into review.

    The numbers are well up compared to the awful ratings Come Dine With Me gave them.

    More interestingly, more people are watching both Seven Sharp and Story than they were Seven Sharp and Campbell Live.

  2. I dont miss watching TV 3 at all since they killed off campbell live so I get kicks instead watching all the sheeples running around like chooks on CNBC with their heads chopped off, as they watch the stocks board swinging wildly around as they try to invent ways to explain why they are out of control.

    It is so comical and i am m staying sane thanks to Mark Weldon’s idiot attempt to fire his best staff to appease his master the spineless twerp.

    • CNBS… err C, coverage during a stock meltdown is indeed absolutely priceless genuine “reality” TV. Especially idiots like Cramer, whose stock tips are almost guaranteed to lose you money.

  3. While I was very disappointed Campbell was sacked, at least Story appears to be kind of politically neutral so far, unlike the competition with Hosking basically running a 30 minute ad for the National party each night, he is unbelievably biased, to the extent NZ TV has never seen before.
    I think it’s now time to start thinking about boycotting TVNZ just for giving Hosking his platform to spout rubbish every night, or at least boycotting 7 sharp.

  4. This article is so blindingly biased. One sided use on language. Very unbalanced to the point it alienates those who may agree with your tenuous claims.

  5. Make that 6739 members Martyn. Like many people I refuse to have anything to do with FB so can’t be part of FB groups, but I’ve been boycotting 3 for a long time now. Helps a lot that they stopped screening anything remotely watchable some time ago, but mostly out of protest.

    Re the 7pm slot- confession: I’m a Shortland Street addict, right from the very first episode (tragic, eh?). I’m well educated, well read, very clued up on what’s happening currrent affairs, but need a vice! The other 7pm programmes I watched online or on +1 or over summer when Shorty was off the air, and that was mostly CL. Never watched 7 Sharp, and no interest in the Story. Read enough about them to know not to waste my time. I actually miss the days of 3’s “Inside NZ” docos, remember them? TVNZ had given up on docos and these ones were really good. What a waste.

  6. i watch story..mainly out of a morbid curiousity to see if it could get even more crap..(and to get the raw material to give it the reviews it deserves..)

    ..and it does..regularly..

    ..it is television as excrement..(it makes ‘good morning’/’neighbours at war’ look like a philosophical-treatise..and that is no small effort..)

    ..then there is how the co-hosts loathe/diss each other..(but who fucken cares..?..eh..?..they could fall on each other and start chewing..but it would be met with a universal shrug of indifference..their show is so vile..irrelevant to anything..)

    ..you watch it if you like/get crumbs from.. really bad television..made badly..and for idiots..by idiots..

  7. Would be interesting to see the numbers of people who watch tv and follow sports etc and there exposure to flurodated water.
    Garbage in garbage out, Its a right wing propaganda machine guilty of treasonous lies and intellectual rape.

  8. “Story”? What story?

    Most of what they show is just trivial rubbish, dressed up to attempt to make it sound and look important.

    I am still surprised though, that “7Blunt” is maintaining such high viewership, many middle aged and mature folk must be rather bored with their daily lives, to spend 30 minutes watching Hosking and his off-siders chat and mutter similarly shallow bits of “infotainment” news.

    I suppose the hole is deep, for MSM “current affairs” to sink further. But with 3D on Sunday evening, I must say, that TV3 has had some good shows on there. Sadly that is far too short, current affairs in such a spot deserve 60 minutes time.

  9. I have a relative working high up in the Mediaworks organization. “Vultures” is exactly how he described the American company too. However he refutes any political interference in John Campbell’s demise, saying that it was all about ratings and money (not enough coming in).

  10. Slightly off-track, but a couple of years ago I got to go to the UK for the 1st time. I had 3 weeks of watching BBC and ITV news/current affairs most evenings (shock to the system having no ads with the former!). My 1st night back in Auckland I had the misfortune of seeing the 6 0’clock news here (can’t remember if it was 1 or 3), and literally went running from the room. It wasn’t the jet-lag, it was the total American-style presentation, patronising, being spoken to like I was an 8 year old and entertainment/sport domination. I haven’t watched NZ News since. I feel for the UK ex-pats who move out here.

  11. NZ Journalism is absolute crap, suitable for moronic 5 year olds who can’t think for themselves. Mike Hoskings would have to be one of the worst presenters ever to be on TV, however he is best mates with John Key and Ritchie McCaw.

  12. There is one little oddity in the TV1-TV3 news debate that noone seems to have considered.

    We once had only TV1. That was what you watched for the news. It became a thoroughly ingrained habit.

    When the second channel was set up, TV2 (who remembers South Pacific Television?), they both covered the news in their own reports. PM Robert “Piggy” Muldoon didn’t like that because he said it was wasteful. I suspected the real reason was the wily old sod didn’t like being interviewed twice; less control for him. So he ruled that TV1 would carry the news.

    And TV1 was the news channel again.

    Finally TV3 arrived with their reportage and news but they had to try and break the habit of TV1 for the news. They only had moderate success at that.

    Even now, so many years after multi TV channels, a large number of (mainly older) people still habitually watch TV1. They’ve never bothered with these johnny-come-latelies and still don’t.

    It will take a period of time for these people to die off, and certainly those born after multi TV channels are less infected with forgetting to choose their news sources, but a surprising number of post multi TV channel people still maintain the habits of their parents.

    A habit is not a choice…

    TV3 of course, have not helped their case at all by being such indecisive fuckwits about the type of news they carry and about whom it is aimed at.

    Their latest move to non-thinking television has really killed the option of news choice for us, and dear old TVNZ respond to this as a monopoly; we show what we bloody well want, not what people think they want.


    It’s so resolutely neo-liberal and depressing.

    One thing these turkeys have not counted on, or indeed seen coming, is the more widespread use of the interweb.

    Even with NZ’s appalling drip-feed interweb, those of us with a little bit of savvy can get our news from sources that broadcast news, not shite.

    This of course makes the whole argument over TV1-TV3 completely redundant.

    They can now simply go and get fucked…

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