What do Hungary and New Zealand have in common?





What do Hungary and New Zealand have in common? Besides having flags that are easily confused with other country’s…




Hungary Italy flags

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The answer; both are currently governed by right-wing parties, and both are guilty of inhumane, uncivilised obstructionist policies toward Syrian refugees in desperate need of re-settlement.

In New Zealand, the government consists of National and it’s parasitic satellite-party ACT, with support from Peter Dunne and the Maori Party.

In Hungary, the government consists of a large Muldoonist-style conservative party, Fidesz (pronounced  “Fee-dec” – as in ‘school decile’), and it’s parasitic satellite-party, the Christian Democratic People’s Party.

Both have adopted policies of bloody-minded stubborness refusing to assist refugees;


PM cold on upping refugee quota


Hungary PM - Europe's 'Christian roots' in danger from refugees


I don’t know which is worse; the xenophobe, or the fool who attempts top justify his inaction by pointing to others;

“There are quite a few countries that don’t take refugees.”

His rationale for not increasing our efforts to held Syrian refugees (they are not migrants!) is both gutless and nonsensical.

What is it about the Right that, when faced with a humanitarian crisis, they turn their backs and look the other way? From whence does such cowardice spring?

Especially when,   two years ago, Key made these comments in a speech to the United Nations;


key - United Nations - practising his hypocrisy

“The gap between aspiration and delivery is all too apparent, as the situation in Syria has again so brutally reminded us. 

But any failures of this institution are less failures of the Organisation than they are failures of us, its Member States, and those who have the responsibility of leading those states.

There would be no dreadful humanitarian situation in Syria if Syria’s leaders had upheld the commitments made to the international community and to the Syrian people when Syria joined this organisation and ratified the Human Rights Covenants.

This Organisation would not also have been a powerless bystander to the Syrian tragedy for over two years if the lack of agreement among the Security Council’s Permanent Members had not shielded the Assad regime – thereby re-confirming the fears of New Zealand and others who had opposed the veto at the original San Francisco conference in 1945.

New Zealand is pleased that the Security Council has at last met on the situation in Syria.” – John Key, 27 September 2013

It is not the UN Security Council that is now the “powerless bystander to the Syrian tragedy” – it is John Key and his morally-challenged government.

With our current refugee intake a measly 750 per year, there has been mounting pressure on our esteemed Dear Leader, John Key, to increase the number to one thousand, or to  double it.

After all, if the British  government had not taken in one particular female  Jewish refugee in 1939, after fleeing the Nazi take-over of Austria, our Prime Minister would never have existed.

It appears that Key is now displaying the same callous  indifference to Syrian refugees that he has exhibited to tenants of State houses and social welfare beneficiaries – despite the fact that his grandmother was a refugee and his mother a beneficiary of  this country’s once-generous state housing and welfare system.

It defies comprehension that a human being who owes his very existence to the compassion of others – now turns his back on those who need his help. John Key may have found wealth and power in his journey through life. But it appears he has also lost something along the way.

Meanwhile, there are those willing to lend a hand when others are in need;







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  1. Good post Frank you can also add Paula Bennett the ex beneficiary who turned hating on beneficiaries into an art form

  2. On the subject of right-wing governments, I believe that of the European governments only three (Greece, Italy and France) could be described as left-wing. Could be wrong on this but Adam Carr http://psephos.adam-carr.net/ suggests that every other European country has a right or centre-right government. Interesting co-incidence that Italy and Greece are the two countries being most hammered by the refugee crisis. A conspiracy theorist might impute that these two countries have deliberately been left to sort out the mess themselves by the right-wing democracies for political showboating. I really hope this isn’t true – it would be a supreme crime against humanity to be using these poor people for political gain.
    But I do think that there is not enough unity being shown by the European countries on this, for whatever reasons.
    On the radio this morning, it was suggested that NZ should make a positive impact by using its chairmanship of the UN Security Council to initiate UN action on this. I agree. The National government made a big play about making a positive contribution to the world stage so now is their chance.

    • Yep New Zealand would move a motion to up our refugees to 1000 …. Russia would veto it, Murray would say “OK, we’ll keep it at 750 then”

      • Since when does NZ need security council approval to increase its refugee intake?
        I was talking about it taking a leadership role in securing agreements to combat the crisis.
        If this is too much like hard work for McCully and National then they should get out and let someone else do the job, properly.

    • “it would be a supreme crime against humanity to be using these poor people for political gain.”

      That would be the Abbott regime in Australia, with Labor yapping along at its heels.

  3. It looks like Key is having some pressure brought to bear on him. About bloody time too!

    We can and must do more. I don’t buy the line that we can’t “afford” to take in more refugees. That’s crap.

  4. Dead bloody right Frank. I wonder how desperate things have to get to get this soulless idiot to offer the hand of help.
    It has now become a national (as well as a National) disgrace.

  5. Please – Frank and many others – please get informed about the true and hidden agendas of the UN and its security council.

    It is no accident that Jonkey is pushing the UN’s agenda and is so heavily connected with the UN’s security council. It will shock you and it will give you food for thought about our Helen Clark as well.

    There is an outer mask that the UN needs to put out into the world and their helpful activities are meant for very clear reasons. This is all about supporting the Agenda 21 and our Helen Clark is in the thick of it. She has lost tons of respect from many now with her supporting of this Agenda 21 and it is all very secret and hush hush. It will disgust you Frank and most when they finally are aware of all of this and just why they are pushing their agenda right now.




  6. For those who have studied the inexorable spread of Islam and it’s accompanying attacks on democratic freedoms, our Governments stance is entirely sensible. Far from being xenophobia, we should learn from the lessons of the UK, whose open door policies are causing huge social and cultural dislocation from muslim immigration. Let’s be careful not to make the same mistake here.

    • BIAB – we’re talking about refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq. They desperate to start new lives. I hardly think islamism is much on their minds.

      Just as spreading communism was not much on the minds of Eastern European refugees from the Soviet Bloc, post-1945.

      Your xenophobia is getting the better of you.

      • You are simply naieve if you really believe that Frank. And you are ignoring the evidence from other countries of just how Islam destroys societies freedoms from within.

        • Conflating religious extremism with refugees fleeing those very same religioyus extremists speaks more to your racism/xenophobia, BIAB, than thany thing logical.

          You just need to be more honest in your motivation.

        • You really are a xenophobe aren’t you, Borninabarn?

          Syrian refugees are people in need and instead you are pandering to your fears? Do you jump at every shadow that crosses your path?

          Islam doesn’t destroy societies from within, intolerance and prejudice does. The rise of fascism in Germany ands Italy and the deaths of 6 million jews, gypsies, homosexuals, communists, and other human beings should be proof of that.

  7. It’s rather cheap to point fingers at Europeans facing this flood when you have the comfort of several thousand miles of angry cold sea surrounding you.

  8. and both have bullshit artist ‘leaders’ (if that isn’t the most inappropriate description ever) more concerned with polls and personal ego.
    But hey .. Max Key’s a dEEEjay! and his dad is really really rich (eh?)
    Moving on …. ‘going forward’ …… etc
    I guess we’re just going to have to wait till Curia get some stats together. (Kind of sad there’s a bit of a very common denominator in all of that as well – FARRAR & KEY I mean)

  9. Koszonom Feri.

    I knew your parents. Both are good people. Thankyou for continuing to speak up for those who do not have a voice.

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