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  1. New Zealand’s MSM journalists are gutless when it comes to tackling the great National government smiley spin doctor, aka PM John Key.
    Morning Report on RNZ this morning. Following the damning report of the condition of state child care in NZ Duncan Garner asks John Key how things have got so bad under this government. Good start.
    Key responds by blaming the structure, also a good start. Then he goes off for several minutes blaming the call centres. I shake my head in disbelief. The whole system is totally f….d up and blaming the call centres is the best he can do???!!!
    OK, cut the man some slack, it is Monday morning, right?
    But Garner seems to lose his nerve from that moment on. Instead of pushing for more answers (like Kim Hill would) and challenging Key on his government’s appalling state child care record and demanding some answers that it will be fixed, Garner asks a few more light, tentative questions and then just leaves it at that!! To make it worse, then (with obvious relief in his voice) he goes on to ask Mr Key about the REAL news (the naming of the All Blacks World Cup squad). Garner carefully skirts around the political pandering that went on in the carefully staged television announcements from Parliament the night before. He nervously asked John Key if it might be seen as politicians basking in the ABs glory. A real journalist would have seen the juxtaposition in having a story about failing state child care and the politicians basking in the AB’s limelight occurring back to back but not Duncan, he missed it completely. John Key, of course, takes full advantage of Garner’s incompetence and you can imagine him putting his hand on his shoulder (metaphorically of course) and saying “hold your breath and count to 10 Duncan and you will forget all your troubles, just let me finish this story for you, trust me!”
    It just reinforces what I thought earlier, the rugby world cup will be a great smokescreen for the National government to hide behind and divert most people’s attention from their appalling inattention to the welfare of our most vulnerable people. Shame on our pathetic MSM for playing along with this charade.

    • Hi Mike the Lefty, this might seem a small detail but details do matter and getting attribution of broadcast material correct is an essential detail if people are going to look into or maintain interest in a topic. Of course, some might say it doesn’t really matter in such a concentrated microcosm of limited choice that passes for the NZ MSM, but I still believe certain details matter. A journalist’s identity and the broadcaster they work for are examples of details that matter.

      Guyon Espiner is one of the hosts of RNZ’s Morning Report.

      Duncan Garner works for Radio Live. (& also does that Story magazine show)

      In the RNZ item from this a.m’s Morning Report, the interview with the PM began with discussion on the AB’s then it goes onto discuss CYF. Maybe your piece above is referring to an interview broadcast on Radio Live? ( I generally don’t listen to RadioLive as there are only so many times a day you can throw a radio against the wall 🙂 )

      btw, here is the RNZ interview with the PM from [Monday] morning.

      • yes I wondered about that….as I didnt listen to Morning Report this morning…and didnt miss it!….I concluded from Mike the Lefty that Duncan Garner was standing in for Guyon Espiner , who usually does fairly limp sycophantic interviews of John Key anyway

        …but not so…Mike the Lefty should have been referring to Duncan Garner on RadioLive

        • You are all correct. It should have been Espiner, not Garner. Major slip up there, sorry Duncan. I stand by the rest of it, though.

  2. @ mike – frustrating isn’t it. All I can say is I hope people working within our MSM feel good about children getting abused, while they sit back and do nothing. What ever happened to reporting the truth, good fair debate, and the obligation to the NZ public to be impartial.
    Yeah right.

  3. FJK’s response re All Black selection announcement in Parliament below.

    As far as I’m concerned, Parliament buildings belong to the public. It is where our political representatives (supposedly) administrate the nation and nothing else. It is it is not a venue to announce sports teams for international matches, or a place for egotistical maniacs to be seen basking in the glory of the ABs, despite what Key says to the contrary, the Rugby Union requesting the selection announcement be made at Parliament! Shame on Andrew little as well, for putting himself literally in the picture here!

    Seems to me since the AB’s win in the Bledisloe Cup recently, FJK can’t get enough of being in the company of Captain Richie McCaw (poor Richie). He’s doing it for a reason, other than to be seen with winners! I’d say FJK is trying to get Richie onside to become a NatzKEY politician, to attract the popular vote! It will be self serving for FJK!

    • Yep, I reckon there will be at least one ex-All Black high on the National Party list for the next election. It won,t make any difference whether the man has anything between the ears or not, if he can capture the non-thinking voter than that’s the only thing that matters to National.

  4. I watched the history Channel this morning and the show about Watergate as it relates to how the gutless media here failed to investigate as US media did, and in particular Dick Cavett as his talk show was always discussing in issues even after Nixon got re-elected but see if you can get hold of a copy of his excellent coverage of it.

    It seems that even after nixon got re elected the cross party Congressional hearings investigation was held.

    It was this inclusive investigation is what brought Nixon down.

    Nixon did what Key did, by using the media to cover it up.

    So we need a cross party Royal enquiry into Keys involvement in the similar actions key allowed of hacking into opposition files and leaking them for National’s and key’s political gain. If we dont then we are less democratic than even USA is it will show as as a failed state.

    It appears we are blocked by our Government here on the PBS site as it should be free?

    I Cant when when I try to download the following documentary on how they got Nixon as we can get Key.

    I cant post it here so can someone find the report elsewhere and post it please?…/1880/‎

    Dick Cavett’s Watergate
    Full Episode
    Premiere date: August 8, 2014 | 0:55:11
    From 1972 to 1974, the Watergate scandal was frequently a part of “The Dick Cavett Show.” In fact, Cavett was at the forefront of national TV coverage, interviewing nearly every major Watergate figure as the crisis unfolded. With exclusive access to the archive of the show, DICK CAVETT’S WATERGATE documents the scandal in the words of the people who lived it: from the botched burglary at the Democratic National Headquarters; to the must-see TV of the daily Congressional Watergate hearings; to the ongoing behind-the-scenes battle between the White House and “The Dick Cavett Show,” culminating with the resignation of President Nixon on August 9, 1974. DICK CAVETT’S WATERGATE offers a unique opportunity to mark the 40th anniversary of a defining moment in American history.

    Here is the yidio site if you are a subscriber.


    Dick Cavett’s WatergateNext Show: 12 Sep, 11:10pm9pm, Wednesday 17 June

    Former chat show host Dick Cavett offers a personal, intimate and entertaining look back at a political scandal that gripped American audiences for two years as the drama played out.

    On June 17, 1972, five men were arrested after breaking into the Washington headquarters of the Democratic Party. Senior figures within President Richard Nixon’s administration initially denied any involvement, but over the ensuing months it emerged that a major cover-up operation was in progress. As more evidence came into the public domain, it became clear that Nixon’s closest aides were involved in a conspiracy of silence. On August 9, 1974, Nixon became the first president to resign his office. The documentary features archive material from The Dick Cavett Show, on which the scandal regularly featured, and new interviews with some of the key players, including Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the Washington Post journalists who broke the scandal. Archive news footage and highlights from the Congressional hearings evoke the behind-the-scenes battle between the White House and Cavett’s TV show. Finally, the programme explores Nixon’s pardon by his successor, Gerald Ford. In a 1979 interview, Cavett pressed the president for his opinion on Nixon’s guilt or innocence. Over 35 years later, Ford’s response still seems remarkable.

    9pm, Wednesday 17 June

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    • If you are interested in this part of history Daniel Hopsicker argues that the full story of the Watergate is far from told…the part that is not told is that apparently it was a turf war for the control of narcotics drugs and arms smuggling between Richard Nixon and the CIA….Nixon wanted to keep the control and profits for the government… Nixon was brought down…the CIA won

  6. NZ Media journalists remind me of kitten shit, they are frightened of Key as they will lose there jobs-gutless chickens. A climate of fear exists here in NZ Journalism-all clones!

  7. Good article in Herald today ,critisising National, mainly John Key,so I suppose its goodbye Peter Lyons, following Dita de Bono.
    Cant have anyone having a go at Key,so be off Lyons . The amount of critical comments show the public has cottoned on to the disaster of John Key and his band of compliant useless MPs.About time.

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