Our Parliament – a place to ram through laws for beer drinking at Rugby games and announcing the All Black line up


Other than ramming through mass surveillance laws and other controversial legislation under urgency, National have turned Parliament into a Sports Bar.

They take time out of the legislative agenda to allow every bar to open for the entire RWC (despite the law 3 years ago that specifically set up the parameters under which pubs could open during the RWC) and of course National are using it to bask in All Black glory by using Parliament to announce the RWC team.




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    • @ Jack Ramaka – yep.

      No doubt by hanging around Richie McCaw, FJK is hoping to convince the AB captain, to become a NatzKEY politician, to improve his own deceptive and corrupt chances of being returned in 2017! In other words, FJK is using Richie to keep himself in power! And we all know FJK likes to stick to winners doesn’t he?

      Hopefully, when Richie retires from rugby, he will tell FJK to stick his arsehole crawling and NatzKEY dirty politics where the sun don’t shine! After all Richie deserves a lot better than to have this filthy fiend sniffing around him at every opportunity!

  1. Hmmmm..so that’s why John Key can’t conveniently remember his attitude to the 1981 Springbok Tour eh? Bit of a conflict of interest with the blokey, be-everything-to-everyone-nice-guy?

    Well, watch the back-story unfold as Key and the spin-doctors try to create a pro-rugby backstory and combine it with an anti-apartheid stance.

    and as Orwell put it so succinctly in ‘1984’….. “The past was erased, the erasure forgotten, the lie became truth” Knighthoods all round and even a cushy National Party seat somewhere – maybe Ohariu or Epsom?

  2. The All Blacks have gone from being the national team to the National Party team. Not that the New Zealand Rugby Union probably cares, but they and Key have actually politicised the All Blacks. None of New Zealand’s other national sports team have an obvious political bias. I reckon any All Black who publicly criticised any of this government’s policies would be firmly put in their place.

    • So every time the All Blacks play during an election year, will it be counted as advertising for the National Party? What will be the dollar amount allocated, so it doesn’t go over the election cap?

      If the election is on a Saturday and the All Blacks are playing, will it be classed as electioneering on behalf of the National Party?

      It’s slippery territory when the National Rugby Team, becomes the National Party Beefy Cheerleaders.

      Still, it’s all good for AIG though, who will be beneficiaries of a corporate TPPA deal and an election campaign that displays its corporate logo for free during National Party political advertising?

      Will it be a scrum going forward in 2017 electioneering by National, instead of a rowboat?

      Will “The world in union” be National Party’s logo instead of Eminem’s “Lose yourself”

      So many questions, so much drinking time left before the 2017 election!

  3. I’ve seen Courtney Place on Saturday and Sunday early mornings, when hard-core drinkers/drunks are trashing the place; picking fights; and generally behaving obnoxiously.

    No sane person in their right mind would venture out at 5am to watch a game of rugby, with boozed idiots on the loose.

    Thank you, Mr Key and David “No Social Conscience” Seymour. As our A&E Wards fill up with bloodied drunks, bars and breweries will be making tidy profits.

    I feel sorry for the police and ambulance staff who will be picking up the human wreckage.

    Meanwhile, Key and Seymour will be sleeping safely in their warm beds.

    • To the establishment, you will be seen as a killjoy wowser Frank. But I guess it is easy to call people who care wowsers when you have never have the pleasure of cleaning all the broken glass, vomit and excrement off the footpaths, and patching up all the beaten wives and children when it is all over.

  4. I wonder what Robert Muldoon would have thought of this? After all he campaigned vigorously on keeping politics out of sport, although admittedly it was before international rugby went fully professional. When there is lots of cash to be made and nationalistic glory to be milked, anything is up for grabs, right?

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