State House Sale hikoi to Parliament Tuesday 13th October


If we do not fight back against this government’s war on the poor then we agree to living on our knees.

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  1. If the government knows the Hikoi is Oct ,you can be sure the state houses will be sold by then .The developers will have their plans drawn up soon.
    So saying,I hope it goes well ,everyone should join in not just Maori,we are all in this together.

  2. A Hikoi against the continual repression NatZ draconian cutbacks and selling off of NZ under this Government policies should be joined to this hikoi.

    All support for a nation wide Hikoi to parliament for saving all our assets including our taxpayer owned state housing.

    There must be a Hikoi march begin from top and bottom of both regions to arrive at parliament and also invitation to all groups for their issues also such as TTPA and sale of other assets.

    The event needs to be the genesis for public display of dissention of Government policy on all issues, employment, safety, health, poverty,
    education, prisons, homeless, child care, and many other issues so the public can be involved here.

  3. Why is there no route to be marched? Is it just a meeting at parliament, I thought a hikoi was a march. I will go if I find ppl to go with, where it is, etc.

    • Yes same here – we need more details please.
      This is a good idea – but more information is needed if it is to work.

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