Bassem Eid – Palestine’s Errol Tobias



Throughout history every struggle for human rights has had its sellouts – those from the oppressed who side with the oppressor for personal gain.

When the South African rugby team, the Springboks, toured New Zealand in 1981 they included a token black player – Errol Tobias – solely to try and undermine opposition to a racist team representing the racist ideology of apartheid.

New Zealanders weren’t fooled then and neither will we be fooled now by the appearance of Palestinian propagandist Bassem Eid – who sides with Israel in its opposition to the BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) Campaign. Israel is very worried because BDS has become so effective in mobilising opposition to Israel’s racist policies towards Palestinians, its occupation of the West Bank and its medieval siege of Gaza.

Shame on Auckland University for hosting a public meeting for Eid and on the Astor Foundation and the Mira Szászy Research Centre which also supported this visit.

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We should use Eid’s presence in New Zealand to strengthen our determination to build the BDS movement here and support Palestinian human rights. Here’s a place you can start.

Here is the media release from New Zealand’s Palestine Human Rights Campaign responding to Eid’s visit:

Lone Palestinian Zionist Propagandist in New Zealand   27.08.15

The Palestine Human Rights Campaign is appalled that lobby groups have invited  Bassem Eid, founder of the now debunked Palestine Human Rights Monitoring Group, to speak in New Zealand.  Zionist lobbying groups have assigned him the task of undermining pro-Palestine solidarity activism with a special focus on Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns.

In 2005 Palestinian civil society called for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and complies with international law and respect Palestinian rights. 

PHRC spokesperson Tuma Hazou, himself a Palestinian refugee, says ” BDS is a non-violent initiative and allows people of conscience to play an effective role in the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice. But the growth of global support for BDS has alarmed Israel and a budget of 100 million shekels has been set aside to counter its impact“.

Israeli-sponsored Zionist and pro-Israeli groups have countered with a hasbara (PR) campaign against all BDS initiatives and activists.  Bassem Eid teamed with anti-Palestinian former Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz as the main speakers at last March’s Stand With Us Anti-BDS Conference in Los Angeles to combat the boycott movement against Israel. 

Eid has regularly engaged in outlandish attacks on the growing BDS movement, but finding a Palestinian willing to adopt and parrot the same hysterical, anti-Palestinian ranting makes Eid a particularly valuable asset for racist, Zionist organizations dedicated to undermining Palestinian rights. 

Hazou observes that ” Eid has willingly and wholeheartedly embraced his very lucrative role as a token Palestinian working not only to undermine Palestinian solidarity in support of the inalienable Palestinian human rights, but also to blame the Palestinians themselves for their own massacres at the hands of the Israeli military”. Why?  Because Eid claims that they fail to rebel against both Hamas in Gaza and Fatah and the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank. He does not criticize Israel for the mass punishment and its war crimes against Palestinians as indicted by the UN Human Rights Council, Amnesty International and leading Israel human rights organisations such as B’Tselem and the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions.

Bassem Eid has been calling upon the Palestinians to adopt non-violent means to attain their rights, yet he denounces the BDS campaign which is in essence a non-violent strategy adopted by the full spectrum of Palestinian civil society and supported by a growing global human rights movement. Tuma states that “Eid is a lone voice and DOES NOT speak for the oppressed Palestinians, although he shamelessly claims to speak for the “reasonable, peace-loving” element among the Palestinian people. Meanwhile he adopts the most extreme, right-wing Zionist positions and tours the world on behalf of the usurping apartheid Israel”.  

For the daily toll on Palestine (IOP In Occupied Palestine)



    • It’s just occurred to me (slow thinker) that as the Illuminati set up the universities way way back before such illustrious institutions existed, they also decided on installing their ideology, their agenda, and the route of their intended outcome. It also occurs to me that the Illuminati run and control all, without exception, hospitals, drug companies and the health of the peoples of the world. Did you know that there are cures for every known disease. I didn’t, but I do now.

  1. John – you know nothing about the Middle East, just like you knew nothing about Southern Africa.

    We witness the handiwork of crackpots such as yourself as South Africa slowly slides into a morass of corruption, incompetence, nepotism and violence. Great job John!

    Just like South Africa was, Israel is certainly imperfect in its human rights record (as are all nations) but is also a shining light of democracy, freedom and intellect in a region of extreme ignorance and savagery.

    Radicals such as yourself are always keen to bring down regimes you don’t like…. but aren’t so clear on what you want to replace them with…

    • Andrewo – I would bet that John, like other open minded left wing peace makers, have a plan and it includes bringing about more peace and justice and equality for all. To expose the Illuminati families and their greedy intentions is a very good thing and thanks – John again for a well written piece. I am wondering how much the Astor Foundation and EID and the Miro Szaszy Research Center funds the Auckland University ? ! ? How much do they own and control the University ? ? ? Gives on food for thought and desire to research their connections here in NZ.
      Where there any Palestinian representatives at this meeting ? ? ? Bet not.
      Who is ” standing with ” the Palestinians at this meeting of Zionist Israeli supporters and backers. Shame on Auckland University ! Would love to know how much they fund you.

      Getting rid of the upper 1% psychopathic mega-corporate ( and the Illuminati families ) and their control of our banks; governments and media etc. is first in this plan as they are the major cause of all this worldwide unrest and wars. Profits and greed are their gods.

      Get educated a bit Andrewo and read some of the following and open your mind beyond being buried in the sand.
      The Astor family is one of the main families in the Illuminati. Wake up ! ! Do some research about The Tavistock Institute and the history of the Illuminati.

      • So Blake exactly HOW would John and his friends bring “more peace and justice and equality for all” in Israel?

        It’s really easy to point out the deficiencies in that country but much less easy to propose a solution.

        If John is reading this post I would love to see him set out his plan to achieve the above… but I’m not holding my breath. 😉

        (John has a long history of supporting Marxist despots but despite his attempt at recycling himself as a Green, some of us have long memories.)

    • I suggest you do some research Andrew bloody ignoramous….
      “Israel is certainly imperfect in its human rights record (as are all nations) but is also a shining light of democracy, freedom and intellect in a region of extreme ignorance and savagery” …

      My god,are you for real…the Zionist! supported by billions of dollars in weaponry and the rest by the compliant West have slaughtered with utter cold blooded saveragery the Arab people since 1948′ to create their dirty little Zionist state… Dier Yasin ring a bell in1948′ and had have continued doing so with absolute impunity continued …I feel disgusted and embarrassed that we as a country have an Israeli Embassy

    • “Just like South Africa was, Israel is certainly imperfect in its human rights record (as are all nations) but is also a shining light of democracy, freedom and intellect in a region of extreme ignorance and savagery. “

      Good lord, I used to write rubbish like that, in my teens and twenties. More to do with the United States being ” a shining light of democracy, freedom and intellect in a region of extreme ignorance and savagery”.

      Then I found out what the US did in supporting the over-throw of the Allende government in 1973 and I realised how wrong and misguided I had been.

      I hope you grow out of your naivete, Andrew, and I mean that in a nice way.

      • You see, I’m a moral relativist – the exact opposite to a naïve socialist. I’m a realist, seasoned by decades of working in 3rd world states and seeing exactly what goes on.

        So when I say that about Israel I am comparing it to the alternative.

        Would you like Israel to go the way of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and all the other tin-pot states ruled by a mixture of Kings, Clerics and Gangsters?

        Because from where I’m sitting, that’s the only alternative on offer.

        Unless you have a better plan? Please feel free to detail it here….

        • Israel is the same as the other nations you mention if you are not the right type. The only reason you support Israel is you hold the same values & refuse to allow any freedom of religion etc to other groups. I don’t agree with Palestinian violence but they were provoked into it as Israel refused to offer them any other option to survive.

          • Quick Thinking you may be, but you’re terribly uninformed.

            Within Israel there are both mosques and churches in operation without restriction. Israel also gives its Arab citizens the right to vote and there are Muslim member of the Knesset.

        • Just as I thought!

          None of you are capable of even attempting to outline an alternative.

          You people want to tear everything down that you consider imperfect but have no idea what to replace it with.

          Come back and talk when you’ve thought this through a little more.

  2. Forgot to mention (in my blog above/below?) that the Astor Foundation is Illuminati Elite in the One World Order.

    • Kia ora Helena,

      Not that I can see. I’ve had a look, and can’t find any of your misplaced posts. Can you report it and I’ll keep an eye open for it.


  3. Shame on Auckland University for hosting a public meeting for Eid and on the Astor Foundation and the Mira Szászy Research Centre which also supported this visit.

    No, shame on you for expressing this sentiment.

    I might find Eid abhorrent and his message poisonous but fully support the right to free speech.

    And importantly, one of the functions of a University is to expose people to ideas, even if they are confronting. It teaches people to think.

    There has been a lamentable trend from many in my beloved left to try to censor ideas they oppose rather than confront them with rational argument.

    • There have always been restrictions on free speech. Universities are meant to be repositories of truth and wisdom. They should not be even appearing to considers Eid’s propaganda as valid points.

      • That is so wrong!

        They are not just repositories for knowledge

        Universities used to be places for open debate but now the fascist ‘PC Police’ rule the show that’s long gone.

    • Kia ora Richard,

      If General Pinochet had come to New Zealand would it be appropriate for him to be hosted by Auckland University? What about the leader of the KKK? or Adolf Hitler? would you support his “right to free speech” at Auckland University?
      When the “right to free speech” for a person like EID undermines and debases the freedom of others then it becomes a tool of oppression. Let Eid exercise his free speech by carrying a placard up Queen Street with his vile ideas imprinted thereon.

      • John.

        Ridicule ideas, expose them, argue against them, never censor them or you will have no argument when the same the same is done to you.

        You disappoint me, I thought you were above this.

        • Why don’t you respond to John’s query would it be okay for those people to any of those mentioned to come to Auckland university to speak.

        • You haven’t answered my question Richard – should the likes of Adolf Hitler have enjoyed the same freedom of speech to launch racist attacks against vulnerable groups?

              • I respect you Frank, and so I would suggest you read his first reply where he compared Eid’s ‘vile’ ideas to those of Hitler and Pinochets.

                The sad thing is I also used to respect John, especially when he had the courage to criticize the SA Government, both pre and post. But now it seems he has become little more than a partisan hack, so entrenched in his ideology that he can’t see he has become every bit as biased and twisted as the people he used to expose.

          • Auckland University should definitely have invited Hitler et al to speak – it would have provided great opportunities to have free and open debates about their demented beliefs. Televise them like a presidential debate, challenge them to justify their stance publicly, with a talented speaker to present the other side.

            Now that would be good current affairs TV.

        • Richard and Andrew – you show such ignorance and bias in your comments and clearly you are not aware of the zionist/illuminati connections with the Israeli agenda. Please spend a bit of time looking into the links I put up and maybe you can then write with some authority and integrity that John and Frank and others display.

        • you have a point…but will the opposition to this guy come out and speak up?…if so then good…the debate is on!

          ….if not then fascism and racism has won on a New Zealand university campus …and the human rights violations against the Palestinians continues in dogma and propaganda form

      • Yes, yes and yes.

        Because although these people are odious, the alternative of censorship is even more odious.

        I see you only chose right wing demagogues to make your point but you didn’t include any left wing genocidal maniacs. I wonder why……?

    • Yes right on, we should have brought Hitler here in 1939 to give his views, freedom of speech and all that.

    • Freedom of speech is to be applauded … but who stood to give the Right of Reply? It seems John Minto’s blog does.

    • an extreme form of censorship is the jailing of ‘holocaust deniers’…even when they recant and change their minds and are historians…

      others including a New Zealand academic who have questioned holocaust numbers have also been hounded ( persecuted )…and not all so called ‘holocaust deniers’ actually deny the holocaust ….some quibble over the exact numbers

      … reminders of the Catholic Church Inquisitions…think the right dogma dogmatic way or else get punished…far better to have robust debate out in the open…

      …and of the approximately 13 million deliberately murdered in the Second World War holocaust camps and executed as defined groups ..least we forget (it is also conveniently forgotten)… that as well as the agreed six million Jews caught up in this holocaust , there were an estimated half to one and a half million Rom Gypsies ( almost the entire Eastern European Gypsy population), 5,000-15,000 gays, three million Poles of non Jewish ancestry, Communists, Atheists, Jehovahs Witnesses, ‘immoral’ women, handicapped …and Resisters to the Nazis from all parts of Europe including Russia, Germany , France ….all up some estimate 13 million deliberately killed as defined groups not in battle! ( and there have been other holocausts eg. 1.5 million Christian Armenians in the First World War and the patriarchal monotheistic God knows how many witches were killed in the great European witch hunts!…up to nine million?)

      …all this calls for freedom of speech and debate without restriction and fear of punishment ( feel free to disagree)

  4. Completely agree with Richard. Why on earth should we be shaming Universities in to not being able to host people with whom elements within the so called “left” may not agree?? For Christ’s sake it’s not East Berlin – expose ideas to the sunlight, to a contest with other ideas, and accept that the test of a real democracy is one that allows even the most objectionable ideas to be expressed and debated.

    • Jan – Many on this board wish it was East Germany

      When it comes down to the basics, radicals wish to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. Their ideal world is not one of open discourse and freedom of choice. Instead it one where everyone has to do as they’re told…by them.

      It’s not hard to see that allowing such people to gain access to political power is a sure step to totalitarianism.

          • I am sure Frank supports the questioning of authority – just like Mao’s “Hundred Flowers” campaign of 1956, and the executions that followed.

        • Bizarre comment from someone who expresses support for Mao and believes “the great leap forwards” worked well.

          • Hmmm, now you’re taking quotes out of context and misrepresenting what I said?

            Dishonesty – comes naturally to right wingers. (And without the courage to even put a name to your expressed beliefs.)

            • Perhaps you should reread your recent comments in which you supported Mao’s great leap forwards reforms, and then called me amoral. You are in no position to comment on anyone’s dishonesty but your own.

      • For god sake…this guy Basm Eid isn,t sharing his beliefs as you put it”. He is clearly a well paid mouth piece to continue the Zionist propaganda and total untruths….you guys are a total embarrassment !
        thank you John Minto ….the whole ‘antisemite’ thing was devised precisely to shut down any opposition or rational debate since the late 19th century……..will earlier really as the so called ‘persecution of Jews’ has been one big lie and Deliberately designed to their advantage to vindicate their creation and continued expansion of Israel …

  5. Shame on U. of Auck. – how much are these Illuminati related pro-xionists funding you? Where were the Palestinian reps at this biased meeting ?
    Andrewo – after you get your head out of the sand and realize that people like John are all about peace and justice and equality for all than you may wake up a bit and read some of the following and learn something :

  6. Keshe Foundation Peace Map, 27 May 2015, sets out the rules for all Governments in establishing world peace.
    Keep tabs on world events, it’s going to be a great ride until the final date of 21 December 2016 for total world peace. Dr Keshe has already fired warning shots across the bows. Germany first to turn 4 (?) military bases into parkland.

    Sovereign State of Palestine … a given
    Sovereign State of Israel … a given

    Zionism … sorry chaps, game’s over. We win you lose 😀

  7. Ironically we didn’t hear pro-Zionist groups or the Israeli Government demanding censorship when the University brought pro-palestine activists like Samah Sabawi to give lectures.

    Freedom of speech seems to only apply to John Minto when he tries to use it as a legal defense.

  8. Your criticism of Auckland University is misplaced. University’s are traditionally places where diverse, sometimes highly controversial, viewpoints are articulated, and therefore put under the microscope. Opinions are no less worthy simply because you (or I) find them abhorrent.

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