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How would everyone feel about

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c) We are going to start clamping down more on personal abuse between commentators and would like to open up thoughts form you the readers about what you would like to see in terms of comments and what the rules should be.

Please leave comments below. Thoughts on what we will do will be published middle of next month.

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  1. Where is Jason Eade these days? Last I heard, he was working for some corporation and that was last year.

    You would think a credible msm would be chasing Eade up, hounding him, asking the hard questions, scrutinizing his part in Dirty Politics. But no, because NZ’s msm has absolutely zero credibility!

    However, when it comes to Labour and the like, in particular David Cunliffe, msm goes for it guns a-blazing, firing off on all cylinders to destroy him! Cunliffe must have been deemed a threat to FJK, for what turned out to be a complete witch hunt, courtesy of FJK’s personal media networks!

  2. Wait for it…all things National will be ‘brilliant and fantastic’ coming up to the flag referendum.
    Soooooo predictable this lot, just wondering why the rest of the country hasn’t clicked.

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