EXCLUSIVE: Colin Craig vs Cameron Slater




Cameron Slater has written a few blogs on Whaleoil claiming that Colin Craig is all bark and no bite and that he won’t really go through with serving papers to Cameron over Colin’s defamation action against him.

TDB can confirm that Cameron has in fact been served with the legal papers, which would explain why Cameron has gone suddenly so quiet on his blog about Colin Craig.

Has Cameron bitten off more than he can chew with Colin Craig? Cameron made a range of allegations of inappropriate sexual harassment and that there were other women pending to complain, TDB said at the time that entire thing smelled like another act of Dirty Politics with the exact same players we’ve all come to know and love being involved. All Cam has to do is prove what he said is true, yet he seems to have gone from crowing about how Colin won’t see through his threat of defamation to saying nothing at all.

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This is now the 3rd legal action aimed at Cameron. The Matthew Blomfield defamation case continues, the Police are investigating him for possibly paying a hacker to hack The Standard and now he has Colin Craig pressing ahead with his defamation action.

Looks like the Whaleoil readerships will have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay Cameron’s legal bills again, which seems extraordinary when you consider from Dirty Politics that Cameron secretly takes money from interest groups to smear and attack the enemies of those interest groups.

In the words of Mike Hosking – and this may be the only time I ever quote Mike – ‘Happy Days’.


  1. Well done TDB for this exclusive. Good one guys.

    Nothing in msm about it, which is hardly surprising though, given its main news scoops are of young blonde Kiwi women unable to find work in London!

    I’m no fan of Colin Craig – far too right leaning for me. However I wish him well in his case against the greasy whale, who needs bringing down one way or another. Having the funds to do it, Craig just might be the catalyst here to burn Slater.

    What I am looking forward to if Craig is successful, is the fragile minded one Slater, squealing. And squeal he will, particularly if he is unable to get FJK onside to help him out here, considering the “help” he has given NatzKEY over recent years!

  2. Who really reads Whaleoil anyway? He freezes out anyone with intelligence and only has his cheer leaders as readers and bloggers.
    He will eventually get his just desserts and the sooner the better.

    • I read Whaleoil. And The Daily Blog.

      Just as I read a The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph.

      I do not close my mind, nor do I coddle my opinions.

  3. This is my opinion, and fear , honed from what I’ve learned from observing the pathetic debacle our politics is and the equally pathetic thinky, thinky skills we’re left with after thirty years of neo liberalism.

    Craig and slater are a tag team. ( My apologise for the U.S.A ! U.S.A ! BOO YEAH MUTHA FUCKA ! term. )

    Ponder this .
    Craig , secretly actually asks slater to defame him ( It ? ) . In return , craig has a legal go at slater , and here’s the kicker ( U.S.A ! U.S.A ! BOO YEAH MUTHA FUCKA ! )
    Craig, like the cops ( All bought and paid for U.S.A ! U.S.A ! BOO YEAH MUTHA FUCKA ! ) will turn slater inside out ( How about that for a mental picture ? ) and guess what … ? They will find nothing. Slater walks free, psychologically cleansed of all wrong doing to go back to doing yankee doodle psycho jonky-stiens dirty work while we Hi Ho back to our 12 hour a day work for our foreign masters , the Banks .
    Craig is seen to have a go at the Slater arse. The Slater arse, it is proven, is still an arse but a tough guy arse that’s seen to be a champion of the perverse albeit righteous Right.

    The dark side Win – Wins .

    I saw the same thing happen during the Whinebox Inquiry where there was more dirty laundry being shown than the day jerry brownlee got the shits .

    Winston Peters went at them like a rabid dog ……. aaannnnnnd …… ? Nothing.

    I dearly hope I’m wrong. I also dearly hope I’m right.


  4. Sadly, Slater can’t lose.
    If he loses in the courtroom he will become more popular with the liberals. And money is not a concern for him, he’ll have plenty of Tory donors ready to throw some money at him.

    Slater’s power is the result of our mainstream media, which is allowed by the SOE model that TVNZ has to operate under. Andrew Little needs to get some guts and challenge our profit obsession.

    As for Colin Craig, well, he shouldn’t of spent millions trying to get into National’s WhaleSpem stained bed.

    • I beg to differ- one thing I know about Tories and their money- they hate backing a horse that looks like it might not win.

      Slater is becoming their phenomena non gratis….


    • “popular with the liberals”. Please, you mean the neo-liberals, free marketeers, etc. There is still life in true liberalism, whose root is freedom.

  5. Dirty Politics aside, for the record I believe that Slater is dead on about Craig and dead on about you-know-who. And I don’t believe he tried to hack The Standard (and I’ve read Prentice’s post). This is just my opinion based on publicly available information.

    No real surprises of course. But regardless of all that it’s definitely an interesting time for the blogging community and at the end of they day there will be casualties.

    • And I don’t believe he tried to hack The Standard (and I’ve read Prentice’s post). This is just my opinion based on publicly available information.

      I’d be interested in that “publicly available information”.

  6. I hope Colin wins.

    But will Slater sing Dear Jude, to his BFF ex minister of justice?

    And has he got a bundle of dirt on JK to barter with.

    • I hope Cameron wins. We surely do not want a reversion to the hallowed British tradition of journalists and journals paralyzed by fear of libel suits.

    • Go Colin – you good thing. Slater got knocked on his arse in the ring. Just waiting and hoping to see it happen in court.

      Forget money Colin, make Slater disclose all the dirt he has on Key instead of paying you money. You don’t need the money you just need to be vindicated for being the victim of “Dirty Politics” instigated by Key and others.

      Go Colin – you good thing.

  7. […] were we supposed to know that the most litigious pretend-politician in the country would try and take us to the cleaners just for alleging that he’d had an affair with his press secre…?! If anything, we were doing him a favour! Before us, he just looked a bit weird. WE GAVE HIM […]

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