Let’s be honest as to why the Police don’t want to reopen the Susan Burdett case



Come on everyone, let’s be honest as to why the Police don’t want to reopen the Susan Burdett – Police arrogance mixed with an alpha male belief that exposure of their internal corruption will spook the sleepy hobbits of NZ.

The cops really shouldn’t be so timid. The sleepy hobbits of NZ are so captured culturally by a sad desire to worship authority that it doesn’t matter what the Police do in NZ, the sleepy hobbits will cling to always supporting the Police no matter what they get caught doing.

Our colonial hangup comes from settlers needing the mounted constabulary to beat up unruly natives angered at their land being stolen. Muddle Nu Zilind has always turned a blind eye to abuse of power by Police because deep down in places they don’t want to admit at dinner parties, Muddle Nu Zilind are secretly grateful that someone will deal to those noises at night produced by a system that stole them the land they live on.

If that ‘dealing to’ means a bit of the bash, well Muddle Nu Zilind chalk that up as the cost to stay here.

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Which leads us back to the despicable case of Susan Burdett. Police knew Teina Pora was innocent, they knew a 16 year old couldn’t have physically caused the terrible injuries Burdett suffered, they needed a patsy and easily led  Teina Pora became that patsy.

Pora was framed, and the cops knew it.

Once the DNA evidence pointed clearly to serial rapist Malcolm Rewa as the suspect, Police twisted and turned to not have the Pora case over turned. They were happier to see an innocent man remain in prison for 30 years than admit they had framed him.

Welcome to NZ.

The idea that Rewa would have raped Burdett, but not then murdered her is the sort of logic only a fool would believe. Are we to seriously believe that after raping Burdett, Rewa left the home and just be unbelievably bad luck someone else broke in and brutally murdered Burdett?

Is that what we must believe to save the Police their face?

It is what the NZ public demand we believe so that their fragile pedestal on which they allow the Police to balance is not toppled over.

We a culture with all the maturity of a can of coke, our sad refusal to hold the Police to account is surely our worst cultural cringe.



  1. Seems we’ve had a fair few of those cases over the decades.

    Which is as criminal and creepy as the bad guys they lock up.

    And as bad an indictment on our legal system.

    Clean up your act , NZ Police, clean it up.

  2. Part right, we hate the filth but run like babies to them when we’re threatened. A day in court will peel the film from your eyes. What a cop says is Always true, no contest. Yes a good mouthpiece can poke holes in statements extracted under coercion, dodgy evidence, conflicting Facts, but the reality is no legal aid for under a $1000 cases means justice by wallet.
    By the very nature of an insular “biggest gang in the land” that we accept without question we’ve created the very system that still refuses to admit it has a problem.

    • Attend any of the provincial courts and watch how another Teina Pora could happen. Also, the media have a lot to answer for in their reporting of cases. Junior Kurariki is a perfect example. He was only one of five young people at the age of 12. He did not handle or swing the base ball bat that killed the pizza delivery boy. And yet the media had him branded as the cherub killer for life. He’s grown into someone with a strong grudge against authority. No one remembers the others thanks to the media focus. The police should be held accountable for Teina Pora’s jailing and the courts and judges also for not scrutinising the shonky police evidence.

  3. This was an easy one for the police – a slow, mentally incapable, unworldly, emotionally immature Maori boy who didn’t have a show in hell of understanding the police process was unkind, unscrupulous and unlawful, plus lacking the realisation he was being totally screwed. They gave him copious amounts of coffee, a ciggie when he needed one, patted him on the back for his co-operation and skilfully talked him through making a full confession. Wow …. weren’t they the clever ones. A confession and conviction and a big bonus?

  4. Indeed.

    But, it is a lot worse than even that.

    The new evidence, that the baseball bat belonged to Rewa, and that Rewa was seen, ON HIS OWN, outside the house, but the witness statement was somehow mysteriously ‘lost’ by the police.

    In other words, someone in the police committed the serious crime of ‘perverting the course of justice’, but Commissioner Bush and his ‘senior management team’ are determined to cover that up.

    When TV3 offered to speak to the police about that new evidence, they were basically told to piss off. Go figure why that was!


  5. Every state in Australia has had a royal enquiry into their Police.
    Even the UK.
    It’s long overdue here in NZ.
    We have the wild West mentality in NZ.

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