What Key is hiding in regards to talking with Rachel Glucina on April 22nd & 23rd



Ponytailgate correspondence with gossip columnist probed
Prime Minister John Key is under investigation for refusing to release correspondence with a gossip columnist over Ponytailgate.

Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem stepped in after his office declined to make public conversations or messages with former New Zealand Herald writer Rachel Glucina over Auckland’s Cafe Rosie.

Wakem will probe the decision not to release any record of contact with Glucina, the cafe’s owners or its employees.

Key does not want any details of him talking with the cafe owners or Glucina to come out because it would show just how manufactured and deceptive the entire cover up was.

For those who claim the hair pulling by John Key is a misdemeanour despite Key doing it at least 10 times, there is the wider question about whether women should be physically harassed in the work place and how the Prime Minister’s spin merchants managed to cover it all up.

According to Amanda’s blog, Glucina did contact the PMs Office on April 22nd

“Rachel simply responded that she would come back to us and read to us what was to be published, although she had no control over editors and sub-editors, and that she had to get in touch with the Prime Ministers office, and then they quickly ended the conversation.”

…So Glucina, according to what she told Amanda and her employers on a speaker phone, did contact the PMs Office on the 22nd.

The question the media and the Chief Ombudsman  need to ask now is when did Glucina talk to the PM/PMs Office on the 22nd? After she had spoken to the employers and the waitress or before she spoke to them?

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Not forgetting of course that Rachel’s brother works for the company in question.

Another question the media and the Chief Ombudsman should be considering is who else did Key speak to on the 22nd or 23rd.


  1. If there was nothing to see here I would expect the following:

    1. Glucina quite correctly contacts the PM’s office for comment
    2. PM’s office either says, ‘No comment’ or makes a statement
    3. Nothing to hide, so releases evidence of 2, above

    So, why would they not disclose correspondence.


  2. Oh yes…pictures of ‘ PM’ key cuddling small puppies whilst committing common assault and advocating legislation that weakens workplace safety …

    There’s a reason why he doesn’t want disclosure on the Pike River victims – its called pathology reports. Which might just challenge the whole neo liberal agenda of undermining health and safety in the workplace.

    Not exactly surprising when viewed against ‘PM ‘ key being the right hand man of Andrew Kreiger in pulling off the biggest Forex heist in history against his own country’s economy , now , is it?

    And now the insidious little hair puller wants to sign away our sovereignty with the TTPA.

    THIS …. is the sordid little man you voted for , New Zealand.

    And if you want to rid yourselves of this subversive international embarrassment called Mr key you will vote accordingly come the year 2017.

  3. Of course John Key does not want to disclose his private conversations with Rachel (Gossipy) Glucina. The problem with the complaint to the Ombudsman is though, it is likely to be deemed “private” conversations that Key may have had with Rachel Glucina, not in his capacity as Prime Minister. He has got away with drawing that line before, and I remember his bizarre explanations before, when asked in Parliament, about his correspondence and interactions with Cameron Slater from that Whaleoil blog.

    So I would not pin too much hope on the Ombudsman deciding to recommend the Prime Minister’s Office or Key himself to reveal any such information. He will most likely get away with manipulations yet again, as he does so often.

    The Ombudsman is also not the kind of “watch dog” the public are made to believe. Having had experience with their Office, with complaints of various types and knowing others who dealt with Beverley Wakem and her offsider Ron Paterson, they are actually more part of the establishment, and only hesitantly make firm recommendations.

    There is nothing the Ombudsman can force state agencies, Ministers and so to do though, the power of the Ombudsman is not that great, and mostly they make recommendations and little else. At best an Ombudsman’s decision or recommendation may lead to an embarrasment, and other actions that may be taken by others (e.g. the courts), but that happens in rare cases.

    As their Office is still so under-resourced and over-worked, we cannot expect any decision any time soon. Some complaints take up to two years or more to be looked at, perhaps get investigated and decided on. By then John Key may be sipping Pina Coladas on his resort mansion at Hawaii, or play a round of golf with the then retired Obama.

    • He won’t retire while there is money to be sucked out of anyone. Look what he’s done to his country of origin.

  4. I’d say as we discuss this matter, FJK will be having a brief, but “constructive” word in Chief Ombudsman Beverly Wakem’s ear! Perhaps offering up a bottle or two of his 2012 vintage wine even!

  5. The Speaker covering up for PM in parliament does more harm than us on Digital communications,this law was intending to stop bullying on the internet,such as facebook and twitter ,im sure it wasn’t intended for JK to manipulate to stop blogs about his wrongdoing.
    The Speaker stops rightful questioning by ruling “point of order”which means the pm dosnt want to answer questions that might incriminate himself,the speaker is so biased its criminal.
    So speech is shut down in parliament and T D B in public,The herald can say what it likes because they too are biased toward JK in a favourable way.
    I wouldn’t think that a PM in law should have that much power, JK operates outside of the law,but we must operate under his last minute laws to suit his agenda.
    Truth is not wrong when we give valid opinions ,truth is only wrong when it offends JK,sickening state of affairs.

  6. Honesty and integrity appears to have disappeared under this current Government, however Government in NZ has never been renowned for their honesty and integrity, since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, where one party honored the Treaty and the other did not.

  7. Key could raise funds for the National Party by offering to tug the ponytails of any woman willing to offer a donation. It would take less effort than organising a sausage sizzle.

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