TDB Political Caption Competition


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  1. I don’t know what I feel the most. Sickened or saddened .
    Sick to my guts that poor people are being bullied by bennett or saddened that jonky’s our prime minster . The honourable john key.

    A caption ? I can’t think of one. All I feel like doing is crying. A 98 kg fit old coot with more than a little battle ground experience is reduced to tears at the sight of my masters . I sometimes feel as if I’m living within a series of Game of Thrones.
    It’s frustrating that I’m not lest I be bringing out the poisons, dragons and assassins .

    • I feel your pain Country Boy, I cant afford to go to a dentist either and have had to import some tooth repair filler called “Prime Dent” but it is hard to fill cavities by your self when you are post stroke but would Key & his female lookalike care about us disabled 70yr olds?


      The photo of these two former state assisted arseholes now are our worst foes that we face today.


  2. “Ah yeah, our ‘benny basher’ Paula Bennett is popular with hard working New Zealanders. Bill is enlarging her skill-set so she can fill my shoes as smiling PM. It’s not so easy for me these days.”

  3. Look at her face isn’t she cute she follows me like any faithful puppy would.
    When ive had enough of her ,I will kick her into touch.

  4. “May I introduce to you,
    the act you’ve known for all these years,
    Sergeant Bennet’s Money Hearts Club Band…”

    (Exuent to trombone riff…)

  5. “May I introduce to you,
    the act we’ve known for all these years,
    Sergeant Bennet’s Welfare Bashing Band…”

    (Exuent to tromone riff…)

  6. Yes now Paula has got one too.
    The Twinkle Award from the Foundation for Disingenuous Smiling.
    We’re very proud of her.

  7. How similar to the ‘Sideshow’ attraction, the Open-mouthed Clowns’ Heads turning from side-to-side soliciting support from the gullible with the promise of a ‘glitzy’ (five minute wonder) prize – a brighter future?

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